Flower Power In The 60’s

This is Flower Power in the 60’s. So why don’t you Hang Ten and stop by my Crib. It’s Groovy and You’ll Go Ape over How It’s Hanging.

Too cold to go Streaking or Wearing Hot Pants. It’s in the 60’s Dork.

Here is the Skinny on my Dy-No-Mite Gnarly Chick Lantana. She is Cherry Man. Check It Out!

For Sure this is Far Out. It’s in the 60’s Boss.

Here is the Fuzz on my Hairy Eyeball and It’s a Gas Dude. The 60’s are Yabba-Dabba-Do!

Peace Out, Gotta find my Bell Bottoms and Go Go Boots cause it’s chillin in the 60’s.

Going to be the 60’s all week. Do you remember the 60’s? I sure do. Even though we’ve had a frost, these are few things that have survived. The Lantana out in the open is dead but this hidden under my potting bench is doing just fine.

I was in grammar school in the 60’s trying to be a teen. I remember all this stuff like it was yesterday. I got my first pair of Go Go Boots in 6th grade.

Remember this:

01. Pacer
02. Bell Bottoms
03. Frisbee
04. men wore hats
05. women dressed up and wore hats
06. women wore a blouse and skirt. Pants suits for women did not become popular till the 70s and later came pants without the matching tops.
07. “Preppies” in the 60s wore: Weejuns, Gant shirts, Villager (the round collar blouse was a must have).
08. No young lady worth the preppie label was seen without her circle pin.
09. blue jeans were simple – blue. But most adults wore slacks – not jeans.
10. kids of about 6 wore the Buster Brown shoe
11. Pre-teen and teenage Girls wore saddle shoes in the early 60s: white shoes with a streak of black…
12. poodle skirt
13. shirts, slacks, tennis, or black or brown lace shoes.
14. guys wore slacks, shirt had to be tucked in
15. Tight pants became popular for guys in the mid sixties; you could barely get them over your ankle. Then fashion went the other way in the late 60s and early 70s with bell bottom pants for both girls and boys.
16. skirts had to go down to the knee-cap. Some girls got away with wearing culottes – kind of like a cross between a skirt and a pair of shorts.
17. penny-loafers
18. tennis shoes – black or white
19. ID bracelets for guys
20. girls wore dad’s long sleeved white shirts after school with jeans.
21. guys had dress shoes with laces and tennis shoes were usually white
22. females, wore flats, low heels, high heels, and tennis shoes…. and penny loafers
23. rubber “overalls” for shoes when it rained and In the winter, boots; big thick, plastic-like boots over our shoes for guys. Girls usually wore boot-shoes
24. Beads for belts
25. sandals, platform shoes (on the left – they had large, thick heels, for both guys and girls – honest!)
26. frilly collars, leather, paisley shirts…
27. Nehru shirts were popular (a thin collar up around the neck, worn without being tucked in; straight at the bottom.
28. wide, colorful ties
29. girls wore knee socks with loafers and short skirts.
30. Guys mostly wore Peace symbols on chains
31. The movie, Saturday Night Fever, is a great example of the type of clothes that were popular.
32. bell bottom pants
33. “leisure suits” (light colors, polyester… remember Cousin Eddie in Nat’l Lampoons Christmas Vacation!)

Popular 60’s and 70’s Cars

60s HOT cars

1968 Firebird/GTO
1956 Dodge Custom Royal
1971 Volkswagon Bug
1961 Chevy Impala
Mid 60s Ford Thunderbirds

70s Hot Cars:

1971 Mach 1 Mustang
1973 Monte Carlo
1969 Ford LTD
1969 Pontiac Firebird
1973 Camaro Z28
1970 Second generation Trans Am
1970 Ford Maverick

From the site: http://www.groovologist.com/

14 Comments Add yours

  1. Good Morning Anna,

    Just a quick note before I head off to work. I left a little award for you this morning :).

    Have a wonderful Monday,
    Kathi 🙂

    OH Goodie–let me go see! Have a good Monday back at cha.


  2. deb says:

    Can I channel my inner valley girl now. I feel the need to regress. hahahaha.

    I forgot about Valley Girl! You know, my kids are in their late 20’s and they don’t have any particular connection with their 90’s association. They are the era of computer kids. Boy are they smart. But nothing that marked that era as unique came along. My kids are a good mix of everything and well balanced. They like music from all the stages except hard rock–they just don’t care for it. My older son is really in to the new Country and likes Eric Church, but you can find him listening to just about artist through the years.


  3. Cinj says:

    Groovy. It’s fun to go a little wild now and then! I like creative titles, they help draw a person’s interest. I’m a bit young to remember that since I wasn’t born ’til the 70’s but I’ve seen lots of 60’s stuff on tv and at the Goodwill!

    It’s snowing here today. Cheesehead is hoping to be able to park in the garage by Tuesday. If I were strong enough I’d carry the punching bag and weight bench downstairs myself, but I think I’ll just wait for him to help with that task.

    I thought I answered this—does that ever happen to you? I think I did something when I didn’t….We look forward to snow here. It doesn’t stay long and is a treat to everyone. We might get snow for Thanksgiving. It hasn’t done that since I was a kid.

    I don’t lift heavy stuff either. My dr said no more for me. I worked for too many nurseries and have worn out my elbows, back, and believe it or not–you can damage your bladder and female area. I do my pelvic floor exercises and hopefully that will keep me young for a long time. So—don’t lift anything!


  4. Have a wonderful, fun weekend with your children! I can hear the laughter and feel the love all the way up north! 🙂

    My love travels far and wide;) I hope you had a good weekend. After my kids left, I was sad. So I rearranged my living room. I am gearing up for the Christmas tree. I put it up the week before Thanksgiving. The reason I put it up so early is because my oldest only get’s to be home Thanksgiving weekend and two weeks at Christmas. He loves to walk in the door Thanksgiving weekend and Mom has the whole house ready to celebrate. I adore my children and husband. I thank the Lord every day for keeping them safe and allowing me to enjoy them. I consider them a gift.


  5. Gail says:

    I think I can still find my circle pin! I loved bell bottoms and feel like the new trouser pants are just as wonderful! Gail

    Well they are called Boot Cut now! But you and I know they are bell bottoms. I had a circle pen too. It was so preppy. Didn’t we use to wear them over the top button of our blouse or on our coat lapels?


  6. Wanita says:

    Oh yes, the 60’s ~ I remember them well (I graduated from high school in 1968). We wore dresses or skirts, no slacks allowed. Stretch pants were in for after school. And mini-skirts ~ let just say my parents did not allow mine to be too mini.

    Loved your post Anna.


    I was watching a car auction with my boys and Mr. Delicious tonight–and the 68 Camaro went for around $80,000. Don’t you wish we had kept ours! My family at that time was in to muscle cars. We had so many of the popular ones of those days. My dad and three brothers were keen mechanics and drag raced as a hobby. My dad built a big old garage out behind our house to keep my brothers out of trouble.

    On a sad note, my youngest brother kept his head under the hood of one or another of these cars. I’ve seen him pass-out using either to get a car started. His hands were always in racing fuels. So when he was 55, he died of a brain cancer. I can’t help but think that it was because he always worked around chemicals. You know, his story would make a good chapter in my book. I’m always thinking of stories.

    PS: Are you going out cruisin’ this weekend?


  7. Oh my…ah yes, the 60’s :). I want some of that cherry lanta, is that a test for next year? I love red but don’t plant too much of it, I try to mix some in, this year I went with red nasturtiums, they were so beautiful.

    Have a really cool weekend!
    Kathi 🙂

    Yes, Kathi–that is Luscious Citrus Blend from PW for 2009. It got huge–like 12″ in diameter and 4ft high. It was covered in butterfly loving blooms all summer. The summer blooms had a touch of red in the center with yellow and orange too. But the cooler weather brought on the red. When night time temps reached freezing–all of it died but the part hidden under the potting bench.

    Nasturtiums do so much better up North than down here. I remember growing some when we lived in North Dakota and they did extremely well. Annual Flowering Vinca is our die hard red down here. It’s not unique but it will bloom like crazy.

    My kids are home this weekend and I love it! I wish they could be around all the time. They come often but I’m one of those mom’s who never wanted their kids to leave. I hope you have a cool weekend too and hugs back at cha.


  8. Racquel says:

    What a fun post today Anna! You trip me out with your far out photos & pictures. For sure! lol 😉

    We talked in code back then just like kids do today. It’s more difficult today though. Back in the 60’s, it was mostly about movies and tv shows.


  9. Jan says:

    Boy! Does this bring back memories. Some good and some bad. Cute post.

    Always Growing

    My dad was a raging alcoholic so every day was a mystery in to the atmosphere of the home. But school was normal—you were insecure just like everybody else, worried about how you dressed, wanted to be cool, and so on. I would rather be at school than home. But I wasn’t mistreated at home and in fact, sometimes my dad got real generous when he was drunk. He’d give me $100 and tell me to go find myself a husband—and then he’d laugh like crazy. I did not argue with him. I just took the money and off shopping I went. He had money but when I turned 16–he said goodbye–it was time for me to leave and be on my own. I had seen it comeing so I joined the AF and it was probably best thing for me. I got strong and I got a self-esteem. So, I can’t say it was bad and I can’t say it was good.


  10. linda says:

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane Anna! I loved growing up in the ’60’s.
    My teen years were the mixed up 70’s which was a cross between the tail of the 60’s and the rebellion of the 70’s. We were required to wear dresses to school until half way through my 7th grade year. In fact, I remember an incident where I got in trouble for wearing pants to school. I had them on under a dress because it was bitter cold out. I was going to take them off the minute I got to a bathroom. But this teacher was very strict. So I dropped my pants right there in front of her, God, and everybody. She made me so mad that I didn’t give a hoot who saw my Tuesday undies. Remember—we had undies for every day of the week;)


  11. Phillip says:

    So glad to have you back blogging Anna and great posts.
    I am glad to see you too!


  12. Gardenlife says:

    Hi Anna !
    Thanks so muck for your visit and comment in my blog…
    I like to read about your memories from the 60-70´s
    I´ll be back
    Have a nice weekend

    Glad you came and see you back soon!


  13. Fun! You just GO!
    You are rockin’ it
    Plants in hot pants… You are so great, Anna. I have to say, you are just bursting with creativity, we we just appreciate it!
    You go!

    It was so random! I wrote the title first saying—Temps in the 60’s this week. Then of course, my brain traveled on over to memory lane and then it just fell in place from there. It doesn’t take much to stir my imagination.


  14. Heavens, girl, what brought that on? Cool, though. Definitely in the groove.
    Sometimes I’m just random! You are too;)


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