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  1. Philip says:

    What a great area! I love that your family has roots there. I love all this history and that workshop is so cool. Look at that brick walkway and the rail for horses!
    Thanks Anna for showin this.
    best regards,
    Philip–I have lots of roots! I’m related to everyone and some even claim me. My great-grandpappy way back when…came down from Pennsylvania with a gang of other people and they all intermarried. The whole South is just really one big happy family. My mom and dad are/were 3rd cousins and didn’t really know it…well they sorta knew it but back then it didn’t matter.


  2. fairegarden says:

    Ah, I found you! I have been to Old Salem and loved it, especially the fenced gardens. However my kids were in the garden honking the horn the whole time I was trying to look around, they didn’t want to go there, preferring the mall in those years, 1988! Now they would love it!

    I think that when I get my shed finished—you and the rest of the gang around here and TN need to come for a visit. I would just love it. There are many of us who live close by. That would be a blessing to me. I might start planning that after the holidays. I will make us dinner and some of my passed down recipes for dessert. I know a guy that plays soft bluegrass music and we’ll have that going in the background. You’ll be my honored guest. I have plenty of room to overnight everyone should you choose to stay.

    Shirley Bovshow from http://edenmakersblog.com/ is coming this summer too! I better get busy and follow up on my promises.


  3. I love the picture of the inside of that workshop.
    I bet you do! You two both like working with the old tools and doing it the hard way. I’ll get more pictures of that when I go back for Christmas.


  4. Racquel says:

    Thanks for the tour Anna. I would love to visit Old Salem someday. What an interesting history.
    My brain is like a dusty old library shelf. Lots of stuff there just waiting to be told.


  5. joey says:

    So enjoy your history lessons, Anna. I was thrilled to visit Old Salem many years ago. Hum … now where are my photos?
    Seems like I do remember you telling me about it—one of my first blogs;). I’m going to head that way at Christmas and take more photos. That is when Old Salem’s personality really comes alive. I can’t wait to show ya. And yea, dig out your photos and share. I want to see them.


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