Sunshine Blue Caryopteris or Bluebeard if you prefer!

I really miss my former gardens. I had worked so hard to make them lush and healthy. One of the plants I miss most is Sunshine Blue Caryopteris by Proven Winners. I had it planted with Lorapedalums and the contrast was a show stopper.  Hardy to zone 5  with an estimated height of 3 feet

It does spread by layering and will sprout a healthy new set of branches along side the old in Spring. So you must trim it to the ground after first frost if you don’t want it to spread everywhere. I would like Petit Bleu, a smaller version by Proven Winners also. Petit Bleu has darker leaves and flowers. The Sunshine Blue has amethyst blue flowers as you can see from my gardens.

Mostly, I miss this contrast. It just pops no matter where you put it in the garden. I have only one in my new garden and just planted it a couple of weeks ago. It is already making everything around it look better. If you have a spot for this plant, I highly recommend you give it a try.

This is my favorite picture of the Sunshine Blue. In the back ground is a Chaste Lilac tree. They were a fitting pair and both long bloomers. I so badly want my new gardens to look like my former friends. I miss them!

If you would like to see more of my former gardens, there is a link under my recent post section. I have a photo album uploaded with those pictures.

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  1. Anna, it is a wonderful plant, and you’re right. It makes everything around it look good. Thanks for such a wonderful profile. I think you should add a couple more to your new gardens. Remember, we love things in threes. Rock on, garden friend.~~Dee

    *** Let’s do 5’s and 7’s. More More!! I ask for three but only got one. Since the stores are out of them, I got to wait. I do follow the uneven number rule and mass plantings of the same color. You know Dee, I’m just getting geared up at my new house. This summer was a quick fix till I could think it though to better see where the sun is.


  2. Dave says:

    I like the caryopteris also. We have four of the ‘Longwood Blue’ shrub. Your garden looked great I can see why you miss it!
    ** It’s so good to see you come by. I know it’s been crazy for you since school started. I have one little lonely Shineshine Blue right now but I know it’s going to be grand soon. Thank goodness they grow fast.


  3. Philip says:

    Your gardens are so romantic and dreamy. You have an assured touch with contrast and color. You pick such delicious plants. I can well understand why you miss them.
    I loved looking at these images of your garden and your plants by proven winners. I love the arbor, too. That is just perfect.
    Best regards,

    *** Thank you! it was a labor of love.


  4. Kathleen says:

    Your old gardens were lovely Anna. I can see why you would miss them. I second the wonderfulness of caryopteris, although I haven’t tried your sunshine variety. Mine is ‘Blue Mist’ which happens to be blooming at the moment. yay! I enjoy the blooms from afar tho because the shrubs are laden with bees of every kind!
    *** Thank you! I hope to see blue blooms on my caryopteris next year! It grows so nicely with other plants and if you have some tall plants to mix in with it–well all the better. They will grow up and between the Bluebeard branhes making the whole thing a magical moment.


  5. What a gorgeous plant. I love the blue flowers with them lemon-lime foliage. I will have to put that on my plants to consider adding list. I’m sure your new gardens will be come a great comfort to you as time goes by and they become more established. 🙂
    *** Comfort is a good way to describe what gardening does for me. I feel like I’m surrounded by love and kindness when there are blooms, textures, and life. I do hope you get the Sunshine Blue. It makes everything perk up and pay attention. Gives a freshness to the garden.


  6. linda says:

    Hi Anna, we have some bluebeard at the nursery, and I’ve been considering getting one. I’m hoping the annual 2/1 sale will be coming up soon, and am holding out for it, hoping my picks don’t disappear first! I’m not sure of the variety we have, but it’s got darker foliage and blooms than yours. I like the bright green of your Sunshine Blue. Any plant with blue flowers seems to call my name! Thanks for the informative post.
    ** You are welcome. I think you might have the Petit Bleu if the leaves are darker. It is the most popular seller but I prefer the bright green of Sunshine Blue. The contrast really stands out. It will spread a good bit and I know mine was 4 or 5 feet all the way around. It advertises to 3 feet.

    In the spring, I had to dig out all the new growth. Tradmark laws will not allow me to share those freebies or multiply them. So they go to the compost bin to help others out. PA Smith has Sunshine on his Top Pick list. Hope you get one. I did have about 10. I cut mine back quite a bit after the first frost. I noticed they didn’t bloom as much the second year if I let them go.


  7. Wanita says:

    Good morning, Anna. I can imagine how hard it was to leave your “old” garden behind. I didn’t even leave such a beautiful garden behind when we moved, and I’m impatient for my gardens to look lush and gorgeous. I still have a long way to go.

    Your new gardens are looking really pretty, and I know you’ll have the gardens you dream of.

    Thanks for your kind words on my post from yesterday. Sounds like you know all about moving.

    ** I enjoyed reading about your move and commitment to being a missionary. It’s fun to find out what your friends do.


  8. gail says:

    One of my favorite little shrubby plants! I love to rub the leaf and smell it’s strong fragrance, even the Chaste tree has a good ‘smell’ when brushed against! It’s too wet in winter for these guys but I wish I could have them!
    *** I can understand it being too wet for a Chaste because the one I had grew on a very dry hill, hot sun, and it blooms its brains out almost all summer. There is a petite variety I would like for my front garden. I think the purple blooms would look good with my stone. I just couldn’t have something massive growing in that area.

    I loved your recent post on where do our names come from. That was very clever and sure brought a lot of good folks together.


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