God Grows The Branches On A Tree


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I went outside to see what God had done to the trees in my backyard. Looks like He’s doing a pretty good job so I’ll let him keep it. I haven’t paid him much time lately. I owe big time. He keeps this up every day and ask nothing of me.


Even the trees choose to reach for the heavens. The Son is calling them.


Thank you Lord for the blessings of blue skies after the rain.

100_5731Tomorrow, I’ll see what God is doing in the front yard.

I’m headed over to send an email to my best friend. She carries  a heavy load that you or I don’t have to bear. But God is bigger than her challenges and He can carry the burden for her. My best friend and her husband serve the Lord which I think is the hardest job on earth. She thinks my life was hard moving around with the military and I think her life is hard as a pastor’s wife. Every day of my life I’ve loved her more.

She and I were born in the year 1958. We are 6 days apart. Her mother and my mother were best friends at one time and inseperable which means that my friend and I saw each other daily. I was so attached to her that my heart beat in rhythm to hers and I willed hers to do the same. She moved a way to another town when we were six and I nearly died, literally. I could not eat for days. I will never ever forget it. And then…I joined the AF and moved way off. But she came to see me wherever I moved. I always feel like I’m put back together when she is around.

I still think she looks just like she did when we were little. Just like we all think our kids never grow up. She’s the best person I know but she would debate that. We rarely get to see each other because I don’t like to drive and she has grandkids that keep her going full speed. My friend’s kids are remarkable.

Her daughter coaches a girl’s basketball team and her son-in-law is a Baptist pastor. No one in the family every complains about their life as I’ve ever heard. They serve and love the members in obedience to God. There are two little boys as smart as you can make them and a delight to be around. I love my friend’s kids just about as much as my own.

My best friend has a son too who is a fireman in a big city. He risk his life a hundred times over. He always wanted to be a fireman and has worked his way up the ladder. His wife is a pre-school teacher and they just had their second child, a little girl who is the first female grandchild. I don’t think you could find a more devoted bunch and willing to be such servants for you and I.

I pray for them every day. My friend doesn’t get the recognition she deserves and is not bothered by that. But I would like to thank her and her husband for their kindness and hard work in the field of God’s laborers.

I love ya JSK!  I don’t have to look as far as my backyard to see God at work, I just have to look at your life and know that God is good.

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  1. What a precious story Anna. Yes as my husband and MIL know, it’s difficult to live in a pastors home at times but the reward is worth it. I will keep her in my prayers, how wonderful you stay in touch, I have several friends like that. Sometimes we go for a long, long time without talking but when we do, we pick up as if we saw each other yesterday. 🙂
    She dropped by my blog just yesterday and emailed me to say she was so thankful for the support.


  2. Philip says:

    This is a woderful post, Anna. How wonderful you have a close friend from Childhood. I have a twin brother, so I know what it is like. it is so nice to know someone who knows you well and really appreciates and understands you. That is a real gift and a treasure. i think that God sends us twins or best friends or spouses because we need them.
    That is something to be thankful for.
    I do remember that you have a twin and know that was and still is lots of fun. I just had mean old brothers who tormented me to death. I got back at them by being successful in life. That will show them..huh? They did alright too but they were the meanest bunch of hoodlums in 7 counties. So you are fortunate to have a good brother who didn’t make you eat worms.


  3. Cinj says:

    I wish I had life long friends like that. Sometimes I feel that I missed out on so much with all of our moving around. It sounds like your friend grew up to be quite a woman, I’m sure that she feels similarly about you.
    She puts up with me and wishes I emailed more. I told her to come over to my blog and chat away but she is afraid to be so bold. She’s not shy but she is classy and quiet. I’d probably say something she doesn’t want spread to the moon and back. I don’t think she’s been here yet today. She actually lives a life away from her puter;)


  4. Wanita says:

    Anna, it’s wonderful that you have a childhood friend who has remained close in heart through the years. I’ve been reconnecting with some old friends the last six months, and it’s been great!

    Have a blessed day, my friend.

    I hope you find some good connections but then you probably didn’t know the kind of folks I did through high school. I went back to my class reunion about 5 years ago and I was completely out of place. They had all mostly stuck around and I went away. I’m not a party girl either unless it’s in the garden and involves biscuits and jelly. They were nice enough but we had all grown apart. I was ready to go back and hug my garden when it was all done.


  5. Phillip (UK) says:

    This is so well said Anna, I am not a great believer but whatever motivates people to help others is fine by me. So few get the recognition they deserve.
    Thank you. My life is so that I come in contact with quite a few behind the scene heroes every day. It’s uplifting. i don’t ask what denomination they are or what church they are affiliated with as we come together to make a community.


  6. Penny says:

    Nice story, this. I often think about how fortunate I am to have good friends who’ve known me since I was a child. They know us about as well as our own families, and those of us who have them are blessed. And we need to thank the people in our communities who are out there just trying to make things better. Working for a newspaper, I read/write/report on so much of the bad, we forget there are a lot of people trying to make the world a better place!
    Yes Penny, I know many good people who toil away making good out of the bad or choosing to be positive in spite of the negative. I knew you wrote for the paper and I enjoyed visiting you recently. Thanks for stopping by. Sending you hugs for having to report the bad. I know it has to be done and I’m glad you get to see the beauty of it all every now and then.


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