A More Lovely Way To Collect Rain

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Wouldn’t this be a lovely way to collect rain? I think it’s charming.


It is interesting in any season.


Now we could only wish for a copper gutter.



Let’s put this on my Copper Top Cottage list of must haves!


These were taken on my recent trip to Blowing Rock, NC. I fell in love with the barrels. Several buildings in town have them. Details like this are one reason I come for inspiration. I was here for another reason but who could resist a nice photogenic rain barrel posing for the camera. With her hair done in braids, she was irresistible.


Here she is posing beside our grand old flag and Uncle Sam.


I shall be on the phone tomorrow calling several wineries in the area to see about availability. I just need one. How about you? Looks like all we need is a gutter, a good heavy chain, and the barrel.

*** Added to say that I have just been to the blog Green Garden Design where Alice has done a beautiful job talking about the rain chain. She has some pictures over there of several rain chains. She is new to blotanical . Take a look:



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  1. VP says:

    Hi Anna – it’s charming and here in the UK you could get what you need from a whisky distillery.

    However, I also see that collection would be a little slow at this time of the year owing to the temperature 😉
    I have my name on a long list. They will call me if one is available. Well…that’s no good is it?


  2. Phillip Merritt says:

    I want one!
    Copper I suppose! I know I’m hooked and want one too.


  3. Robin says:

    That is a great idea for catching the rain! I have never heard of a rain chain before.
    I saw one earlier this year when I did the post on….The Homes That Big Tobacco Built. Some of the beautiful old homes in our historic neighborhoods have them and they do look very nice. It adds a lot of character to the home.


  4. I have the rain chain but not nearly as lovely a barrel. I just love that. If you are into photography a rain chain makes a wonderful subject as well as a very useful way of directing the rain. They don’t handle huge amounts of rain well but for a shower vs. a downpour they are wonderful!
    My rainchain is copper, though my gutters aren’t, now that would be awesome! Kim
    I figured they probably would not take a downpour and glad you confirmed that. I think it will be ok for Copper Top Cottage. I bet the copper chain was expensive as copper is sky high right now. Has yours gotten that wonderful patina yet? I love the verde green. It is a very interesting subject to photograph and I did take a lot more pictures of them. Just too many to post on here.


  5. Kylee says:

    Hi Anna,

    I like the rustic barrels with the regular old heavy chain being used this way. Have you seen the copper rain chains they have? They’re expensive, otherwise I’d have a couple of them! I love them!
    Yes, I have seen them and aren’t they beautiful. Several of the old homes in my area have them …and copper gutters. I can’t imagine what copper gutters would cost. Originally, I thought about a copper roof for Copper Top Cottage..but then I priced copper. So instead…it’s going to have a tin roof called copper penny. It looks like the real deal but without the cost.


  6. I love “rain chains” – great post.
    I think I’m obsessed about getting one.


  7. meems says:

    Hi Anna, Yes. I like this idea so much more than the usual dare I say “ugly” rain barrels. Philip’s link should be helpful… I’ll check it out too. this style goes so well with Blowing Rock architecture. It is simply outstanding! thanks for sharing it.

    I have always admire Timberlake’s design elements. He sells marvelous fabrics too.

    Meems @Hoe&Shovel
    Me too, I like everything about his line of nice furniture and accessories.


  8. greenwalks says:

    I’ve seen pretty rain-catcher chains at Smith & Hawken and the like but they are spendy. Keep hoping to find one on sale someday! Nice photos, I hope you find the barrel of your dreams.
    I called today and they are all claimed by someone. Maybe I can find one at the hardware store. I know I can get the chain easily. I’m going to get an inexpensive chain and paint it black or maybe even copper.


  9. Amy says:

    I love the look of “rain chains”. The first time I saw one was in a book about sustainable/green building. We found our oak barrels at a local hardware/lumber store this spring for a very good price. They’re very sturdy and water tight, and they just look so nice!
    I never thought about the lumber store! Great idea. How much were they? I have found that the winerie’s barrels are mostly claimed by local craftsman. They make furniture out of them.


  10. Marnie says:

    I do like the look of those chains and barrels!

    What a charming shop. I went back and looked at the previous post. That is the kind of place I love to wander through.
    Oh yes and there are plenty more shops lined up and down the street. They all have pretty window displays so even if you aren’t in the store, you still enjoy.


  11. mothernaturesgarden says:

    The weathered barrels look lovely with the gray stone. I once used a lovely large urn.
    I think it adds an unexpected area of beauty that you might not notice at first. It’s just us gardeners who get the full appreciation. They have that gray stone all over the place because there is such an abundance of it.


  12. fairegarden says:

    Hi Anna, Blowing Rock is a fabulous place, so artsy! That Timberlake building is a masterpiece, I love the arches and stone work. The rain chains are cool looking, but screen or something would need to be added. In Houston a friend said her father always added lemon juice to the water, it killed the eggs of the bitinn insects. It did seem to work, but would have to be added as more rains came. So much inspiration just in this one store!
    Blowing Rock maintains that level of charm all year long. The Blowing Rock Garden Club is very active in maintaining the beds all over town. Half the charm is in the landscaping and flowers. They use a lot of perennials for all season color. It was and continues to be well thought out.


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