The Old Window Garden Registered & Protectedjuly-reynolda-023I built a planter out of old windows this year. My neighbors loved it and thought of me every time a window was discarded. I was given so many windows that my new gardening shed will be made of them. The garden above was enclosed with old windows and kept out the  bunnies and deer. MrD teased me and said the deer would jump the fence….and some of you teased me too…..but the deer never did I’ll have you know. I had more tomatoes than there are stars in the sky.

what-cha-doing-001The harvest above was quite an every other day event. I have tomatoes put up for the next ten years or so. German Johnson’s did the best but I had Early Girls and Better Boys that ran a close second and third.

pw-and-flower-garden-july1808-013Window boxes on a garden fence seems like the right thing to do don’t cha think? It made the vegetables happy and gave them a day off every now and then. My garden tries to please me and is quite successful in doing so.

in-the-kitchen-and-garden-031Do you have a spot of vinca growing in a berry bucket? Or a Tulip magnolia taking root? Let a few of the plants spill over to the outside of the windows too.


I saw as many bees drinking from this bird bath as birds. Forget using the potting bench as it became a lean-to for the mater vines.

night-and-birds-096And do you grow Dichondra there amongst the herbs and flowers?

gazing-ball-and-zinnias-020The gardens have some flowers and the flowers have a garden.



in-the-kitchen-and-garden-017Salad greens!



Want to build one for yourself?



old-windows-008See, you can remove it easily if you need to.

vege-garden-may-14th-08-027Hinges and a good rock to keep the gate secure. The rock keeps the door from opening on to the window box and flowers. The gate is secured with two more hook screws and a wire fashioned with two holes.


16The rain was always welcome.

oct-flower-015And in October when the all but the lettuce was gone….the lantana grew and grew and grew. That is one plant! It is Luscious Citrus Blend Lantana by Proven Winners. It came to me in a little 4″ pot.  Craziest thing I’ve ever seen. Good soil huh? You can read how I grow such massive plants in a short time—from May to October, in my sidebar. It’s under, Why Mushroom Compost Works!, and believe me….it has worked for years and years for me not matter where I have lived.

Will you be doing some gardening in such a fashion?

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  2. Vee says:

    I am just discovering your blog having found a long-forgotten comment that you left for me some months ago. It has been a very pleasant time of snooping about and, now that I have you bookmarked, I’ll be back to visit again.

    This idea is just fantastic…how creative!
    Hi Vee and it’s so good to see you. I have been back and forth in the blogging world with a few hiccups in the process. I lost a few followers along the way. I have always enjoyed your humor and style of writing. I go over your way to feed my need for blogs about Christianity and nesting. You and Kathi at Lavender, Lace, and Thyme are my source for other good Christian blogs to read. And they are also a good source for clever home-making tips and tricks.

    I head your way when I’m all caught up here and visited my garden blogging buddies. I get stuck at both blogs as you have a the most entertaining lives. I’ve got to get back over and see if Kathi thawed out! I’m wondering what you are doing to your husband these days. Thank you for offering to us readers a safe and fun place to visit. I just love it.


  3. Mb says:

    Fascinating idea. I toy with hanging a window in the garden or a picture frame. For whimsy and engineering derring do. How do we make a window challenge on blotanical, as in what can you do with old windows besides make a cold frame. But, cold frame ideas welcome too….
    I’m just exploring a lady’s pictures who emailed me. I’ll take a close look and get back with you.


  4. jodi says:

    Very innovative, Anna! I like the idea although with our winds it might not be so practical for us.
    I do know dichondra; this year in addition to the grey-green one I notice there’s an all-green cultivar available, but it doesn’t look nearly as unique and intriguing as ‘Silver Falls’. I had it one year–grows easily from seed–but there are other trailing plants I preferred so haven’t bothered with it again. Don’t believe I’ve seen it for sale, probably because in seedling flats the plants would tangle if you even looked at them. Did you grow yours from seed or purchase them as transplants? I’m curious now.
    I never knew you could grow them from seed or that there is a green variety. Nice to know. The nurseries in my area offer them for sale every Spring. They come in little 2″ pots for about $2.50ish. They aren’t tangled at all if you buy them early. I do have to pull a bit to get them apart. A lot like buying Periwinkle or others creeping thyme. I don’t mind as long as it doesn’t do too much damage to the plant. I won’t buy it if I have to work too hard.

    The one pictured got huge and I moved it to my front porch with the large overhang. I can say that it grew well in sun and shade.


  5. Phillip (UK) says:

    I remember this Anna and how well it worked. I am a great advocate of growing flowers and herbs together to compliment each other and these ideas of yours worked so well. Hope you do something similar in the new garden.


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