A Fluttering Of Activity At The End Of The Path

See the sun garden beyond the cool and quiet path? There is a surprise waiting.

It’s a fluttering of activity!

Tanglewood Gardens, NC

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  1. Philip says:

    ooh. I have missed a lot of great posts of yours. it has been great reading them!
    Best Regards,

    **** I missed you too. I saw you run by. Maybe next time you’ll stop to swing on the porch.


  2. Beautiful swallowtails Anna :). I bet you have a lot of different varieties of butterflies, I’d love to see what different kinds you have! 🙂

    ** This seems to be a good year for butterflies. There is probably an explanation but not sure what it is. I need to ask some old timers. They know everything.


  3. cindee11461 says:

    What great pictures. I thought I saw a spiderweb in the first picture(-: Thanks for sharing!

    ** Good eye Cindee, that spiderweb is in the children’s garden with all the butterfly bushes.


  4. Gail says:

    Excellent Anna! You pulled me in!

    ** Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed the path and surprise at the end. It was a surprise to me too.


  5. joey says:

    I loved this post, Anna. A garden should be filled with surprises. Beautiful photos … keep that camera near. You have a great eye!

    ** Thank you. It was so quiet that day in these gardens. I was snapping away and the critters didn’t even notice.


  6. I liked that Anna!

    *** Thank you very much!


  7. Cynthia says:

    It never ceases to amaze me just how much the butterflies love the buddleia! I have noticed some of the trees around where I live are beginning to show their fall colors. It seems too soon to me!

    *** I wonder if that means it will be a bad winter. Every year I say that and then it turns off warm. I need to quit guessing.


  8. PGL says:

    Wonderful butterfly photos Anna. They really love Butterfly Bush.
    ** I hope to have more butterfly bushes next year. I’m going to get that little Lo and Behold Blue Chip cause it stays so small.


  9. Cinj says:

    Love those butterflies. I hope more butterflies discover my hidden haven next year, we didn’t have many around here this year. I’m going to get some butterfly houses built soon too. I’ve got a lot planned for this year yet.

    *** You are the busiest person I know. I think butterfly houes are so delicate and soft in a garden. There is something very inviting about them.


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