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  1. Cynthia says:

    It is just magical. If only it could talk…

    ** Sometimes it does but not with words.


  2. Nancy Bond says:

    Yup, that’s a tree that just begs to be climbed! The moss is amazing…so moody.
    *** Definitely Moody! Calming or scary if there is a storm coming. Scary too if it’s in a graveyard.


  3. deb says:

    That is one cool tree.

    ** I wanted to climb it so badly;)


  4. joey says:

    Awesome live oaks … each a God given gift and lesson in life. We live so short upon this earth but the Oak, in beauty and strength, teaches us to be strong. A beautiful post and photos, dear Anna.

    *** Gosh, I love what you said about the Oak! True, they are reminders of life going on strong and proud. Thanks for stopping by and I was hoping you would. Your blog was one of the first I visited when I started blogging. I will never forget how beautiful the pictures and so delicious the recipes.

    You are always in my prayers as you go through this time and your sister’s struggles.


  5. I am always in awe at the sight of a beautiful old oak tree, the addition of spanish moss makes it even better. It’s beautiful Anna!

    ** It was a fairytale setting for sure. They had quite a few big oaks that looked just as old.


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