Supertunia Vista Silverberry 2009 Last Update

pw-and-flower-garden-july1808-0511July 08 when I went nuts and planted a ton of sunflowers in the bed. Nuttiest thing I ever did but it was pretty while it lasted until a storm came along and destroyed them.

13And then in September 08. I love the Purple Fountain Grass with the Vista Silverberry. The pink tones play with each other nicely. The throat of the Silverberry is a blueish pink depending on the temperature…more blue in cooler climates. I measured this petunia at over 10ft in diameter. I know I can garden but my goodness!!…that is a big petunia. It took the drought and kept on blooming like this from frost to frost and then some. Our first few frost of November did not affect it but I took it out anyway. The Purple Fountain Grass was burned by the frost and I took it all out at once during a nice warm day in Novemeber.

Supertunia Vista Silverberry by Proven Winners for 2009. It also comes in bubblegum pink! I think I could use it in the back where it is hot and dry. It sure makes a statement.

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  1. Racquel says:

    Those supertunias really took off like a rocket in your garden this season! Fabulous blooms!


  2. Cinj says:

    That is HUGE! I should put some annuals in the ground here too. For some reason I don’t usually do that.


  3. Les says:

    I agree with your endorsement. We planted Bubblegum Vista in several spots around the nursery. They bloomed non-stop until we pulled them out to put in pansies. Some of the plantings received no supplemental watering and still bloomed like crazy. No mildew either. While not my favorite color, I may put some in my own yard just because of their performance. Have a happy and prosperous new year!
    I’m glad you chimed in on the performance of this petunia as I thought it amazing too. It will need a lot of room. I grew it in a pot too but would prefer it in the ground because the root system is very hungry. When the roots are allowed to spread out and stretch toward new soil, it just keeps on providing flowers all season long . I never noticed any of the three plants pictured above dying out in the middle like some petunias exhibit during the late season. This was beautiful from beginning until I decided to rip it out. It bloomed more in the ground. than in the pot.

    I am very tempted to purchase it in Spring 2009 for my back beds and the dryer areas around my new cottage. I wouldn’t say it was totally free of watering but certainly better than you would expect for a plant with so many flowers. We had horrible heat this summer and it just kept on blooming. I did feed it regularly like you should all heavy flowering annuals. You can’t beat it for lots of wow. Several neighbors requested help with their gardens because of that flower proclaiming my gardening skills. It would be a good plant to advertise your business and get customers.


  4. philip says:

    It is so fun to visit you and your garden.
    Happy New Year!


  5. Ewa says:

    What a nice transformation! I love the grass!
    Thank you Ewa and I always use a lot of PFG. It looks so pretty and at $4 a plant, that is a lot of bang for the buck.


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