Crazy Petunias Defy All Odds

I want to show the color around my house. Look at these golds and oranges. All up and down my street it’s just beautiful.

This first picture is those crazy blooming Supertunias Vista Silverberry by Proven Winners. We’ve had two frost and they aren’t even affected. This is the first time I’ve had petunias blooming in November. They have turned a deeper shade of pink than the bright white they displayed all summer. The cold seems to be making this a delight in the fall too.

Some of the Purple Fountain Grass was burnt by the last frost but it is still pretty.

This shows the view at the end of our street. The color is so beautiful.

And now my back yard.  Isn’t it beautiful.

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  1. Anne says:

    Its wonderful to have such lovely surroundings! Out here in CA, having land like that is an almost unattainable luxury… enjoy, and thanks for sharing the beauty!

    It’s almost like two different worlds. CA has its beauty too and so diverse as well. We lived in Lompoc for 3 years. I loved all the flower fields. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.


  2. Cindy says:

    Anna ~ You have a beautiful home and yard. Those petunias are amazing. How nice to still have them looking so good into November!
    It really is amazing. They have the record in my yard. The first frost usually takes all the annulas out at once.


  3. Anna-
    Beautiful yard, house and neighborhood. I know you’ve worked hard to achieve all this- you are blessed!
    Thank you so much. I left the light on for you and don’t let the moths in the house when you step inside.


  4. Wanita says:

    Your pictures are beautiful, Anna. Most of our fall color is gone. The last few days we’ve had beautiful weather in Minnesota. On Monday the temp was 74, and I enjoyed the time I spent outdoors putting my garden to bed for the winter.

    I’m so glad you’re continuing to blog, and I hope you’re feeling better after your bout with the kidney stones.


    Thanks for the well wishes. I really enjoyed your trip to Branson. That pumpkin tree is the best. We do usually have an abundance of color for fall. And it is perfect swing weather. I sit on my porch in a golden glowing atmosphere.


  5. mothernaturesgarden says:

    I like the fall color shot where you captured orange, burgundy, and gold together. After rain is a good time to take photos when the leaf color is even richer.

    You did yourself proud too with all that Autumn color from good old neighboring TN. We have just about the same color schedule. You are just a tad bit ahead. I took some of my best pics today. I can’t wait to get them posted. Besides being my favortie time of year, it makes for fab photo shoots.


  6. Jan says:

    The color around your home is spectacular. I wish we had fall color like you lucky people who live farther north do. As for the petunia, we plant them in the fall and they overwinter for us here. By late May, we must pull them up because the heat is too much for them. You may have your petunias last for a while yet, until the real cold come in.

    Always Growing

    It’s good to see you stop by. I have missed ya. These have lasted because they are a cultivar made for the heat. We had the worst heat on record this summer. It was in the 100’s during spring and stayed in the 90’s must of the summer. Other than a once a day watering and fertilizing regularly, they had no other maintenance. I am sold on this Vista Series. This is a little test to see how much heat and cold they can take. We are suppose to get a snow the end of November. If they survive that, I’m going to have to cut them back. Imagine that–cutting back petunias cause they grew too much.


  7. Racquel says:

    Your backyard is huge! And yes it is very beautiful with all that amazing fall color. I just love it when a plant defys the laws of nature in my garden. Those look like keepers to me. 🙂

    They are on my plant list for next year. I also want Senoirita Rosalita Cleome. I had it in my former garden and must have it again. It bloomed non-stop all summer. I’ll get more of the miniture Lo and Behold Blue Chip Butterfly Bush. It grows to only 4ft. It attracted a ton of butterflies.

    I do have a nice big back yard that is completely empty. It’s a canvas waiting to be painted. I have my shed started. I’m documeting the progress. We are at a stopping point while city inspectors come out and verify the post were put in properly.


  8. greenwalks says:

    Lovely fall colors! My petunias are all gone, not sure why they didn’t survive and yours did. Maybe being massed together helps? Mine were kind of sprinkled in with other stuff.

    Please leave you blog addy in the url space next time so I can visit your blog directly from the comments page and others will link to you from here.

    My Petunias are cultivars from Proven Winners. I buy the Supertunia Vista series. This white is called Silverberry and is their newest color. It’s new for 09. I was or am a plant tester for them. They may or may not choose me again in the spring. Normal petunias will not perform this well. These cost just under $5 each but what you see in the picture is only 3 plants. They grow well over 9ft in diameter or more. I think the tag says 4ft. I quit measuring. They have been through 2 heavy frost and are still kicking. I’m going to fertilize them tomorrow and see if they will stick around till December.


  9. Philip says:

    So beautiful!
    What a paradise.
    The petunias are spectacular and such fall foliage.
    I have to hang my head in shame. I thought we were going to have a measley showing of color. That has happened to us before. But noooo–they heard me say that and proved me wrong. i do love living here. It is a very peaceful neighborhood with lots of folks who have lived there for 30 years or more.


  10. Gail says:


    You have all the fall colors going on in your front and back yards! So lovely and rain, too! Colors just pop after it rains. What will replace the supertunias or will you plant them again? Gail
    Me and you know that is going to be some super bald spot when the focus of the front dies. The PPF and Supertunias are history come the end of November. We are forcasted to get some snow. PPF will be flattened. To answer you—I have no clue.

    There are some small shrubs planted in there but the Supertunia ate them. I’ll have to pull all that out and I might just wait and see. We can plant again in April. Maybe a birdbath with a large rock or two with some pots of mini trees will take up the bald spot until planting season again. I am so pleased with those no worry petunias that I’m going to do that again.


  11. Joy says:

    Anna .. your home looks gorgeous and the area is a beautiful one. The petunias are amazing ! .. I love all the purple fountain grass you have .. nothing like a wonderful grass to make things look super ! and they do girl : )
    The blog is looking great too !
    Thank you Joy. I am nuts about that PPF. It matches my rock. I’ll use more of it next year and add some to my back gardens. It’s Mr. Delicious favorite plant. Now wouldn’t you just know a man would pick the plant that was least expensive and took no work.


  12. nancybond says:

    What spectacular color! And I love your house. Can I have it? 😉

    Yes, you can have it! Come get it! Only one thing….you must decorate the front porch with those beautiful geraniums! I was watching a episode of the House Movers tonight and they got delayed cause of snow. There the house sat on wheels for months. Cost them a bloody fortune. So if you are coming to hitch my house to your bumper…you better get here before you register your first snow.


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