The Garden Itch

What did one garden ornament say to the other? Could you scratch my nose? And that is how it goes in a garden. Your nose will always itch when your gloves are their dirtiest. That is how you tell a good gardener from another….the one with the dirtiest nose wins. Gardening is all about the nose.

The flowers feel your pain and try to assist. They try to reach up and ease the discomfort. They try really hard! Some stand and snicker.

And your nose keeps itching and itching till you think your smile will turn to a frown!

You’re awake for days dealing with a itchy nose and just praying for rain..anything…hail storm, dust storm, insects….for goodness sake…scratch my nose!

Don’t leave….oh please scratch my nose! W h e r e are you going?  At least squirt me with a hose even….anything to ease my troubles.

I can still see you..come back!

Do not go in that cabin…do not!

What? You are in there drinking a Pepsi with me out here nearly itching myself to death. I suppose you think someone else is going to come along and scratch my nose for you. Well let me just ask you, how many people have you seen scratching the nose of a garden ornament…. pray tell?

Next time you pass a garden ornament be kind and give it some attention. You might be the only one who will.

If you scratched your nose while reading this post, then admit it. Fess up and tell me if you have ever scratched the nose of a garden ornament.

Pictures are mine and were taken at the Azalea Garden Inn in Blowing Rock, NC  There are more pictures of Blowing Rock in my sidebar.

Information about these flowers is another another post here!

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  1. Wanita says:

    Great post and pictures, Anna. No, I have never scratched the nose of a garden oranment. However, I often have a dirty nose when I garden because my nose gets itchy or it starts to run ~ allergies, you know. So if the gardener with the dirtiest nose wins, that just might be me!

    Oh, those allergies and puffy faced days in the garden are no fun. I’ve had a many myself. I guess that is why I was thinking….these garden ornaments sit out here all day taking in the pollen and I would just die. They have no arms. Maybe we should give them arms. I have always wondered how a Tyrannosaurus Rex ever got along with itty bitty arms. I guess just fine as they never starved.


  2. Cinj says:

    LOL. Okay, most of my ornaments have noses but I can’t say I’ve ever scratched their noses for them. The poor things. I guess I really AM as mean as the kids both accused me of being today!

    While I was reading this my mind wandered back to the store we were in the other day. They had some garden ornaments there that were (pardon the pun) dirt cheap. I should have bought them, they were only a quarter each. I have to go make a trip to town Friday so if they’re still there I guess that means they were meant to come home with me.
    I hope you get the 25 cent bargains! And then show us a pic. I sometimes use things like that as little extras to finish out a gift I’m wrapping if it isn’t too big.


  3. Beautiful garden/pictures and little cottage! I am not into gardening, have no real skills actually, but I love gardens all the same. I love nothing more than the beauty such as you have captured on film.

    Thank you 🙂
    Oh then please come often as I have a ton of pictures.


  4. Really cute post! And, the gardens/cabin are so neat!

    We’ll have to have a NC get-to-get-her/him there. Lots of good places to eat!


  5. Cute as usual!It’s expected:)


  6. Racquel says:

    You crack me up Anna. Cute post! 😉
    I crack myself up. I’m one of those people who laughs half way through telling a story on myself. I can barely breathe through the belly aching uproar.


  7. fairegarden says:

    Hi Anna, I didn’t scratch just now, but always always when out in the garden with muddy gloves and sleeves it happens to me. Usually it is more of a runny nose from the cold, but still the same dilemma. The upper sleeve of whatever I am wearing works with a neck twist that would make Linda Blair envious!
    Scary stuff Frances and I wasn’t going to admit to it till you did. So we have snotty sleeves and brown noses….well we rock don’t we? Half the time, sweat gets in my eyes and stings the day lights out of them. I end up with dirt to that mix too. I don’t have to worry about people bothering me while I’m gardening cause who would?

    Reminds me of a story…..when I was a nursery worker, in a 100 degree heat and such…….my faithful customers would seek me out and share their lives with me. I knew kids, grandkids, pets, and whatever else we choose to share in the process of picking out the best plants for them. Then I’ll see those same people at the mall and they think I’m someone else. I usually have to gear the conversation so they’ll make the connection. I see the surprise on their faces when a nice clean person is standing before them. I do wear dresses every now and then cause MrD is still my true love…well flowers come in a close second but they only get excited if I’m adding leaf mulch to their roots.


  8. Phillip (UK) says:

    I love this post Anna, charming and wonderful photos. I love garden statues and ornaments but never thought of them needing such attentions (lol).
    They aren’t usually so vocal about it. Phillip, you are such a gentleman and quietly record the most remarkable online library of famous and not so famous gardens. I enjoy visiting your site and always have. I hope others will visit and see the work you’ve accomplished. Thank you for being one of the first friends I met while blogging. It is a joy to have you on my blogroll.


  9. Philip says:

    Hi Anna,
    What a totally charming post!
    I am the one covered in mud when I garden, for sure.
    I have never scratched a garden ornament, though, but I will have to look at them out of the corner of my eye to see if they are looking back!
    All the Best,now with spell check!
    Who has spell check? Me or you? I’ve been knocked offline a lot today. And my blog has gone a little haywire. It has deleted a few replies I was responding to and looks like it doubled your response. So something is going on. But if they are upgrading then, I have no problems with that. Now the storms we are having is a different matter. The skies look like it’s late evening but it’s early in the day. Eeeeeery indeed.

    I am covered in mud when I garden also. It feels good though and like I’ve really accomplished something.


  10. Dave says:

    Nope not me! No nose scratching here! But that’s one beautiful garden.
    You should pop over there sometime during the summer and see the owners at work. I have never seen such amazing gardens at an Inn. The Azalea Garden Inn is located at the main entrance to Blowing Rock and the owners do the town proud.


  11. Tessa says:

    Okay, you got me…I scratched my nose just reading this- very quaint!
    I was sure it would. Good thing I didn’t write about sneezing or worse…….

    If you come back by my blog, which I hope you do…I could not get the pics to load on your site. I think it’s the snow causing the problem. I had to turn off the snow on my site. I tried to reply too but since the pics wouldn’t load, the word verification wouldn’t either.


  12. Marnie says:

    What a charming little cabin surrounded by gardens. I’d love to visit it. The sun and angel ornaments are so cute. I never see really cute things like that.
    Marnie….right now at this moment….I am worried about my big Oak trees! The ground is sopping wet and the wind is blowing something awful. I would like to be at that little cabin and it is the cutest thing inside. It has a kitchen on the bottom floor along with a living room. There is a loft bedroom upstairs. You’ll love the pictures if you visit Blowing Rock on my sidebar…you’ll see more about this little Inn.


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