Do My Tennies Need Jingle Taps?

According to Martha Hemingway, my new best friend, I can use a smooth bottomed pair of tennis shoes.

Ms Hemingway is the director at –link removed by me…just in case it’s corrupted.   She( meaning me and the video from the site I removed) and I have been clogging around my living room together. I have blinds pulled tight and the lights down low. It’s just she and I learning how to Turn a Circle and Walk the Dog!

By the end of the night…I was doing this———>

It’s not so much the shoes I’m worried about and MrD is scared to death I’m going to make him do it.

This whole thing is so me! Alrighty folks, nail down your loose items and join me.

Are you trying to keep your feet still? Give it up!

That’s what we do here in NC for fun. There are several dance halls running wide open most days a week. Our youth are involved which is a joy to watch. These kids get too tired to be in trouble.

I have just got to have me some Jingle Taps! When I get good enough….I’ll video the amazing spectacle.

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  1. JamesA-S says:

    Fantastic stuff – even noisier and more energetic than Scottish dancing. If you cannot persuade Mr D to be your partner then I am on the next plane to North Carolina.
    He’s going to have a hard time clogging in his fly fishing waders. I would be delighted to clog along side you. You won’t be embarrassed will you? I’ll be the noisiest partner as I plan on buying the loudest jinglers on the market.


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