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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Timberlake Gallery Blowing Rock

It’s cold and blustery so let’s go inside.

Front Door Timberlake Blowing Rock

There is warm coffee and hot chocolate waiting.

Inside Front Door Timberlake Blowing Rock

Look around. Lots of ideas and beautiful things to see.

Timberlake Tree

The store is nicely decorated and I was the only one in there. It snowed yesterday and most people were staying inside.


Have a seat and see how comfy the chairs are.

Timberlake Gallery of paintings. Blowing Rock

Fireplace Timberlake Blowing Rock

Timberlake Blowing Rock

Everything from top to bottom is interesting.


If you need a soft comfy shirt—they have them.




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  1. Hi Anna, It looks very cozy and Christmasy. It’s nice of you to share! We have no snow here so those photos added to the Christmas spirit! Take care, Jan
    We get snow in the mountains but not much just an hour south where I live. I’m hoping for a white Christmas but may have to go back to see it.


  2. val says:

    HI there Anna.. what lovely photos and a great gallery.How I wish there was something like that round here! Thanks so much for your comment on the blog. I cooked the quince last night and it was delicious!
    I bet it was yummy. You are so talented and your sketchbook is beautiful and interesting.


  3. Rhonda says:

    Wow..what a great place to shop. Wish my house looked like that..it seems so warm and cozy and the fireplace is to die for.
    I agree, it is all very grand! I can sit in front of a fire forever can’t you?


  4. Sylvia (England) says:

    What a lovely building Anna, I love all the windows with just a little stained glass. The entrance is lovely, the curve of the door with the windows in – beautiful. I think I’ll have the hot chocolate please!

    Best wishes Sylvia (England)
    If you ever to get the States….come on by! I’ll meet you there and treat you to the finest meal ever. We’ll walk up and down the streets until we are ready for another meal. Just keep at it till it leads us right back to cozy cottage and nice fire roaring. Come on down!


  5. Phillip says:

    Wonderland Anna. Like the others I would love to doze in one of those chairs. Very cold here but no snow yet here in SW England. Great photos of your snow wrapped scene.
    Wait till you see the Mountain vistas and hollars;) I had to throw a NC word in there. When I left home to go to Blowing Rock it was 50 degrees. When I crossed the Eastern Continental Divide….my temp gage said 28. Flurries were flying and i was overwhelmed with the view. A bit of sun was peeking through the clouds and bouncing off the snowflakes on the mountain tops. I thought I was riding on the highway to heaven.


  6. valwebb says:

    Thank you, Anna. After reading your post, I feel as if I have actually been up to NC for a quick visit! We have several Bob Timberlake pieces, and I was saddened to read about the pressure to move the work overseas. It’s beautiful, finely crafted furniture made to last for generations.
    He is an outstanding person and the perfect NCer. I do not know the results or what was decided upon. I just know that Mr. Timberlake was very saddened. He did not want to take his business elsewhere. They are the finest pieces of local craftsmanship you will find without actually visiting one of the local furniture makers that dot the land.


  7. Hi Anna,
    That store looks so inviting, especially with the snow outside! Lucky you.
    Getting ready for Christmas?
    I am getting ready for Christmas! I’m a bit late in doing so as I have this big Blowing Rock project I’m writing and excited about. I’m sort of building up to it for my readers. And now I see that the town itself has joined us here. If you want to go when you come—we’ll surely do it. Cameron said her husband is unable to perform in September, but I’ll find another bluegrass band….I know lots!


  8. Amy says:

    Love the greenery and the twiggy swag across the fireplace with the hung stockings. I’ve got to get a closer look at that – it might work in my house!
    Blowing Rock is an amazing little town with every store creating the very best store fronts and window displays just about any time of the year. They appreciate their tourist.


  9. joey says:

    My kinda’ place, Anna! And the coffee sounds great … I’m chilled to the bone! Just returned home from our fire station, bagging Luminaria for our annual (30 years) Garden Club fundraiser. Our village looks magical on Christmas Eve!
    I live in a village too. Very commendable that you put the money to a good cause. I hope you had a large turnout. Sometimes it’s a few doing the work of many. Did you get warmed up?


  10. nancybond says:

    What a grand place — I could get absolutely lost in there! And I love the snowy chairs in the first photo — all that color against the white! πŸ™‚
    Bob Timberlake is a strong figure in NC. He is currently in a confrontation with the furniture manufacturer who carries his line. They wanted to take the production overseas and away from locally made. I’m not sure how it turned out. Mr. Timberlake did not want to take the jobs away from his home in Lexington, NC. He is a done a great deal for the people of Lexington, NC. He has a gallery there also and I have pictures of it on my sidebar. I love the snowy chairs too.


  11. Cindy says:

    Yum, that hot chocolate was good and I think I’ll take a nap in one of those comfy chairs while no one is looking πŸ™‚
    Everyone will look cause that’s what we do here in NC. We are friendly folks and we’ll make you comfy, stoke the fire, and cover you with an afghan. You’ll sleep clean through January and into February.


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