From The Toilet To The Tank

North Carolina is happy to tell you that even our waste is going to good use. At the request of the General Assembly, the Biotechnology Center, the N.C. Rural Economic Devel-opment Center, N.C. A&T State University, N.C. State University and the N.C. Department of Revenue teamed up to draft a strategy for biofuels that was presented to the legislature.

NC wants to be a leader in biofuels technology and is teaming with local community colleges to grow jobs and meet the needs for future demands in these areas.

The Biotechnology Center opened offices in Asheville, Winston-Salem, Charlotte, Greenville and Wilmington. “We will over time transform the economic, virtual and actual landscape of this state with biotechnology,” Burke says. “Changes will be profound. Gain will be great, and so will job creation.” —-quoted from here

Possibly in the near future, your trip to the toilet will be your price reduction at the pump. Waste is a fuel source for algae and much research is being done on algae as an alternative fuel source.

An area the size of Maryland could produce enough renewable fuel source to fuel the entire country. Algae reproduces rapidly under the right conditions. The oil produced by algae is up to 30 times greater than that of terrestrial plants.

A new Jet fuel has just passed the standards for production and is expected out in the near future. According to some sources, refining the algae to a usable fuel source for gas or diesel engines is about the price of oil at $50 a barrel.

Help is on the way and NC is leading the pack.


NC Biotechnology Center

Wiki Algae Fuel Article

Of interest:

Biodiesel Plant Goes Online

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  1. TC says:

    Hmmm. Very interesting. Maybe I should put in an outhouse.

    *** welcome!! It’s good to see you here. While you are at it—trap the gas and heat your home!


  2. Gail says:


    I am telling you that you need to be paid by NC…You are their best friend!
    Isn’t it fun to find out this kind of information…I want to know about my water and I love learning new ‘stuff’! Gail


  3. deb says:

    Very interesting stuff.


  4. Good Evening Anna!

    I have missed you terribly! Thank you for your hugs, I couldn’t go to bed this evening without stopping by to see how far behind I am in my reading of your wonderful works.
    Goodness, where do I start I thought, I decided here.

    Waste into fuel…that’s amazing! I’m sure the oil industry has been trying to stop that advancement for some time. Very interesting!

    Kathi 🙂


  5. Wanita says:

    Interesting information, Anna. I’ve heard about using algea for fuel. It will be interesting to see what happens.

    Thanks for your comment about my header and about the zinnias. I planted Envy zinnias a few years ago and have been trying to remember the name (they are green, right). I’ll have to write that in my gardening journal so I remember for next year.

    Blesings to you, my friend.


  6. Cinj says:

    You always find the most interesting information. Wouldn’t that be great if we could reuse our waste to provide more energy? So does the algae breaks down the waste too? We could be killing two birds with one stone there!


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