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  1. No, it doesn’t really give me vertigo, but I really like this view of the tree. I think it is probably how the tree wants to be seen, don’t you think? All tall and reaching for the sky…

    Now that you mention it…I think they would rather be viewed like that. My little Copper Top Cottage is located right under that group of trees. I hope they never fall.


  2. Yes…I can’t look at it…sorry :). I’m so happy you’re here! Happy Sunday..you have green trees? we have leafless trees….:)

    I don’t see how you can look at it.

    I hope you had a good trip. I bet you got pictures up. I’ll stop by later. Yes..we have green trees. We’re having a Spring/Autumn. It’s because it has been warmer than normal with rain when it sould have been dry. Lots of cholorphyll stuck in the leaves. But…then right beside those green trees are a few oaks and maples that are at their peak. It makes no sense but does happen in NC every now and then.


  3. Cinj says:

    Hmm, I’m with Donna! I think it would make a wonderful place for a hammock. Plenty of shade to be had there. Just put on your little sleeping mask when you’re outside resting in the fresh air.

    My little cottage/shed is going under that canopy. It will keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter. I do plan on putting a swing on the front porch and that sleeping mask sounds good.


  4. Racquel says:

    It does make me a little woozy. 😉

    Isn’t that the truth. I nearly lost my supper.


  5. I’m dizzy, catch me!

    I did catch you and placed you on my back porch swing. You snored away peacefully.


  6. greenwalks says:

    Hm, maybe if I was at the top looking down…


  7. Gail says:

    a little so I will dash away to lie down! Have a good rest of your weekend, my dear! gail

    It made me really sick. I had to go in and lie down too. I didn’t sleep well at all last night so I did sleep most of the day away. I hope you got a good nap in.


  8. mothernaturesgarden says:

    This is best viewed from a hammock. 🙂

    I got a really bad headache taking pictures of the tree tops. I’m getting ready to post more pics–so you’ll see what is going under those trees.


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