Lo and Behold Blue Chip Buddleia 2009

Lo and Behold Blue Chip Buddleia by Proven Winners is everything and more. The first dwarf buddleia on the market.  Since the day Lo and Behold arrived at my door back in April, it hasn’t stopped blooming. It was located in an area that received too much shade when I first planted it. Since moving it, it has gone bloom crazy. I would say it’s a fast grower and gives many rewards with very little care. It really likes a good full day of sun to cover itself with blooms. The blooms are a pretty powdery blue.

We just had 4 days of glorious rain that was desperately needed. Yesterday, the clouds parted and the sun came out for about 6 hours. I can’t describe what that did for my plants so I’ll just show you. Nothing like rain to perk things up.

Maybe the best part about this plant is that the mature height is only 3 feet. This makes it great for container planting.

Lo & Behold™ ‘Blue Chip’ buddleia is the first ever miniature butterfly bush to be introduced. This plant has it all:

• Loads of fragrant, long lasting blooms
• Easy to grow, low maintenance culture
• A tidy, attractive habit
• Heat, cold, frost and drought adaptability
• Deer resistant

USDA Zone 5-9

Miniature only reaching 24 to 36 inches tall and 30 inches wide

Best in full sun

Moist, well-drained, fertile soil. Will tolerant drought once established.

It’s great for perennial gardens and the growing container garden market. Lo & Behold™ ‘Blue Chip’ also makes a fantastic mass planting.

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  1. Joy schultz says:

    I live in zone 4, northearstern WI. I have a Lo and Behold Blue Chip Buddleia which is planted in an area that gets only about 4-5 hours of sun. It has come back for two winters now, but is a very slow starter. It gets to a hieght of about 18 inches, but has spread to a three foot circle. It blooms with many flowers and is very pretty, but not unitl late summer. It is planted close to the house which offers winter protection. Do You think I can move it out away from the house in a spot that gets full sun or will the winter then kill my plant?
    It’s not zoned for your area so I would bet it would not come back in an unprotected spot. The only thing you could do if you wanted to move it—-put it in a big pot and bring it in to the garage/heated for the winter. Mine got so big that I’m going to cut it back this year. It does seem to bloom more and earlier if you fertilize it once a month. I hope you don’t lose it cause they are hard to find.


  2. cindee11461 says:

    That is a pretty colored butterfly(-: I hope you have a great Weekend!!!
    *** Right back at cha!!


  3. Wanita says:

    The buddleia is so pretty ~ wish it could grow in zone 4. And that picture of the butterfly is gorgeous! We had rain night before last, about two inches, and we really needed it. You are right ~ there is nothing like rain to perk up the garden. Have a great weekend.

    * I hope you have a great weekend too. I’m going to catch up on weeding.


  4. Cynthia says:

    A dwarf buddleia?! I think I just found my newest plant for my container garden that I have taking over my deck! This just got bumped up to number 1 on my garden wish list!

    ** I think it’s going to be perfect for contianers. Most of the time when I read about a shrub that blooms all summer, I have found it to be false. But I’ve grown this one myself and have lots of pictures to back it up. I’ll keep you posted right up to frost.


  5. Great photo of the butterfly — a natural for buddleia. It’s a shurb I love. I always feel sad that buddleias have been banned in some places as invasive.

    *** What a delight to see you posting on my blog today. I didn’t know buddleias had been banned in some areas but can understand why.


  6. gail says:

    The gossamer winged butterfly is splendid! It is beautifully photographed on his buddleia perch! Nice shrub!
    *** Thank you! I should have waited till the sun was at a better angle for the photo but the butterfly wouldn’t wait.


  7. PGL says:

    I love the dwarf stature of this Butterfly Bush. Very nice color too.

    ** She just keeps getting better and better for me since I moved it to a sunnier spot.


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