The Sugar Creek Christmas Tree Registered & Protected
Listen to Micahel Garet from Sugar Tree Christmas Tree Farm in Boone, NC. He tells us how the industry is doing this year.

I guess my video skills need some practice. I never imagined he would be laying on his side like that. I’ll try to remember not to turn the camera!

Here are the Sugar Creek Puppies. They were friendly and got petted non-stop by all who visited.

sugar creek dog

They had lots of comfy straw to lay on and watch the festivities.



An average 7ft tree was around$60. They were mostly Fraser Firs.


Now here is a Fraser Fir going home to a nice family with a vey tall ceiling.


NC Grown. I can’t have a real tree in the house, so I put it on my front porch.


These are too small.


How does someone get this home?

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  1. Working at a garden center, with a huge selection of cut trees, live trees and greens, I felt right at home for this post… very nice! We have several working dogs as well… my Lucy-Maude is one of them. They hang out in the back office, except for those much-anticipated outdoor breaks. Lucy seeks out all children, who are delighted by her small stature. It’s such a pretty time of year at the nursery.

    BTW – Excuse the music comment I left… boy, do I feel silly! My blog was still open, in back of your… no wonder the tunes sounded familiar! Whoops/Deb Too funny Deb! I also have that music….but I’m listening to your garden center music right now too. Love it. Your nursery is stunning and you’ve done a ton of work this year. Beautiful!


  2. Kathi says:

    Did you get a new video camera? I love it! Fraser’s are the best, they smell the best 🙂 We grow a lot of trees in Minnasnowta as well. I loved the tree story and the doggies 🙂

    Christmas Blessings,
    Kathi 🙂
    This answer is going to make me look real smart. My camera that I’ve had for the last three years….has a video too. I never used it cause I thought it didn’t record sound. I discovered it totally by accident. I had somehow managed to set it on the wrong mode…..I pressed the photo taking button…and it started recording. When I downloaded all my pics…the movie downloaded too. I started laughing at myself….and now i can make videos which might be a very entertaining thing for you.


  3. Philip says:

    Hi Anna, your last response was so interesting and right on! I never really thought about it, but the money that goes into it all would add up. also around here the tree farms are in rural areas, and this provides employment as well as ways to make a living.
    our tree is up…
    It is very cheery!
    It really does help our economy. I’ve seen the tree farms double and triple around here. That has to help the air tremendously too. I can breathe better…can’t you?:)


  4. Cinj says:

    Wow, $60 sounds like a lot of money for a tree that won’t last long. I have my own trees growing in my yard so I don’t have to worry about it.

    He must have been tired and needed to lay down for a nap? LOL.
    Cinj, I don’t mind paying the $60 or even more cause that is less than $10 a year. They have to insure their crops, fertilize them, pay their employees, and trim the trees several times a year. Then they have to grow seedlings for future growth. When you think about it…it’s not much at all. I don’t believe in taking them out of the forest when I can buy one that was grown for retail. Now does it make sense?


  5. Gail says:

    We brought a Frasier Fir home last week…it’s our first live tree in a few years! They smell delicious and seem like Christmas to me! Wish some NCer would set up a corner lot here with really fresh trees! Gail
    I know a good place where you could come spend the night and we’d go get you one;) Mine is happily living the holiday season on the front porch. It does make Christmas smell more like Christmas. I feel like baking and making—I am enjoying this season more than any I ever have. One reason is because i can look out down at my little Copper Top Cottage struggling to be finished—but at least it’s under way.

    Love your party the other day.


  6. nancybond says:

    Thanks for the stroll through the nursery — I can smell those wonderful trees!
    You are welcome and did you see there is no snow. I am a bit worried about you Nor-Easters today. Looks like you are getting slammed. I had my AC on yesterday:( It’s December for crying out loud. People around here are getting really sick cause it hasn’t been cold enough to kill the bugs off. Mr D is still pretty sick.

    I hope your family member gets to have his surgery today. Heart surgery isn’t something that you can keep putting off—poor guy.


  7. Kathleen says:

    I love Fraser Firs! If I had a real tree, I’d definitely want one of those. These are beautiful Anna. I agree it’s nice you can buy one that’s been locally grown.
    I thought you were taking a vacation from blogging—you are suppose to be resting and taking it easy. I bet you are creating instead. Creative minds never get to turn that feature off. Right? Merry Christmas to you and I ate a few cookies from your site last time I was there.


  8. Marnie says:

    I really like the snowfall feature on your blog. I wish blogger had that option.

    Love the dog. The trees look nice, fresh and green.
    The snow is so festive isn’t it? I have seen a few blogger blogs who have the feature. Maybe it’s cause they know CSS programming. I love dogs and especially the petting kind.


  9. Anna– great support of our local Christmas tree growers. I love going up to our mountains to see the acres of trees. The Musician, who has a forestry degree, talks about how much the evergreen trees help to reduce our carbon footprint. Fast-growing evergreens are helping our environment.

    You are so right! I did an article not too long ago—it’s under The Future of Plants on my sidebar. I talk about carbon levels and how that impacts our environment. For every tree harvested, 2 to 4 are planted in its place. Most Christmas tree growers have a 10 fold zero carbon footprint as they gooble up more than they produce. yea for them! A Fraser Fir will use more carbon monoxide and dioxide to grow and live—than it emits during decomposition. So it’s a zero carbon plant. Lots of clean air for everyone.


  10. Cindy says:

    I wish you could video portrait style. I always want to turn the video camera. I guess it’s a habit from using the still camera.
    That looks like a lovely place. We don’t put up a real tree though, for various reasons. But I love visiting other peoples real trees!
    This is a combo camera with video included. I just love it. But I’m new to videoing and it shows. Oh well, you live and learn. This was such a good interview that it just had to be shown.


  11. FGG, my technology is on it side as well… Can you list the link as Gardening With Confidence? I’m changing over from Gardens Gardens. Thanks for the link and I will do the same.

    I lthey way your present your stories, photos, etc.
    Check out the link I changed for you. And thank you for the kudo’s about my presentation. I guess I’ve decided I’m a good story teller…not so much a writer. I could travel every day and tell a story as there are plenty of them to talk about. I read your bio and was impressed that you wished to tell the story of Southeast gardeners. I appreciate that as we have so many. And so many thanks to your for your efforts with the JC Raulston organization. I’m fairly new to the garden media world and don’t know too much about who is who. I’m learning. Wonderful to see you are one of them and an NCer too!


  12. Les says:

    You will be glad to here all my company’s Christmas trees are NC grown Frasers. Even though VA grows them too, we are so pleased with the family we get ours from and we would never switch. They are grown in Laurel Springs.

    We also carry Botanical Interest and Renee’s seeds and can’t wait til they come in.

    (The e-snow is a nice touch on your site)
    I am very glad to hear you are pleased with the tree farm where you get your Frasers. It is beautiful to drive up 421 and pass all the farms by the side of the road. I bet those two seed companies do well for you. Sometimes I buy the seeds because I like the packet. They are art.


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