Raindrops on a Garden Bloggers Bloom Day

Carol at May Dreams Garden is having the much anticipated Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. I’ve been getting settled in my new home since April and haven’t felt back to myself until this week. Thank you Carol. I’m a bit late due to winds and rain but here they are—-The Garden Bloggers Bloom Day family of flowers.

Proven Winners Let’s Dance™ Starlight
Hydrangea macrophylla
Bigleaf Hydrangea

This plant is finally starting to take off in my garden. This is my first bloom!

Proven Winners Luscious™ Citrus Blend™

Lantana camara

This lantana grew to gigantic proportions! It is at least 7ft all around.

Southern Wax Myrtle, evergreen—the female produces berries for the birds to enjoy. It will reach to 20 ft. The leaves smell wonderful. The berries are used to make bayberry candles. I’m going to give that a try. The leaves can be boiled or crushed to add a nice clean scent to your home.

I just planted these about two weeks ago. They are Spring stock that didn’t sell. The original price was $169! I got them for $50. It pays to know what your plants will do as these looked badly when I got them but I knew they would live. They are tough.

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  1. Racquel says:

    Your rainy day blooms look great Anna. Your garden looks very established for being so new. You’ve done a great job of filling it with wonderful proven winners. 🙂 “Let’s Dance” looks like another beautiful Hydrangea.

    ** Thank you and now if the back was finished. I used to think I had to get it all done quickly but that comes from all my years of moving with the military. We would only have 1 and only twice 4 years at one duty assignment. Sometimes I didn’t have a full season. I’m here forever hopefully so I can slow the train down just a bit.


  2. Robin says:

    Your flower gardens are looking so pretty. I always love rainy day pictures!

    ** I think it was you that suggested once to take your camera out duriing the rain with an umbrella and snap away. Did you do a post on it? I took these peeking out doors and porches.


  3. joey says:

    Pat yourself on the back, Anna. Your garden looks lovely 😉

    ****I am really happy with it considering it’s only a couple of months old. It’s been hard work as all gardeners know.


  4. Anna, I so enjoyed my visit to your rainy day house. Thank you for allowing me to stop by. I enjoyed the sweet tea, and I want you to know I love that early photo of Lantana with the rain drenched windows in back.~~Dee

    *** I am so glad you noticed. I was first discouraged when it was raining today. I was actually going to get a post off for GBBD for once. But after I got to peeking out the doors and porches–it turned out pretty good.

    So you drank all the tea—well, there’s more now!


  5. Cinj says:

    My hydrangea is finally producing blooms too. Do they usually start blooming this late in the summer? I planted mine last year from the nursery so it may have been forced early. Most of the buds and blooms are turning pink.

    I don’t have the energy to make new container arrangements for fall. I just pulled most of the plants out of my pots and planted them in the ground in a new garden area.

    You have to love a great deal at the garden center, don’t you? I made the mistake of stopping by a garden center in Tomahawk today, they had some plants I really had to think hard about. I saw all of these great herbs I wanted to plant in a new herb garden at discounted prices. I walked away with nothing, but it sure was hard! I was SO tempted.

    ** My hydrangeas at my former home bloomed at different times depending on the variety. Most hydrangeas take a few years before they truly measure up to expectations.

    I don’t even go to the nursery unless I have money. I know there will always be something I want.


  6. gail says:

    I am glad you are settling in; your garden looks marvelous. It’s hard to believe it is a new garden. I do wish I could grow these wonderful Hydrangeas. Could you pass on to the Proven Winners folks that we middle Tennesseans want something that can take drought and look beautiful and that when the drought disappears it can take the wet gooey clay soil! I don’t think that is too much, do you;-)

    ** Simply–NO!, sorry Gail, keep digging and amending. If I had to do it to my soil then you do too. My husband put something like 15 loads of leaf mulch in those beds. I do feel your pain though. The clay soil bakes and drowns just like you know. People who have nice friendly soil go nuts when they first move here.


  7. Paintlady (Rita) says:

    It was a joy to see the rainfall in your area. Things are looking very nice in your yard. I love the fall decor! Tis the season.

    ** It’s good to have you stop by again. I was thankful for the rain as it was about to be a dust bowl around here. My new grass gave up a long time agon.


  8. Cindy says:

    The potting bench picture is my fave … clever girl to think of taking its picture!

    ***Thank you, I was wondering how it would look when I got it to my puter. Isn’t it fun when you get something unexpected like that. I do look through my camera and try to find something unique. I’m glad you noticed!


  9. Wanita says:

    Your garden is looking lovely, as always. I like the new fall arrangements with the pansies. I’m looking forward to doing some arrangements soon.

    ** I wish I was there to help you. I love to spend other people’s money especially on flowers. I put in some Coral Bells too but it’s too rainy to take those pics.


  10. It’s nice to have rain in the garden after planting, it makes the plants settle in and get comfortable in their new homes. Considering you’ve only been planting since April, you have a lot in your garden so far!

    Thanks for joining in for bloom day. It is indeed a rain or shine event!

    ***Thank you and it’s been a lot of hard work. It’s a good thing I love it and it’s not so much a chore as a joy. We’ve had an awfully dry summer so it is very good to see the rain.


  11. ‘Let’s Dance’ Hydrangea looks more like a lacecap than a mophead. I like the look of lacecaps better these days. Those Pansies are so pretty! I wish I could find nice Pansies like those around here, but the pickings have been slim.

    *** I think I’ve seen it described as a lacecap. In fact, I thought it was. I took the title right from the PW certified site. I can’t wait to get the Incrediball by PW. It’s like an Annabelle on steroids.


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