Using China To Decorate A Container Arrangement


royal_albert_seasons_of_colour_spring_garden_dinner_plate_p0000196873s0002t2The plate picture complements of Try to get both the above pictures in your monitor at one time. See how nicely the plate colors match the flowers. See if you can use the light green in the arrangement or some place near.


The two pictures above are part of a window box collection I did for a garden shop in our area. I knew that customers going in and out of the shop would touch the flowers so I included sage. The area received a good amount of light and the flowers thrived all summer long. There is a geranium, verbena, Supertunia by PW, and the sage in the window box. By the end of summer, the Supertunia was quite long and very attractive from the road. Registered & Protected
I had quite a few request to repeat this combination of colors in other containers. I didn’t always use the same flowers because light conditions changed for each location. This is one of the most ask for color schemes that I make. One of the reasons it’s so popular is the additional items I add to the container to bring out those colors. I’m always looking at garage sales for inexpensive items like watering cans, old picture frames, straw hats, and other such things. Finding an old floral patterned plate in those colors is a real treasure.

I’ve even gone to a store called Replacements.Ltd out of Burlington, NC and searched among their china. I can sell everyone of these arrangements just about the minute they are made. If none of the items from my finds isn’t the color I need, well then I paint them. Old picture frames with a flower growing through it and a plate added to match is beautiful. I will be repeating those container recipes this spring for a few folks and I’ll take pictures for you all to see.

Here is one I am currently working on. I usually paste the picture of the plate in a word document and then go to and type in a color. I pick and choose until I have what I want. The next step is to go get the plants. Holding the plate against each plant, I decide if it’s a correct match. Going to the nursery without a plan takes me twice as long. Opening a new tab on the computer allows me to toggle back and forth matching color more easily.


China is from


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  1. Kathleen says:

    Talk about elevating container gardening to the next level! These are wonderful ideas Anna. As I think you know, I love container gardening but I’ve never thought to incorporate china in my arrangements. You give me pause. Something definitely to think about….
    I don’t pass up broken pieces either and adding just a little tea cup dangling over the arrangement is precious. I often do tea cups and tea kettles for Mother’s Day. Thank you.


  2. jodi says:

    You have just such a perfect eye for colour and arrangements, Anna. I love the china too, especially the second plate; I’d love to have a set of dishes like that!
    Jodi thank you and they have a whole set of them at . They will ship to you. I bet there are many patterns you’ll fall in love with. The pattern above is Beatrice by Royal Albert. I like using Royal Albert because most of the designs use nature with lots of flowers.


  3. Wanita says:

    What great ideas, Anna! I’ll look forward to seeing the pictures of the containers.

    Have a blessed week!



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