Copper Top Cottage Rafters Going Up

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100_5516Mr D notched out the vertical stud so the cross beam could rest there. Each of the rafters are attached to the cross beam and the front header board with the hardware you see.

100_5512Above is the cross beam and below is the front header beam.


100_5509The front part of the roof that faces our home will be covered in a tin called Copper Penny. The Copper Penny is much less expensive than real copper would be. The back part of the roof is an opaque undulating plastic roof material used on big warehouses. The back faces Northerly and I will need the light for winter. During our hot summers, there is a nice canopy of trees shading the whole area.


100_55301The front of Copper Top Cottage is tall and wide for two reasons. There will be a decorative window over the front door and the front door is made from 4 windows put together. Kinda like a french door affect.

Here is the window going above the door.Its the skinny one the bottom back of the stack. My extra windows will be used as lean-to greenhouses and cold frames. I’ll use the windows with broken panes as a trellis for the vines that will be here and there. You know what here and there means don’t you?


100_5508There are three windows on this side and 2 on the back and other side. The outside will be covered in siding. The windows swing out. There are hindges on the side of each window.

100_5529When you look down at Copper Top from our back porch….it will be so awesome. You will be able to see the Copper Penny roof. I’ll also be adding a pergola to the front and growing an Akebia vine on it for shade. There will be window boxes and the windows will have lace curtains. I’ve got to put a swing down there too. My house is known for a swing on every porch.

100_5548 Thanks for stopping by to see the progress on Copper Top Cottage. I’ll have another update soon.

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  1. philip says:

    How exciting to see this going up!
    I love the windows, and the way they will swing out! I love how it is nestled in the copse of trees. This will be such a great retreat. I cannot wait ’till you take your mac out there and write your post ensconced in Copper Top Cottage! Will you have a sign with the name?
    Happy New Year to you and yours!
    Best wishes( I am visualizing that vintage red truck with Flowergardengirl in script on the side to go with the cottage for you in 2009!)


  2. I dropped by to wish you and the family a Happy New Year, but found myself entranced with the progress and descriptions of the cottage. It’s coming right along! I can just visualize the final result. So glad you shared… Deb


  3. OH yea! They worked on Copper Top again today. The rafters are done!


  4. Thanks to all my blogging buds. Happy New Year right back at cha or to ya. You all know my oldest is home visiting and I don’t want to miss any mom moments as I don’t get to have them very often anymore. I have one son who lives in the area with his precious wife and I get to see them more often but still not as much as I’d like. It’s been a good momma week having them all here to eat and eat and eat….and mostly laugh.

    Big Hugs to you and yours!


  5. It looks wonderful so far! I can’t wait to see each installment as it takes shape. Keep them coming.


  6. mothernaturesgarden says:

    Constuction is a great way to spend winter and what a lovely addition it will be to your garden. I love all your fabulous ideas. It is marvelous seeing you actualize your dream. Happy New Year


  7. Phillip (UK) says:

    Hope you and your family have a great New Year and a wonderful 2009 Anna.


  8. Sherri says:

    Enjoy your Copper Top Cottage! It looks like you have a great start! Can’t wait to see it all complete.


  9. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your shed. I can’t wait to see it finished. I already have my dream shed picked out but it will be years b4 it gets built!! Your garden is lovely. I’ve added you to my blogroll. Love your site. I’ll b visiting regularly.


  10. Marnie says:

    You are so lucky. It will be wonderful.
    I’m very appreciative! I don’t take any fiber of it for granted. I will cherish it and share what’s grown in there with lots of people.


  11. WOW Mr.D has been an hammering fool. It will be so wonderful, a cottage of one’s own – yeah!
    Isn’t that the truth! One’s own sounds delightful and comfy. I have so many decorating ideas. I’ve been saving some sea glass I found while at the Outer Banks. I thought they would be pretty hanging in a window. I’ll be collecting bird nest, vases with an assortment of old frogs, garden sayings, a jar of old keys and small stuff to use in my terrariums, and a lot of anything cottagy!


  12. It will be wonderful! I look forward to seeing the results. Great idea about getting light inside the shed with the back side of the roof.

    Frances is right about neighborhoods. We have covenants here. An outbuilding would have to match our house and that makes it too expensive for us to have a garden shed. 😦

    Keep on posting those pics!

    I plan on keeping you up to speed on all that is happening. I always enjoy seeing someone do a project so I’m making you follow along too. I figure good ideas will start to circulate as it gets closer to completion and everyone will have some cool ideas to share. You can see what I said to Frances about the covenants. We have them too but they seem fair. I like my sage green siding and will use the same color for the shed too. It won’t be the same style siding as I’m using clapboard and my house is rough cut cedar shakes in sage green. There isn’t much siding to the cottage since it’s got so many windows. My biggest expense is going to be plant material to finish landscaping it all. I’m encouraged by you and what you’ve done in a short period of time and I appreciate the plant ideas you’ve shared with us. Thank you


  13. fairegarden says:

    Hi Anna, how fun and exciting to see your collection of windows, etc. finally be putting to use. Light filled for a shed is always a good thing. I love the thought of a copper look with a cheaper price too! Good thing your neighborhood allows your to build a structure like that too, some don’t.
    Good point about what the neighborhood allows. We have some strict guide-lines. We had to get a permit and the shed has to pass several inspections. I was going to make the shed larger but then our permit would have gone to the state level instead of county. The price of the permit would have increased drastically too. For the smaller permit, the structure had to be 12×12 or under. I think mine is 10×12. Our neighborhood only allows one structure on each lot. So we have some standards to follow but they seem fair and I would want that if my neighbor was building something. I wish trampolines were outlawed as they sit unused, get mildewed, and look horrible. I don’t mind toys in a yard and a nice swingset is even acceptable—but a big old ugly structure like a gawdy trampoline just grates on my last good nerve.


  14. Phillip (UK) says:

    This is going to be so good Anna – and will really extend what you can garden. What about a greenhouse or conservatory too ?
    In the book Stylish Sheds and Elegant Hideaways by Debra Prinzing, there is a free standing pergola. It’s an open arbor about 8feet wide and prretty long. I’m going to do that next. It will be located on the back of our lot. I want to grow climbing roses on it and the floor will be tumbled stone. There are underground springs back there so whatever I plant is going to thrive. So yes!, there is more to come but our neighborhood covenants won’t allow but one outdoor structure—-the pergola isn’t a structure;) Now attached to the shed will be cold frames built low to the ground. That is what some of the extra windows are set aside for. My biggest expense is going to be plant material.


  15. greenwalks says:

    OK, you are the third person I know of getting a shed for Xmas and I am starting to get REALLY JEALOUS! 🙂 Can’t wait to see the finished deal. I’m sure it will be a great hideaway! Awesome.
    It’s been a long time coming and we saved for it a little each month. It was framed in at the old house and Mr D took it down board by board. He’s been able to use all the old wood. We changed the design just a bit to match the land and sun situation at the new house. He can only work on it a little at the time so it may take him till Spring to get it done. I can wait as I love seeing the weekly results however small they may be.


  16. Amy says:

    You must be thrilled to be able to have this built. I can’t wait to see the finished project!
    The best part is appreciating it. I’ve waited a long time and seen it in my mind a million times.


  17. Racquel says:

    What a nice view of Copper Top Cottage you will have from the main house! Looks like Mr D is going to be a busy man this week. Sounds like it will really be a nice destination for you this next season. 🙂
    Isn’t it the living end! I have always known that I wanted a cottage/shed/greenhouse/playhouse and now it’s coming true. I may forget that I have a regular home.


  18. Cinj says:

    Busy, busy! Very nice. I can’t wait to see what it looks like when you’re done. I think yours will be fancier than mine.
    It’s going to be multifunctional. A haven and a place to grow plants. We are planning it as we go and having a blast. I hope it will be warm enough this week for Mr D to get a lot done. I’m so anxious to start tinkering around and creating stuff out there.


  19. Your shed looks so cute! I can’t wait to see it all done.
    ~Angela 🙂
    Angela, I updated your info here at my blog. And your blog is beautiful! I tried to leave you a reply but couldn’t. I’ll try again later. I loved the roses in winter! And the Coral Bells is one of my favorites. I will keep trying to leave a comment. Hugs to ya and good look with the new start.


  20. Stuart says:

    Extremely delicious Anna. I love the location too, it looks like you will be able to see everything from your new workspace.
    It is delicious! I’ve been collecting stuff for it for years now. I’m looking forward to starting seedlings in the cold frames. Lots less expensive to do seedlings than buy the whole plant. Now that doesn’t mean I won’t be buying lots of plants though. You are correct!, it’s the perfect view to the house. And I have a remote food timer for the oven—so I can still cook from the cottage and that makes Mr D very happy.


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