If Every Day Was Christmas

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What if Christmas was in our hearts every day of the year?


I choose to think that Christmas is more than a day in December.


There is always Christmas no matter where you are.


Christmas isn’t green or red, it is in our hearts instead.


The joy of Christmas should last all year through.


And so it is from me to you………………


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  1. Sweet Bay says:

    Wow, your pictures are beautiful.
    Thank you so much! I have some interesting pics I took of a favorite gift shop I love to visit. I may get them posted later today. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Your cards and sentiments are so beautiful!

    Peace be with you (and I hope Mr. D. is all well by now).

    He’s coughing and hacking up stuff that looks worse than mulch mold. I wonder if there is something organic that can cure that?

    Thank you for your kind words. I’m really nice beyond my rugged exterior.


  3. Darn those are pretty! I especially love the dashing through the snow! What a cretive way to share your flowers with us…thanks, Kim
    I’m glad you enjoyed them. It’s been both hot and cold here today so it is fitting to show flowers in the winter. I like the Dashing one too! The white and red make it seem holiday like.


  4. Oh, beautiful, beautiful! I love all the comments and your responses, too, though it made me crave mashed potatoes and fried chicken. πŸ˜‰

    You have such a gift for graphic and writing–is there no end to what you can do? Thanks for sharing your gifts with us.
    I don’t know if there is nothing I can’t do cause I haven’t not done it yet:). I’ll let you know iffen I don’t.


  5. Well done! Helen
    Thank you!


  6. I’ve often heard Bat Wing Cuphea recommended for my Zone 8/7b area in Texas. However, I just can’t get past that name. It creeps me out.

    However, I think I’m going to have to try it.

    Love your site; great photos. The snowflakes slay me!

    Thanks for visiting my site.

    – Tex
    I enjoyed your blog. I don’t hear Cuphea talked about much. I suggested it for several of my clients last year and they have thanked me for it. It did not winter at all in my zone 7 garden. I would call it a tender perennial at best for my zone. I’m glad you looked around and made yourself at home. I hope you got a few Christmas cookies while browsing around. Come back soon.


  7. Aerie-el says:

    IMHO, this is one of the best blog posts ever. The photos are beautiful, the prose inspiring (and how fun–yes, Virginia, there is a Santa!), and the touch of snowflakes drifting thru the page is heart-warming. It almost, almost, makes me wish for snow in Seattle…
    I want some snow too! And thank you for such a sweet comment. You made me want to go back and take a better look. Have you ever had a comment do that to you? You want to go back and see what they saw? I love it. I love when someone comes along and my post really speak to them. That’s exactly what I wanted it do. I want that feeling to spread and keep on spreading.


  8. Amy says:

    What a beautiful post Anna! I really enjoyed this πŸ™‚
    I really enjoyed writing it! I’m so happy all the time. I hope I can always be that way. I’ve had trials and all but have managed to come out on top by keeping Christmas in my heart for everyone. I truly do love most folks.


  9. Kathleen says:

    That’s why I love Faith Hills “Where are you Christmas” song Anna. It’s inside all the time if we choose to look. Definitely believe it’s not just a day or a season. Thanks for the beautiful reminder.
    I’ll have to see if Pandora has it. I’ll go listen in just a minute. I’ve had the house quiet today so I can hear MrD if he needs me. But he is fixing to go to bed. He has really had a horrid cold. I guess i should unplug the outside lights too so he isn’t blinded by the spot lights. Be right back……will tell you how the song goes. It sounds lovely!


  10. Cinj says:

    I wish more people thought like that. It’s hard for many people to remember the true meaning of Christmas with all of the pressure and commercialism that surrounds the holiday. It’s too bad really because it’s supposed to be about love and sacrifice, not gimme, gimme, gimme. My best friend from high school was talking about how her MIL wasn’t speaking to her hubby because they wanted to stay at home with their girls for the holiday and wanted to celebrate with them either the weekend before or after. What’s wrong with people anyway?
    And you know, that is why I have already told my dil that whatever she wants is fine with us. I told her I would work our dinners around her family and she graciously plans around such things so that they make it to everybodie’s house at some point during that week of festivities. I think you must always keep the communication going. Otherwise….nobody gets blessed. Not talking is the worse thing you can do. It sounds like jealousy. Jealousy is the root of all bitterness.


  11. Gail says:

    Dear Anna, What a very lovely post, pretty picture and the falling snow is just the right touch! We are getting too much rain and any white stuff even the pretend kind helps! Keep warm my friend and keep laughing! Gail
    My kids are funny too! I will keep laughing and being thankful. It entertains MrD. He sits and watches me and his 3 kids—2 sons and quick witted dil–and he just beams with pride. We value our friends and family who make our lives so rich.


  12. nola says:

    What a beautiful post. Thank you for the heartfelt thoughts. It’s all the positive interactions that make me so thankful for my fellow bloggers!
    I knew gardeners before I knew blogging. The blogging really helped the beauty shine and show the true nature of everyone. I can’t seem to read enough of them. Just about every day I find something I want to plant for next Spring or Summer. All that inspiration and positive reading makes me darn right slap happy. How could you not enjoy that?


  13. Phillip says:

    Great photos and a wonderful message!
    Tuck it away in your heart and it can shine from the inside out!


  14. Anna ~ Extraordinary photos and sentiments… this was wonderful!
    It is fun to do too! I could keep at it and think of a million more ways to say Merry Christmas. Thank you as those are all pictures I took last summer.


  15. Wouldn’t it be a peaceful world if everyone felt like this??:)Jan
    Maybe everyone should start reading gardening blogs. We talk to people all over the world and we don’t get mad at each other. I think gardening should be a law. You can’t grow and be a grump head at the same time. Well, unless you got aphids or the likes. It’s true isn’t it?


  16. Racquel says:

    Christmas is in our hearts 365 days a year! What lovely photos today, you must be having some fun with your photo program. πŸ™‚
    You aren’t going to believe that I’ve had this program for a long time. I just didn’t know it did all this till I started playing with it. I was thinking of making a different kind of Christmas cards next year. I’m going to keep that in mind as I photograph gardens here and about NC. Who says they have to be traditional?


  17. Marnie says:

    I agree, Christmas is a something totally unrelated to a calendar date. Your photos are just beautiful.
    You know, I’m usually up very late and don’t need a lot of sleep but last night was an all-nighter while listening to poor MrD try to breathe. I was feeling so sorry for him and then I got to thinking. I was thinking about all the beautiful blogs I visit every day including and especially yours. I thought to myself……I would not have any trouble at all if these folks were my neighbors and we could chit chat every day in person. I told the drug induced Mr. D that most of the gardening world is just as beautiful as the plants they nurture. Isn’t it the truth?


  18. fairegarden says:

    Hi Anna, I was all ready to comment about Christmas being about giving and that is a year around goal when you mentioned mashed potatoes and fried chicken in your response to Philip, HA, that cracked me up!
    I’m late to the computer today as I’ve been up all night with Mr.D. He is so sick and he probably needs a good batch of Mashed Potatoes to soothe his throat. Frances..life is so fun most of the time. Garden blogging suits me as most of the time they are loving and giving. Say…by any chance did you leave your camera around here somewhere?;) I’ll return it first chance I get.


  19. Phillip says:

    What a lovely thought Anna and such wonderful pictures you are creating. Just needs some more singing!
    You have the best sense of humor and totally get my humor too. I sure don’t mind making fun in this world. I’d rather folks laughed at me than cried when they looked my way. I make MrD laugh all the time and that is hard. He’s about as straight as a stick and so stern about stuff. But I just shoot right on past that and dissolve all that stuffiness. We were driving by a funeral home last night while out looking at the lights….and they had a big crowd. Whoever had passed was sure well thought of. So anyway….I turned to him and said……Looks like somebody is getting hitched. He laughed his fool stuck up head off.

    My remark goes back to the day when a meeting house was general purpose. You didn’t know if it was church, a wedding, or a funeral. I love catching him off guard. Just like when I videoed him the other night. He had no clue. It takes him several minutes to connect the dots and catch up to me…by then…I got it recorded and uploaded. He has no choice. I make up for it with mashed potatoes and fried chicken.


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