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MyFreeCopyright.com Registered & ProtectedI was just visiting my favorite seed company wishing I had planted more of the ornamental lettuce varieties. The one pictured above is what remains from my mixed lettuce seed packet.



Above was taken today December 10th and below was my garden this summer.


The Botanical Interests seed company has my devoted following. The seed had a high germination rate. They are reasonably priced. I love their seed packets! But I sure wish I had planted more varieties of the lettuce. It would be so interesting right now.





Take a stroll over to the Botanical Interest Seed Company. Meet Curtis and Judy . While you are there take a tour of their organization. I have been very pleased with all my seeds. I especially loved the Envy Zinnias and Teddy Bear Sunflowers. But I really wish I had bought and planted more salad greens to harvest today. My lettuce above has survived a few hard frost.


Envy Zinnias in my garden this summer.



I am putting in my order soon! Just look at these seed packets. Chocked full of information and beautiful too!



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  1. Wonderful photos, Anna! Small world… our garden center carries that line, along with several others. Our customers say the same thing about germination. I do appreciate the packet artwork… you certainly have great success! ~ Deb
    I understand how germination works and can appreciate those of us who have had a negative experience. Very cool that you carry them! That is no surprise to me as you have the very best taste!


  2. Kathi says:

    Beautiful Anna! I will head over there to look at all the seeds :). Sister Kelli loves the white zinnia’s, that’s what she calls them, they are harder to find so she makes me run around every year looking for seeds, why she doesn’t harvest some is beyond me. Now I have a place to find them, thank you!

    Christmas Blessings,
    Kathi 🙂
    I bought several varieties of Zinnias from them and they all did perfectly. You’ll love going to visit the site and pack a lunch cause you’re going to be there awhile.


  3. Philip says:

    Hi anna!
    Ok I am sold now on botanical interests seeds. i will try them!
    i love seeds, not only for the cost, but it is fun to start from the beginning and watch them grow. I have tried many types of seeds, and It is very discouraging when you have a low germination rate.
    Best regards,
    Thank you for all the nice comments today! This is one seed I can recommend and you will not need the extra large packets unless you want to plant a whole meadow full of flowers. I still have some left-over seeds from the sunflowers. If you haven’t been to their site—go–it’s a real treat to the eyes. I want one of everything. Last year, I ordered $75 worth of seends. The Zinnias were awesome. I got the peppermint mix too.


  4. VP says:

    Anna – I’m with you. I so wish I’d sowed some saladings for the winter. We’re big on salad eating and prices always rocket here just before Christmas.

    Thank you for your lovely comments on my Undecided piece yesterday – I now have plenty of advice and resources to look into, but on the whole I’ll just keep writing!
    Oh yes, please keep writing. You add a lot of beauty to our world. I will be planting more of the edible and not so edible varieties. I don’t much like the mustard tasting greens but they are pretty. Sometimes the look is worth it. I am so amazed at the lettuce in my garden. I thought for sure it would be black and frozen. There may be a bit of a micr-climate in that window garden. It has no ceiling but enough heat retaining glass around it to fend of the super cold and wind.


  5. Cindy says:

    Oh, to have fresh lettuce in December. Maybe I need a greenhouse for Christmas! I love Botanical Interest seeds, especially for those packet designs. They are like mini works of art.
    I like the art both living and on paper. I have intentions of framing them and adding them to watering cans–etc. I could never bring myself to throw one away. I am enjoying my winter lettuce and it’s so pretty. It’s the greenest thing in my garden right now. So cheery.


  6. Phillip says:

    I’m the son of a greengrocer and never had trouble eating my greens. I like lettuce and it deserves more attention than just making up the bulk of a salad. I love the pictures.

    Just to add to your great post, there is a comparison of the amazing varieties here:


    Lollo Rosso is one of my personal favourites.
    That is a very informative link and thank you. I enjoyed browsing through it and will go back as i add more varieties. I can spend hours at botanicalseeds.com picking out different combinations of plantings. I like to do the unusual and i want to give these lettuce varieties another good look next year. It’s the only thing thriving in my garden right now. It was super easy to grow also. I attracted to the burgandy/red selections and will probably pot up a few combos of those. I think they are beautiful.


  7. Sue says:

    Our winters are too cold, but I did get a fall crop of lettuce, radishes, and carrots. My kale was still doing OK the other day, but it got awfully cold last night, and I forgot to check it. I love the snowflakes on your blog!

    Nice to see you here Sue. I like the snowflakes too and I’m hoping for some real ones some time this winter. Today I had the AC running. It’s too warm and too humid.


  8. deb says:

    I love the Botanical Interest and Renee’s Garden heirloom seeds. The red sails lettuce was so pretty for me last year.


  9. You have inspired me to do a post on the winter veggie garden. I’ll have to go out and take photos of mine and my clients! THanks Anna.

    Your blog is gorgeous!
    Thank you mucho muches. I can’t believe my little or lot bunch of lettuce is still giving in this cold weather. Funny…it doesn’t taste tough when you eat it. Kind of like me…tough and tender all at the same time;)


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