Shall We Dance? Registered & ProtectedI have tons of sunflower photos and frankly, I’m tired of looking at them right now. After a good thanksgiving meal, I’m craving a good piece of cantaloupe. I want it fresh and sweet from the garden.


So here is what happened:) I decided to make the sunflowers look like cantaloupes. And then, I muted the colors. Here is what I created out of my desire for cantaloupe and having more sunflower pictures than I know what to do with.

I had the very best evening. As you all know, I’m North Carolina through and through. I have decided to start clogging again. Yes, that’s correct–I’m a clogger. I’m out of shape for it and need lots of practice. So tonight, my family took off down the road to a local gathering place for bluegrass lovers.

Several very talented people picked out a tune on many a fine instrument with the banjo and fiddle being my favorite. They played ballads, waltzes, Irish lullabies, and good old toe tapping foot stomping popular tunes. The wooden dance floor filled with dancing shoes of the type with a steel plate attached to the tip and heel.

Folks tap and stomp in a melodic fashion to the beat of bluegrass greats. I wanted so badly to get out there with them and square dance, clog, do se do, and promenade. But I’m sensible enough to know–I need practice. I got so in to the rhythm that I was transported back to the day when me and the dance floor were great audience pleasers.

Next, I have to dance several hours a day. I have to strengthen my calve and thigh muscles–suck in my gut/tummy, and get me a new flouncy outfit. I can sew so off I go! We aren’t talking gingham and big flower material with lots of petticoats…we are talking cowgirl boots and spiffy smart looking fitted garments that make a dance a thing of grace and style.

I would like to get a pair of pink cowgirl boots and trim a black dress with that color so it all flows. It’s got to look good so when you make a mistake it won’t much matter! Bluegrass and the ways of old are making a come-back. Hooray! I am ready–almost.

Do you wish you could start back with something you once loved doing? Why not do it? Winter is upon us and we can’t garden. I’m going to dance!

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  1. Marie says:

    Thank you for your comment 🙂 Beautiful flowers!
    I have missed you too 🙂

    Hug from Marie 🙂
    I’m so glad to see you again and have you back at my first blog. Boy what a journey I have had this year. I’m glad to see 2009! Your blog is beautiful and I feel fortunate to reconnect.


  2. Cynthia says:

    How fun that you are a clogger Anna! I too would love to see the outfit you mentioned you would like to sew. I have so many hobbies that I do not know if I could possibly squeeze in one more but…I have always wanted to learn to play guitar!

    The redone sunflower is very pretty. I love the colors- they are very soothing.

    Collecting hobbies and ideas comes at me like a flood. I’ll study something to death and be gung ho about it conquering it all along the way. So I understand how you would have so many hobbies. The clogging will be a relearning and renewed interest for me. I actually didn’t realize how much I missed it till my feet took control toe tapping and keeping time with the band. And it’s all such good clean fun. It’s hard to find something good for you these days.

    I enjoy sewing. My grandma taught it to me. I have a Bernina that can stand up to the long sessions of piecing quilt strips together. I’m not making that clogging outfit till I can comfortably fit in a size 12. I’m a 14 now. I got to get my bum out and hit the streets climbing hills. I’ll just take a few trips around the block and theoretically if you are real disciplined and don’t fudge with fudge…then it all is suppose to work–theoretically that is. We’ll see!


  3. Kathleen says:

    Anna, I love your “cantaloupe sunflower!” The coloring is gorgeous ~ definitely frame worthy. Good luck getting back into clogging. I think it’s great to reconnect with an old passion. That’s what I did with gardening. You’re right tho, you can’t garden all year so clogging is perfect for filling in the spaces.
    I am so impressed with your card making talents and container arrangements. Your kind words about my sunflower mean a lot to me since you work with color all day. It’s like a mechanic telling you your car has a good motor. Thank you.

    I can’t wait to go back and study their clogging steps. I guess we’ll go this weekend if nothing else comes up. Mr. D is interested in ball room dancing and always has been. I told him to take lessons and I’d take more lesson on clogging. He would be good at it. That just shows you how different our personalities are and how amazing it is we haven’t killed each other.


  4. nola says:

    I love to watch clogging; you must burn about 1000 calories an hour, it is so strenuous! Good luck, you’ll have to get us some video of your dance routines.

    Nola you had better eat something before waiting on me to post the video or you’ll starve. I’ve got a lot of calories to burn before sharing my cowgirl boots. I’ll also have to learn how to work the video camera and that might be worse than losing the weight.


  5. Deb @
    Anna, that sounds like so much fun. Maybe I should take up dance again.

    Anna replied:
    Deb you wouldn’t believe how grand it felt. And you would be good at it too. Believe it or not–me and Mr. D were the youngest folks in the bunch except for our grown son who loved it too. I can’t wait to take my other son and his wife. She’s going to go out there with me as she is outgoing too. We talked with the featured band tonight and they invited us to their next few shows which are all in our area.

    We will be heading out about every weekend we can— to learn and take part. It’s so wholesome. No drinking and tonight’s place was smoke free which surprised me since I live tobacco USA. I don’t smoke so loved it.

    There were about 3 kids there in their teens and they were the best entertainment. Little legs doing all kinds of Irish Riverdance moves and stunning the crowd. I left there tonight just feeling really good. Not a curse word and lots of smiling faces having good clean fun.

    From Shall We Dance?, 2008/11/30 at 5:16 AM


  6. Gail @
    Hi Anna,

    I am going to think about what I want to resume!

    So glad you had a marvelous time and rediscovered clogging! Do you mind a story? MANY years ago…we were invited to a private party on Old Hickory Lake. It was a big house, sitting on beautiful property…We knocked on the door and a woman answered; she was dressed in a frilly blouse, a short ruffled skirt and shiny shoes. I thought it was the oddest maid’s outfit. Well, it wasn’t a maid’s outfit and it wasn’t the maid…it was June Carter Cash in her clogging clothes! I love Nashville!


    Anna replied:
    OH!!!!!! What a grand story!! We are Johnny and June fans. We’ve seen the movie Walk The Line a bunch of times and own the DVD. I can not believe you got to meet her in person. There are some who still dress in the frilly dresses and I enjoy watching them too. Then there are us who like the more streamlined look, —’ll see soon. I’m going to video one of the dances when I get back in the hang of things. You can make a copy and play it when you’re needing a good chuckle for the day.

    From Shall We Dance?, 2008/11/30 at 1:40 PM


  7. Jen @
    I’m so excited to learn that you’re a clogger! Years ago I was on vacation with my family at Fontana Dam in NC – that was the first time I saw clogging. Went back to Florida and found a clogging class in my town. Eventually clogged my way onto the exhibition team and travelled around the state performing with the Country Time Cloggers. Now, in NY, I’m having a hard time finding people to clog with and really miss it! I still play Hoe Down, Salty Dog Rag, Rocky Top and Amos Moses and clog away in my kitchen, much to my kids’ embarrassment…. Gail, loved your story about June Carter Cash!!

    Anna replied:
    That is so grand! I would never have thought that a NY gal could tell me such a tale that you just spoke. But I see you were down South when this happened. I bet you do miss it as do I. And you were a pro too—even better. I bet I drop that nasty 15lbs I’m trying to get rid of–don’t you? The band played all the above songs last night and my feet played right along with them. An older gentleman about 95yrs old played that song and sang right along with it. I teared up knowing that his generation saw a clogging hay day in their time. He did get out on the dance floor and put a few to shame. He was really pretty good.

    From Shall We Dance?, 2008/11/30 at 2:32 PM


  8. Meems @

    Anna, What a fun thing to do. It is good excercise and a lift to your soul. Cute outfits, too… all the things that matter. We will still be gardening here through the winter but there are some things I’d like to resume anyway. Most of my creative prowess goes into gardening and painting (water based oils) but I’d like to get back to mosaics. I was just mentioning to my daughter how I’d like to get back to playing tennis, too. It has been years and I’m not sure why I stopped except for lack of time.

    To Gail, what a great story! SO Nashville.
    Meems @Hoe&Shovel

    Anna replied:
    Do you still have your racket? I don’t have my clogging shoes. I guess you and I will have to go out and buy new. Mosaics sound like the most creative thing to do. I was watching a PBS special about tourist attractions here in NC where folk art abounds. The program highlighted 3 families who made their living off the displayed mosaic objects around their home. Each had opened up their work to the public and were making good money from the proceeds. One family had just about everything in the house covered in concrete and broken ceramics along with a trinket here and there. I understand this art is back in demand.

    I’m jealous that you can garden all year—well, maybe not cause I do like our winter. We get a few sprinklings of snow and then it’s gone. Just enough to be magical.

    From Shall We Dance?, 2008/11/30 at 3:05 PM


  9. Jen@ Muddy Boot Dreams

    So are we able to call you a clogger blogger? That does sound like a really fun way to keep in shape. And I love Bluegrass.

    I am doing what I love, before when I never had a camera I would mentally frame and shoot photos. Now I have 3 cameras, and love every minute spent with them.


    Anna replied:
    Oh…I love Clogger Blogger! Wish I had thought of it! Your love of the camera and the ability to shoot great shots—shows! 3 cameras–wow. I want a video camera so I can ham it up on here. I want to spread my long southern drawl both near and far. I’ve always enjoyed a good laugh and can most enjoy laughing at myself.

    From Shall We Dance?, 2008/11/30 at 9:35 PM


  10. Cinj says:

    Oh what fun! I used to dance too, but it was dance line. If I could be ask skinny now as I was then I’d be happy as a lark. Since I seem to have lost my line though I’d have to pick up my tae kwon do instead. Are you going to show us the outfit you make? I’d invite you over to use my new weight bench to strengthen you legs, but I’m afraid it would be a bit of a drive for you.
    Having our figures back—now there is a dream! I just hope to be able to keep breathing while I’m dancing. Seeing that most of the folks out there had a good 20 or 30 more years on me, I’m hoping there is hope. I don’t drive anywhere anymore so you would have to bring the weights to me and as you say…it would be a bit of a drive but a fun one. Yes, I’m going to show you the outfit. Not until I can get in it though! You should start line dancing again. They have those groups around here too and some go to both. I’ve seen the line dancing routines used at the clogging festivals.


  11. Anna, I found your blog! 🙂

    You’re a clogger! My husband and his friends play bluegrass music. They aren’t playing “out” anymore, but they’ve been playing together as friends since they were in forestry school at NC State back in the 70’s. We just had a get together Friday with lots of playing and singing (and forgetting words). Some of the other ladies were clogging.

    Your blog looks great, so I’ll have to catch up on what you’ve got going in your garden.

    Thank you and I was pleased to visit you last night as well! I’ve had a tough time finding my way in the blogging world. I have killed a few blogs since I first had this blog back in February. It’s a long story but here is a few bits and pieces. My house was broken in to and the authorities thought my blog led them to my door. It didn’t but in the process of tracing down the criminal, this blog had to be shut down instantly. I thought I wouldn’t be able to get my name back so I went off in search of another host. Bad idea!!!

    But now I’m back and wordpress has helped me get this back up and running. Unfortunately, I lost all the old blog info. But I am game to start over again and track down my many friends who are talented just like you!

    I’m updating my blogroll tonight and you can look for yourself in my garden plot at this url. I should done with blog issues. It’s been a long hard road.

    I am thrilled to hear that you are a bluegrass lover also. How grand that your husband plays in a band. I am hooked again on going to these sort of get togethers. Lots of food, fun, and laughter. And yes, no one ever remembers all the words. These old bluegrass songs always tell a good story but it makes it hard to remember all those stories and keep them straight.

    Do you listen to the Queen family of the mountains of NC? That is one incredibly talent group. I’m a big fan of the Peasall sisters and Allison Krause of course. But the local bands around here are just as good. Nothing like being in the atmosphere of the moment. We’ll have to keep this conversation going as I am loving it. You have to put your husband’s playing on You Tube so we can all enjoy. These city slickers need to hear a catchy tune!


  12. Phillip says:

    Thanks Anna. Yes I do have a great view out (though not today – overcast and not far off snow) off the White Horse and the Salisbury Plain escarpment. Dance on.


  13. Phillip says:

    I love the reformed Sunflower Anna. I think the things I loved even as a child have stayed with me all my life, but changed with me. I have always loved gardening but now my houseplants takle the place of the large garden I had. But the dancing sounds such fun and a great way to have fun and keep fit all in one.

    How can we know the dancer from the dance?
    ~William Butler Yeats
    (my favourite poet)
    That’s a grand quote–thank you! I don’t have a single houseplant…well, maybe one. I do remember seeing your many houseplants!! I remember your view too–you can sit and look out forever. Am I correct?


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