Salem Creek’s Finest Hour

salem-creek-017 Registered & ProtectedSalem Creek is a place where you will want one of everything they have. A talented force is behind these beautiful pictures. These folks start the previous year planning just how to wow us for the next season. Christmas is my favorite time to visit Salem Creek in Winston Salem, NC.



Ken Gaither is the owner and started this beautiful store in 1982. Home furnishings, garden collectibles, scented candles, soaps and lotions, unique gifts, seasonal decorations, and the best staff anywhere are located in the building you see above.


Greetings of seasonal aromas fill the air as you first enter. It’s a treat for the scents as much as the sight. You don’t know where to look first. I usually go straight for the source of the scent and tuck it away in my basket. The store is two stories tall and open in the middle revealing the level above.


When you shop below, the view above is filled with decorated trees of all sorts. The upper level also has their Dept 56 and other popular holiday accessories. Look at their website to see all the name brands they carry.


There is no problem finding the gift items on your list and then several hundred things for yourself. The best way to see the store is by making several trips around the main circular isle. It will bring you past wonderful displays like the one above. It will take you numerous trips around to see it all.



This time of year brings us the very best decorated trees and festive atmosphere. In the fall, you will see lots of pumpkins and tables decorated to overflowing with scarecrows both scary and nice. For today though….it’s snowmen, holiday decorations, floral arrangements, jewelry, special food items, and lots of breath-taking trees. It is very merry and bright.


From gingerbread themes to those of elegance, Salem Creek will surely treat you to the very best. There are snowmen trees and those decorated with quiet shades of gold.




If you don’t have a place setting for the season… is one for you.


You haven’t seen anything you need yet? How about giving them a call? Connie can help you with making your home a comfortable place to come to at the end of the day. Debbie can assist you with the holiday ornaments or suggest a theme for your tree. Kay knows the whole store and makes every season bright. Then little Hannah will make your check-out go smoothly. Now there are many more dedicated folks who make your shopping easy and smooth but those above are friends of mine.


Most of the folks who work at Salem Creek have been there forever. Ken is a bit of a perfectionist as I can see from the way his store is nicely decorated. He carries himself that way too. He looks like he could be walking the designer avenues of New York City as a fine southern gentleman.



It would be hard for me to change the black and white check on this love-seat…but you could if you wanted to as they have hundreds of options.


You say give me something non-traditional? They have that too.



…..and why do you suppose this appeals to me and my craftsman home? Could it be the color or my interest in all things nature? Either works actually.


Who doesn’t like a nutcracker?


Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a few festive trips to Salem Creek.

*** please see their site for information on items you might like. I do not give out brand names or prices. I have been known in the past to purchase an item for you and send it by UPS if you send a check ahead of the purchase. The best experience is to visit the store!

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  1. Cinj says:

    I see Santa must have decided he likes that store too, I saw him “shopping” in a couple of the shots. Too bad I don’t live close enough to make a visit there.
    It is a dream to shop there. Do you not have any stores like this up your way?


  2. We’re retired. I shouldn’t look at anything in stores! 🙂

    You sure are busy these days! I wouldn’t call that retired. Your gardens are so beautiful. I have found many plants on your list that I want also.


  3. I want it all…I love Christmas!

    Gardening with Confidence
    I used a lot of magnolia leaves this year? Did you? You aren’t too far away to visit this store. you should! And call me while here so we can have lunch. Any time is a good time to go to Salem Creek. Do you have anything like this iin your neck of the woods.


  4. Kathi says:

    Do I see anything I like! Do they have sleeping arrangements at the store? LOL I stopped by several times and have to look and read and come back some more before I actually leave a comment….I love pineapples, for some strange reason there are never any in the north…..dah. When ever I visit the south I am always looking at all the wonderful pineapples and of course…magnolia’s, my all time favorite, surround me in magnolia’s please 🙂

    Christmas Hugs,
    Kathi 🙂
    Remind me next year and I’ll send you a bunch of magnolia leaves to decorate with. I should take a picture of my mantel as it is full of them. When they bloom, I float one in a bowl and they make the whole house smell wonderful. I guess you know the pineapple is a welcome sympbol and very southern. I just wonder why you are living up North when you love so much southern stuff. We got plenty of room…come on down.


  5. fairegarden says:

    Hi Anna, what an idea filled store! I love places that give me so many ideas that they need to be written down! Also, the water protection post and tree cutting were so enjoyable. A lot of work is apparent in the table settings and decorations there. I would love to see it for fall too with the scarecrows and pumpkins. Thanks for showing us.
    If Ken Gaither, the owner, will let me come back for each season and take more pictures, I will. They are the very nicest bunch of folks you could ever meet. He keeps his employees a long time meaning they love him too. I’ve helped Kay pick some flowers for their outside containers. They had the prettiest containers ever this year..not my doing..but kay’s. And…they were stolen. EEEEk..makes me so mad. She said they hit a lot of stores along their way. It had to be a well organized situation cause those were extremely heavy pots. She said they were full of pink geraniums and spike plants. I can just imagine they were beautiful. Well…as you can see…I love this place.


  6. THAT is Christmas overload. It looks like my mother’s house!
    Oh my word…your mother’s house? It would be a bit much in one home. I like to get something new that I’ll cherish for years and get rid of something that has seen its day. Hey….I loved your crystal tree on your site. My goodness….I bet that is one heavy tree.


  7. easygardener says:

    Heavens – what can I say – a Christmas paradise. Pity it’s so far away (lol)
    Well…what do you want?! I’m sure it will ship UPS. I go nuts in there. I want that little black and white loveseat and two wing back chairs to match. I’m thinking on it. Thinking real hard! I’m hoping to sell some stories and be able to buy it. Hoping real hard i sell those stories!


  8. JamesA-S says:

    Oh my goodness, Anna. This is Christmas overload! I think it wonderful but you must need to take a long walk after quite so much glitter and sparkle.
    What do they sell during the other eleven months of the year?
    I apologise for my lack of attendance here but have been a bit busy (work and chivvying doctors about my father): I accept your mild scolding with head hung and the flush of shame washing my rubicund cheeks.
    I have read your story about meeting Mr D: a captivating and heartfelt tale very beautifully expressed. I knew there were more that three words in the North Carolinian thesaurus !
    You made my day! Thank you for coming by. I submitted one of stories to Our State magazine. No word yet but how could they resist a story about our Mountain House. They are looking for NC stories and I have plenty.

    Salem Creek is always a fun and classy place to shop. They celebrate ever season. Christmas, Thanksgiving-Autumn, and the 4th of July are my favorites. Their furniture line is right up my alley. I need more furniture to replace that I’ve had for 20 years.

    I’m thrilled you read the Mr. D story and thank you for the kind words. He’s out working on my Copper Top Cottage today. It’s slow going cause we are winging it.

    Sorry about your dad. I understand as i took care of my mom for about 15years. I nearly went crazy. It was worth it but it was hard.


  9. Phillip says:

    Wow – fantastic. You obviously really love Christmas Anna and with shops like that, no wonder.
    Me and Mr. D have been working on Copper Top Cottage today. In a few minutes, we’re going to get the hinges for the windows. I’ll have update pics tomorrow afternoon. I do love Christmas….and Thanksgiving, and Valentine’s Day, and the Fourth of July. All of that surrounded by food of course.


  10. Philip says:

    I love how you first showed selecting the tree in an earlier post, and here you show inspiration on how to decorate it!
    Ha! It is snowing again! On your blog that is. It is just too much fun!
    Ok, here is what happened: We decorated the tree with all the tasteful ornaments. It was nice, but something was missing. So, the next day we placed all the stuff that has meaning only to us. Now it is perfect!
    Isis, our Siamese kitten/cat is now 8 months old. We placed ornaments so she could bat them! It is Christmas For all!
    Your posts are in the Christmas spirit.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!
    Isis is 8 months old? She grew too fast. That is so thoughtful for you to let her have a few ornaments too. I have to get my grand-dog a present. She likes those disgusting chewy bones. She is big but my son and dil treat her like a baby so she thinks she is one. She knows how to hug. I can not resist her. Pets are precious aren’t they?

    My tree has lots of memories too. Makes you feel connected to all the warm thoughts of the past. I have a saying on my tree. Did you ever think of putting a saying on your tree? Mine was to my husband and it says….If a kiss were a snowflake, I’d send you a blizzard.


  11. joey says:

    Now tell me, dear Anna … how can we fit all these lovely things in our homes? I hate to say, I’ve been in a ‘pitching’ -‘sharing’ mood monitoring all the goodies I have purchesed these many years, often wondering ‘why’! Yet … these goodies tempt … yes, they do! Happy Holidays and thanks for another fun post.
    Loved your post on Poinsettias. I do the same thing as you—throw it away and then want more. They keep coming out with newer and more updated classy country. I love it! Just come on over and well go window shopping.


  12. mothernaturesgarden says:

    What fun. Your post are always a treat.
    I have too much free time on my hands. I’m use to staying up for hours either taking care of my mom or grading papers. We might work on Copper Top Cottage tomorrow. Maybe that will tire me out—or maybe I’ll work on some quilts.


  13. Oh wow, how long do you think it would take to drive there from White Rock, BC? If I get in the car now, maybe just maybe I can make it by next week. You lucky girl!!! What a wonderful shop.

    Great post, and thanks BTW for all the get well advice. It is wonderful to be back on the computer. I am almost better, this stuborn flu/virus just won’t go away.

    Jen it should only take you an hour;) I’m certain and it’s such a pretty frozen drive right now. Then you hit NC and our freaky hot weather=== so bring your muddy boots and sandals. You’ll need both. If it wasn’t rainy, I’d be out gardening. I’m glad you are better. Mr.D had that nasty stuff too. I’ve been spraying Lysol on everything that could harbor a bug including him. Now he’s craving doughnuts. He must be getting better.


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