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  1. Cinj says:

    It sure is a good time of year for all of us to get some extra rest. I really need to slow down and take it easy a few days this winter sometime. I was working on painting the ceiling and crown molding in my bathroom today as well as fixing a leaky toilet today. Maybe I’ll be some rest after I get my craft room put together?

    I’m so excited, I got all of my entry materials together to send in for the BHG contest and I’ll be sending it in tomorrow. I’m not sure if I’ve got a chance of winning, but it sure would be nice!


  2. jodi says:

    Heh. We’re having a silent snowstorm today, in that it’s been snowing steadily for a few hours now, BUT there’s (amazingly) little wind. So far, anyway. Not to say it won’t start at any moment. MIght as well blow itself out of its system, right?


  3. I can feel the stillness and quiet looking at your pictures Anna, beautiful, simply beautiful.

    God bless your day!
    Kathi 🙂
    Thank you and God bless you today as well. My family is moaning and groaning cause I just force fed them mashed potatoes, roast, green beans, rolls, and covered it all in gravy. They washed it down with sweet tea poor things. They are all laid all everywhere you can find something that will recline. No room on the couch or loveseat as legs are in the way. That’s ok by me. I’m content to watch a mother’s love at work! They don’t have to talk to me right now……just enjoy being home.


  4. Gail says:

    I do like this post Anna! I am ready for spring to wake up here or at least have the sun return to warm us up a bit. gail
    It’s going to get colder for both of us the next couple of weeks according to Accuweather. We have sleet in the forecast for Jan 19th. That’s a long way off but the cold is a good bet even if the moisture doesn’t come at the same time. We need that cold though don’t we? We need the bulbs to experience some of those temperatures. And then we need it to go away;)


  5. Jen says:

    I love that quote, but I am still waiting with baited breath for spring. Maybe it is the harder winter, or maybe it is the joy of a new camera. I can hardly wait.

    I never rule out a February and March winter for NC. It’s almost always the coldest time of the year. We get lots of ice our way and it looks like some is coming in a week. I downloaded my pictures yesterday from my old computer. I had about 2,000 flower pictures alone from 08. They add up fast. I was going to omit some in the transfer but which one should go? I love them all.


  6. Perfect photos for being still and quiet.
    And that’s what we are doing today. We’re just sitting around with warm blankets and comfy fires. The temperature is dropping and over the next couple of weeks it’s going to get very cold. Very cold to us means low 40s and upper 30s. I saw some sleet and snow forecast for a week from Monday. We’ll probably get freezing rain that will break the branches on the trees. It will be pretty though. I’ll take lots of pictures of ice on trees.


  7. VP says:

    I also feel like hibernating at this time of the year!

    Hope you’re having a good weekend 🙂
    Thank you and yes, I am having a grand weekend. My oldest is home again. It was a surprise as we didn’t think he would be here for awhile. But his company sent him to a pre-bid meeting for a contract they are hoping to win. I hope they get the job as that will move my son lots closer to home for at least the next 3 years. It’s in the low 50’s today but very damp and chilly. Our skies are grey and hinting at a rain event. There isn’t anyone outside except my husband and son who are throwing the baseball hither and yon…..mostly yon. Hope you have a peaceful Sunday. I’m fixing roast beef in a few minutes if you are hungry stop on by.


  8. Kylee says:

    It’s almost as if you took your photos in my garden today. The snow here has hushed the world…
    I guess clouds full of moisture look the same color no matter where they are. These pictures were taken just before a rain shower. A very cold rain but not snow. We haven’t had much snow in several years. Last year was just a dusting. I don’t mind one bit as long as we get the moisture. We were in a severe drought but looks like we are headed back out thank goodness.


  9. Racquel says:

    Is that snow I see in the background? Beautiful photos today Anna.
    No snow this year yet. I do say yet cause we aren’t in the clear till March. The background for these pictures is the sky with it’s dark and grey threat of rain. Thank you


  10. Phillip (UK) says:

    “If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.”
    Anne Bradstreet quotes (British poet, 1612-1672)

    But I still wish the Spring would come.
    I’m ready for Spring too. I just went out to watch the guys throw the baseball around and it’s not too bad, maybe in the low 50’s. But it’s dreary and overcast. It feels like winter. Our back has been so wet that we haven’t been able to work on Copper Top Cottage. We did get the metal roof ordered. The front is a is a color called copper penny and the back is steel with an opaque section rinning at the top for light. I can’t wait to get started and fill it up with goodies.


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