Container Arrangements With China part2


royal_albert_beatrice_dinner_plate_p0000120319s0003t21 Registered & ProtectedChina is from








All the china is from


In the previous post, we discussed the way I use objects of interest to decorate an arrangement. Here are more of the flowers I’m considering to go with the china plate I have chosen to use as my focal point. All the flower pictures came from The plate came from and is a Royal Albert design.

The watering can will be raised above the arrangement and will appear to be watering the flowers. The watering cans are made by Haw. I got there from The top watering cans are $45 each. I will secure the plate in place by making a tripod out of natural material. The plate will be placed toward the front of the container and at an angle so it slightly sits hidden perhaps in the angelonia shown in the pink bottom picture.

The arrangement above is a special order from one of my customers. She doesn’t care what I use and gives me free reign to choose as I see fitting for her garden. Her style is cottage and that is an easy style to work around. I am working on about 10 arrangements for her and having a blast with each one. I have to be ready to go with these arrangements the first of May. The nursery where I purchase my flowers is aware that I need somewhat mature plants and they must have plenty of blooms.

So there you go guys and gals. A little about how I set my arrangements apart from the rest. Tell me what you think?

Part 1 is here–

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  1. You are an artist Anna! Great idea and I love the photos.


  2. Dear Anna,
    I love your work…your choices of color and objects are gorgeous and I can see why you are in demand for your great artistic talents, truly:)
    I love your new blog style, too:) It’s been a little while since I made an actual visit, so I’m glad I came today!
    Take good care, ok?
    It’s a treat to have you stop by and thank you for the kind words. I guess when we do the things that we love, it affects all those around us. I wanted to share with ya’ll because it gets appreciated more by those who write about this stuff every day. And I’m always looking for inspiration from a color or an object. When I’m at such a beautiful blog as yours, I keep a keen eye out for that special thing that might be my next theme container. I should start naming the arrangement after the blog that gave me the inspiration. Thanks for 2 day would be a good teacher arrangment or for secretaries day. I could make up cards with your blog name on it and say……this is the inspiration for your gift today. I may just do that, I like it.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Hello FGG Anna!! Your blog looks lovely since I’ve last been here, sorry it’s been a while:( I can’t believe all the work you are doing–but I’m sure there is no better person for the job! Your choices of color and style are wonderful and I know you are in demand for your talent:)
    You take care, ok?
    Don’t stay away so long! I am thrilled to see you here—smack! Big hugs and a kiss. I do have lots of fun stuff going on. I have two jobs waiting on the burner and lots of arrangements to get done. Of course, I have my own cottage that we’re working on too. It’s got to warm up so we can finish the shed by Spring planting time.


  4. Connie says:

    Beautiful! Would you mind sharing the plant names?
    I’m glad you like it so much. The plate name is Beatrice by Royal Albert. You can order it by visiting their site and submitting the order directly. The site is:


  5. Marnie says:

    Your colors and china are perfect. I love the china you’ve selected. It must take a long time to choose those perfect pieces.
    I am usually picky about the plates I use because they will be the theme for the arrangement. A black and white checked plate works well with a red geranium.


  6. Gail says:

    Dear Anna, You have a good eye! Love the colors together. Are you keeping warm over there? Gail
    Thank you and no we are very cold here until Saturday. I turned the fire up higher.


  7. joey says:

    Oozing with talent, loved these 2 past creative posts, dear Anna … delightful ideas! Thank you for sharing and seeing life through your gifted eye!
    That was a grand sweet thing to say and I appreciate it. Can’t wait to show you the finished product. I have to find just the right colord pot to finish it off.


  8. Jane Johnson says:

    Great eye, Anna! ….love to see your ideas!
    Here in PA we’re giving flower arranging classes each month called “Trends and Traditions in Flower Arranging.” Visit my blog the last week of each month for our reports. (just added you to my favorite blogs list)
    Thank you. I’ve held off putting my best container arrangements online but I’m ready to share now. You all have become friends and I would like to see what ya’ll think. You are the ones with experience to appreciate it.


  9. fairegarden says:

    Hi Anna, you are perfectly suited to put together these types of arrangements for folks, what an artist’s eye you have! The flower box in the previous post is gorgeous too, I love those colors, no wonder it is so popular. Well done!
    I knew ya’ll would come and see the beauty as I did when putting it together. Us gardeners want to share when we find something cool. I’m glad you like it and in the coming months….there will be more and more.


  10. Sylvia (England) says:

    Anna, you certainly make different arrangements, I am very impressed. This is a great idea for people who worry about getting the colours right – choice a plate or picture they like and replicate the colours. I am not sure about including the plate in the planting but I reserve judgment until I have seen the finished container. It all sounds like fun especially the planning.

    Best wishes Sylvia (England)
    Thank you and you bring up a good point. Sometimes people just aren’t interested in the plate idea and I have to substitute something else. The watering can usually goes there or a rock, a bunny, a frog, metal star….and on and on.


  11. Phillip (UK) says:

    This will worki really well – very clever of you Anna.
    Thank you I get a few ideas every time I visit your blog. All those victorian paintings inspire me. Like the thatched chicken basket. That would look lovely sitting in a large arrangement and have a few realistic chicken statues in there also. The arrangement would have soft yellow flowers like tickseed, a few grasses, and even a shrub or small tree. I have made arrangements that are very large and sit in front of big businesses. I use a big galvanized watering trough used for farm animals. They can be elegant or country. You have to know where it’s going cause it can’t be moved.


  12. Jen says:

    Sounds wonderful, you have a great eye for color matching. I am looking forward to seeing the finished project. What great pictures.

    Thank you and I’m having a good time picking and choosing the plants.


  13. linda says:

    great ideas Anna! I hope you’ll take some pictures of your completed china arrangements and post them. I’d love to see how they turn out!
    I will and I’m glad you want to see them. I wish I been taking pictures for years now but you know how it goes. You are covered in dirt, sweaty, and the camera is safely in the car. I’ve made it my mission this year to get a clean hand and take the time to snap a picture for my portfolio


  14. Cinj says:

    Gorgeous! I LOVE that China pattern. Stop by my blog sometime, I’ve got something for you over there.
    Thank you for the gift Cinj and you know I love ya for it. I stopped doing meems and awards even though I love them. I’ll be writing soon for an online magazine. That is going to take a lot of extra thinking and writing.


  15. Wonderful! I love everything — the watering cans, the china, the flowers! You are SO talented, girl!

    Thank you so much. It means a lot coming from someone so talented. When your peers praise you, it’s the best feeling.


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