Wilmington, NC Homes That Stood The Test Of Time, Page 1

Historic Wilmington Part 3

Homes That Stood The Test Of Time, Page 1

As I stated in Part 1 of this series on Wilmington, NC—The National Trust for Historic Preservation has named the historic district of Wilmington as America’s Dozen Distinctive Destinations for 2008. It is easy to see why such an honor was bestowed on this town. In the early 1960s, a group of locals got together and formed the Historic Wilmington Foundation. You can read the story from the

Star News Online

The Wilmington Magazine

According to the article from the Star News, the foundation is making great progress in helping those who purchase and renovate these pieces of history. The article also states that 375 homes currently have historical markers. Plans are being made to acquire additional properties. This is a serious matter to those who see the importance of preservation. Some have gone as far as to move the homes to a different location rather than see them torn down. From what I observed, it is one of the largest collection of homes built prior to the 1900s. I was amazed and thrilled to see block after block of beautifully preserved homes both inside and out. The gardens were just as inviting as the charm and character of the structure.

Please join me for a tour of the homes I selected from my walk through history. I applaud the efforts of those families and individuals who make is possible for us to enjoy and appreciate the families who first made North Carolina what it is today.

See the rest at my Mobileme Gallery under Wilmington 1 and 2

3 Comments Add yours

  1. cindee11461 says:

    I really enjoyed the tour. I would love to live in any of those houses. They are so beautiful. The gingerbread is just so pretty and it makes those houses so unique. Thanks for sharing!

    *** I almost built a one story farm house cottage type. That’s mouth full! But I decided on craftsman cottage instead. The biggest reason was because all of my furniture is tans, greens, earth tones. It goes better with the craftsman style. But I do love those Victorian cottages.


  2. The Wilmington Chamber of Commerce ought to hire you! You sure make the town look awfully appealing, Great photos.
    ** Thank you Judy. I’m taking a break from the series to get caught up on reading blogs I love. We’re getting glorious rain and I’m taking the time to read up on everyone. I just love a rainy day. We were going to stay in Wilmington another day but I missed home so much–that we came back a day early.

    The National Trust for Historic Preservation listed my blog as a good read. I was pleased they noticed. I’m getting a good amount of viewers and hopefully that will up the interest for Wilmington. They’ve worked so hard and freely share the beauty for all.

    Your recent post and recipe advice was timely for the tomato and other vege crops coming in. You have the best resources.


  3. Cherry says:

    Anna I loved my walk this morning through the old homes it’s so much fun seeing all that beauty and still being in my pj’s : )

    I was thinking of sharing Savannah’s beauty like this through the winter months.. After enjoy your post so much I will have to do it..
    Thanks for sharing, Cherry

    *** Yes Cherry people do love to see this sort of thing. You should post about Savannah because I’ve never been there. I want to see it too. I’m trying to get caught up today. I still have 4 post left on Wilmington and a bunch of other articles to write for Proven Winners. I got my Fall Magic PW plants in the mail today—woo hoo! They are grand.

    It’s been raining here for at least two days and what a difference it has made. I knew you have more rain than you know what to do with but we needed it so badly.

    Thanks for coming by today.


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