Can you stack 5 golfballs? Registered & Protectedmichael
My kids are clever and steady.

100_1313No golf balls were hurt during the shooting of this incident.

100_1314There are no strings or glue.

100_1315Can he do a 5th?

100_1316Can he?


100_13171Awwwww! He didn’t make the 5th one. That’s my son who has all the patience in the world. We were on vacation and having a blast.

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  1. Oh Anna, I have been by here to read and re-read this post…I am still trying to figure out how he does that! I hope he doesn’t run away and join the circus! 🙂
    He ran away and married a beautiful girl and all his years in our family circus prepared him for a life of happiness.


  2. What a cutie. BTW, I counted the reflection and get 5!
    True! I guess there are 5 counting the reflection. I should have fixed the picture so it looked like 10 or 12 had been stacked.


  3. LOL! Great fun!

    Yes, my family is a hoot!


  4. Genevieve says:

    Hand-some! I think you should post some hubba-hubba photos of him gardening.

    What patience he has…
    He and his wife have a very pretty home and yard. They built a stone wall around their front bed and it really did dress up the curb appeal. I’m so proud of them. They hardly have time for much of anything but work and church. I’m glad I don’t have to be that busy anymore cause it would kill me.


  5. Gail says:

    He has your eyes and smile! gail
    He was just home for lunch today. I told him he was on the front page of my blog. He just rolled his eyes. He works just around the corner from our home two days a week while he’s in college. During the summer he’s here every day. He’ll be done with college in two years. I’ll have to think of some other excuse to get him home.


  6. nancybond says:

    A very handsome young man! With much patience. 🙂
    He’s a cutie. One thing people say when they meet my boys—they sure do have big shoulders! And my youngest married a tiny little thing who is a cute as can be. I can’t wait to see their baby.


  7. Marnie says:

    He does look like you. A very handsome young man–with too much time on his hands;)
    He has my cheeks. You know, me and MrD have brown eyes. One son has green eyes and the other has blue. I hear that is pretty rare when both parents have brown eyes?. My dad had blue eyes and someone in MrDs family did too I guess. The two genes came out of recession and gave them their unusual eyes.

    That is the first vacation we’ve had together in a long time. I hope we can do it again this year.


  8. jodi says:

    Wow, Anna, he sure looks like you! I can’t even imagine how one would go about doing this. With my clumsy inclinations, I’d be hardpressed to stack ONE golfball…
    Me too, I can’t do it either. He types for a living as one of his jobs. I think that makes him steady. If there is such a thing as developing the muscles in the fingers…..well he has managed it.

    Some people say he looks like me and my older son looks like his father. Now believe me, they all sound the same. I can not tell who I am talking to sometimes.


  9. Phillip (UK) says:

    More patience than I’ve got that’s for sure. I get bored playing Patience, let alone trying this. But he does seem to be enjoying it.
    My boys don’t let anything stop them. They had a good life growing up as military kids but it does teach you patience. So many start overs for them that they got use to it. Every time those golf balls fell over, he’d go right back at it. That is my youngest son and his brother is two years older. They are as thick as thieves. In the South, that means really close to each other. The son pictured above has two full time jobs and goes to school full time. I don’t see how he does it. One of his jobs requires him to type quite a bit. I think that is why his hands are so steady. He took a typing test recently and and it was well over a hundred words per minute. I think that is amazing. My fingers won’t move that fast.


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