Quietly Watching For Another Day


Along came a day when the Spanish moss was dipping in the water pretending to be dragon flies flitting on the surface. The birds flew in the water and the fish swam in the sky. One does not notice the difference between the two.

The tops of the trees reach far below the depths.

Every shade of green is welcome.

Living long and long and longer and even longer yet

There is a place in North Carolina that sits quietly watching for another day ……………….

Airlie Gardens, Wilmington North Carolina

You can read more about Arlie Gardens and the old oak that grows there on my sidebar under Wilmington

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  1. Philip says:

    I just love old trees like this. i have a few tree photographs that i have taken of special trees, but these are awesome!
    The Airlie gardens look wonderful!
    I was just headed over to your pad! That’s from the 70’s and my teen years!! You don’t have a pad at all, you have a grand home with a great view in the beautiful state of California. Airlie gardens was a surprise. I didn’t expect it to be so grand. The road leading in is not attractive but then it opens to the butterfly gardens and you forget the path you took to arrive. Those are the oldest oaks in our state. The one featured is over 400 years old. I think it was from the 1500’s and way before my time. I did do a post on it and is under Wilmington on my sidebar.

    This is the time of year when we pull out all our additional photos not used before so we can chase away the long days of winter. I bet you are like me and take 100 more pictures than you need. Out of those I might use 5 for a good post. You know what I mean…so I’m revisiting some of the places I loved.


  2. Marnie says:

    Absolutely beautiful photos. The ancient trees, the silvery moss, the quiet water, a lovely and serene setting.
    Just like you said and even better. I love so many things about NC. It offers a variety of things to see from the mountains to the sea.


  3. Gail says:

    I love these trees and would welcome a big old guy like that to see everyday! The moss is spectacular and calls to the little kid who used to see it everyday when she played in her florida yard a long time a go! Gail
    I can just imagine your childhood and the big tree adventure. Some of our oaks here in the piedmont of NC came down today in a high wind storm. OUr power went out and the cable is still flickering off and on. I can’t get to my email cause of it. Mr D just called and said there was a huge tree down across the road and backing up traffic from here to Cali-for-nI-A. But oh the glorious rain and I officially call off the drought right now for our area.


  4. Just lovely! Serene, quiet and green.

    Did you go to Airlie recently? Have they finished the construction around the parking area?

    I was there in the fall and I didn’t notice any construction but then I had my eyes on the butterfly garden. I was a bit distracted. We have extremely high winds today and I’ve just gotten my power back on. It’s warm muggy and looks another storm coming. Batten down the hatches.


  5. Hi Anna, I looove old trees, what wonderful pictures you are showing us today. LOLove Tyra

    I’m planning my garden for next year and thinking about what I like. If I put it in a post, then I will not forget it.


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