Fennelishous Fotos

When I leave my home for my afternoon walk, my footsteps carry me right to Tanglewood Park and Gardens, Clemmons NC. It was established by the big tobacco industry family, RJ Reynolds. The rose garden is especially entertaining. It had to be fenced in due to the deer munching away. But what attracted me today, was the fennel. Here, we have Bronze fennel.

Do you carry your Fiskars with you everywhere you go. You never know when an opportunity might tempt you. 😉

They were gathered all nicely in a big fat bunch. I wanted to take out my dandy Fiskars and bring some snippets home with me. I don’t think I can blog from jail. So I just looked and sniffed.

The Master Gardener club maintains these gardens. I’m thankful to have it in my neighborhood.

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  1. Mike says:

    Those are fantastic photos. I was looking for some photos about fennel and came across this post. Dill and Fennel look very similar as I have learned. I work for a fennel spice company (pretty new) and have been just gathering more knowledge to better understand it.


  2. Nicole Mayasich says:

    Anna, do you have an email address you could send me I would love to get you some of our tools to use in your many garden adventures! Email me so that we can talk. Thanks:)

    ***Hi Nicole, I’m on my way to email you and thank you. I would love some!!!


  3. I don’t think fennel is that hard to grow from seed. I bet you could grow it somewhere in your own garden, some place that needed a see-through plant. What do you think?

    ** I think I need to find some seeds and give it a go! It’s good to see you today:)


  4. deb says:

    Anna, are you outing yourself as a snipping thief:? Please don’t get arrested over clippings. I’m sure if you ask nice, they will give you cuttings and divisions. Master gardeners are nice like that.

    *** I’ve met some of our master gardeners and you are correct, they are so helpful. The fennel in the pictures are the prize of the butterfly garden and I wouldn’t dream of taking that away. Now sometimes–I do take home a few spent seed heads.


  5. Cinj says:

    LOL. I could just see you sitting behing bars with a handful of plants. Too funny. I sure wish I had a nice garden around here to walk through. I guess I’ll just have to make my yard look like a garden so I’m not so jealous.

    ** I do feel lucky and blessed. It’s such a pretty place. If we aren’t walking then we bike. Deer are every where and so use to seeing people that they act like you aren’t around.


  6. Wow! I thought that was dill when I first saw it 🙂

    *****Me too!


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