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  1. Marnie says:

    Lovely, you must have spent a lot of time on them.
    Marnie…I’ve been crazy busy these past two weeks. I’m making napkins tomorrow. I love having the whole table fixed up pretty for my kids and dil. They appreciate it so much. I’m cooking up a load of food too. I’ll save you some left-overs if we have any–course you’ve never seen my boys eat.


  2. joey says:

    Stunning, Anna, ….’making seeds’ captured my heart.
    Joey I knew you would like that one and would see the seeds inside. Please forgive me for not stopping by as I have been making gifts for two weeks now. It’s fun of course but takes me away from blogging just a bit. I hope you have the very best holiday and lots of good food–our favorite part of it all.


  3. Cindy says:

    It is amazing what you can do with a computer and time! These are outstanding Anna!
    Thank you so much. I’m a bit behind making my gifts this year. All these things I’m posting are going to someone–mostly family. I just love doing it.


  4. Gail says:


    Hello! Lovely images…you are having a lot of fun with your computer these days! It’s a good thing cause it is too cold outside! gail
    I am having fun and getting Christmas gifts finished too. I just finished the calendar I promised all ya’ll. Hope you like it. Happy Thanks giving!


  5. Amy says:

    These are great! I really admire people who are able to do such creative things with their photos. It seems to me to be quite a learning curve!
    Thanks—-it has been a steep learning curve but I don’t work anymore and have the time to invest. I’m one who reads all the tips and drop down menues. You don’t learn if you don’t read and mess up a few hundred times.


  6. Jen says:

    You really oughta print these out and sell them at the holiday crafts fairs, Anna!
    Thank you. I just might some day.


  7. Cinj says:

    Wonderful prints Anna. If I didn’t have so many pictures on my wall I may have had to run out to get one of those for my house. Luckily I’ve managed to quell most of my spending urges lately though.

    Did you get all of that snow they’re talking about on the news? It’s a frosty 0 degrees here for the start of gun deer hunting season. Maybe I should go buy a gun and a license…. Nah, too cold anyway.
    I don’t have room for anything else on my walls so I’ll just have to give these to family and friends. We got a dusting of snow yesterday. I don’t know if we are expecting more but I hope so.


  8. Your gallery is stunning! I miss seeing all my beautiful flowers but I can come here to see yours!

    Big hugs,
    Kathi 🙂
    My garden is done too as these coneflowers are from about mid summer this year.


  9. Zoe says:

    Beautiful – like Lucy , I especially like the making seeds image too.
    I think the seeds is my favorite too but it did take a long time to do. When I finally got the seeds to burst out of the middle…I ran around the room yelling—It rocks! It rocks!


  10. I’m being terribly thick about what you mean about hues and pixels and things. I really don’t understand.

    But I do know the pictures are very pretty and especially like the ‘Making Seeds’ one.

    Hues and Pixels are the dots and colors in your picture. You can take those dots and rearrange them. Depending on the size of the picture–there could be 2-3,000 dots or pixels. It’s like if you painted a picture on the eraser tip of a few hundred pencils. When they are grouped, they form a picture. If you take the middle ones out and put them around the outside edge—then you just made a cool new picture. Controlling the hue takes the colors that make up that pictures and will do several things by adding or subtracting the color already in the photo. It’s like unmixing your paint and then adding it back in a different combination of the same paint–you may add more of one particular shade.

    The possibilities are so endless that i get hooked on it and don’t want to stop.


  11. Phillip says:

    Wow – these are wonderful.
    Thank you and I hope you saw the seeds coming out of–Making Seeds. There is a coneflower in the middle spurting out seeds everywhere.


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