The Captain Cameron House, Wilmington, NC

Wilmington Part 2

1790 House of the Cape Fear River Captain Cameron. This home was located across the street and moved to its present location. It is rare to see one of the old homes sitting off by itself. Most line the streets a block North of this location. It is a beautiful property and has well maintained formal gardens. I’m sure they enjoy the summer breezes. As I walked the streets further up the hill away from the river, the breezes were fewer and the air was steamy. The home was moved in 1973 by the current owners.

That is a pitiful view isn’t it?

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  1. PGL says:

    What a gorgeous house & garden. Thanks for sharing this historic landmark today.

    *** I should be a NC tour guide;) I would have a blast talking non stop and touring the NC countryside. But then I’d really miss my hubby and would have to come home. I really do love my hubby more than NC:)


  2. My ideal dream garden has a brick wall and iron gate. Lovely post!

    ** I’m glad you enjoyed it. I am excited about showing the rest of my trip but I’m trying to get caught up on reading blogs first.


  3. linda says:

    What a beautiful home and gardens Anna! Thanks for sharing your visit. How lucky the owners are to own a home with such history. It’s still amazing to me that they can actually move a house like that.

    *** I’m just resizing more pictures to post. In three days, I took over 700 pictures. Everywhere I turned, there was a good shot of something. I couldn’t resist.


  4. Anna,
    You are making me fall in love with NC! I will visit you one day, I can feel it in my bones.

    *** Yes, you must come! The coastal town I was visiting is 250 miles east of my home. I’m inland where it is more safe from hurricanes and lots cooler. If you come, I don’t know where to take you first–the mountains or the sea! Have you ever seen our Outer Banks? We have so much diversity in climates and growing conditions. But you come on cause one thing the whole area has in common is good food!


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