Garlic Chives Allium schoenoprasum

When you arrive at Tanglewood Park, just follow your nose to a wonderfully soft violet scent. You are looking everywhere for some specimen in the  Liliaceae family that is causing such an uproar in the Bee and Butterfly world. Butterflies and Bees are breaking world records and passing vehicles traveling 50 mph to fight over this delightful attraction. So what is it? Where is it? It’s everywhere at the Tanglewood Park and Gardens maintained by the Master Gardeners of Forsyth County, North Carolina.

Bees and Butterflies can’t read so I read it for them. They were waiting on my arrival so I could tell them it was Garlic Chives or Allium schoenoprasum.

I don’t know who all was there but the Bees and Butterflies aren’t the only fans of the Garlic Chive pollen extravaganza. Some of these guys showed up and acted all cool with their high styling attitude and model like bodies. No one knew their names but we were all  mesmerized by them. If you know who they are, would you tell us?

The Bird Girl has caught word of the Garlic Chive event and moved here from the Telfair Museum in Savannah. She’s tired of being known as the Bird Girl from Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. She wants to be know as The Garlic Girl with the Tilted Head from Tanglewood. Instead of her hands holding plates of birdseed, she would prefer to hold plates of delicious Garlic Chives. She would like you to know they smell just like sweet violets and not garlic or chives. It was part of her decision to move here.

The Garlic Girl with the Tilted Head from Tanglewood as she is referred to from here out as T.G.G.W.T.T.H.F.T looks out over more Garlic Chives nestled along side Supertunias from Proven Winners. She wishes Garlic Chives was a Proven Winners cultivar. It would be known as the TGGWTTHFT Chive cultivar. There would be a catchy tune to go along with it.

More of the Chives;)

If you like one of them then why not hundreds of them.

She hasn’t slept since she’s been here. No one knows when she arrived or how long she’s been standing there. It looked like long enough for berries to make it through the digestive system of many bird species.

I wanted to dive head first into this maddening arrest to my oil-factory glands but massive Bee stings rocked my nerve endings to reality.

This is not your mother’s garlic. It’s hardy in zone 3-9 and likes dry well drained soil. Snip the blooms if you don’t want this many cause it reseeds! Divide the bulbs if you do want many to a lot. Gets about 2 feet tall but requires no shoes. Blooms in August and September. Full Sun and Rock and Roll.

Here is what Wikipedia has to say about it! Turns out it’s good for cooking and making Chinese pancakes. Will waffles do?

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  1. Say it isn’t sooooo! The bird girl has left Savannah? :0…I hope the garlic girl is her sister!

    Beautiful pictures, I can never get enough of Tanglewood Park 🙂
    *** I was over there again and Garlic Girl is still standing there!! I think she is here to stay. Thank you about the pictures.


  2. plantgirl says:

    Wow I have got to get my hands on some of those garlic chives. Love your pictures!!


  3. Barbee' says:

    Your post is beautiful!
    Your handsome mystery bugs are Ailanthus Webworm Moth (Atteva punctella). I just published a short post that included them: Creepy Crawlies

    *** Barbee–this just popped up in my reply line. Looks like you posted them awhile ago. I have no clue what the hold up was—but thank you for the answer. I’ll check out your post.


  4. Beautiful gardens. I love the garlic chives, very pretty blooms.

    *** I want some for next year. They were pretty blooms but the scents were the best.


  5. Cherry says:

    What fun to find our Bird girl here with you Miss Anna

    Not sure that I agree with her name change.. lol

    Guess it will be ok for a little while .. if only everyone could have seen her in her original home in Bonaventure Cemetery it is a beautiful place.

    Once the movie was out she was receiving so many visitors they moved her to the Telfair to keep her safe.

    Thank you for sharing

    *** Aww..I didn’t know you’d miss here so much. She’s really popular around here too. Every gardens store has several for sale. I had read the story about her being moved to a museum.


  6. joey says:

    ‘Open House’ … thanks, dear Anna. Give me a head count!
    *** That would be grand!!! Some people in my family have two heads so I’ll not count both of them;) Just kidding, we’re a crazy bunch though—wouldn’t that be so wonderful!!–a get together!.


  7. cindee11461 says:

    The garlic chives are pretty. I have some form of them growing in my garden. I never eat them though. I just let them spread their love around.(-:
    I have a question about sweet potato vines. I have three in a pot and they are so pretty. I just wondered if there was a way to over winter them?
    *** Is your Garlic Chive blooming now? They are so pretty. I wonder if all the varieties smell like violets?

    I don’t grow sweet potato vine( ornamental) anymore, because the japenese beetles love them. I got tired of the battle and use of seven. But when I did, I just dug them up—the tubers—and stored them loosely in a dry place like the basement. They need to be kept above freezing and below 50 degrees best I can remember. Mine probably got above 50 degrees but were OK. Then in the spring when night time temps stay above 50—plant them and the whole cycle starts again.


  8. joey says:

    Great post, Anna. Thought I was the only person enjoying garlic chives in the garden (so simple, I never thought to photograph). Your eye for nature and life never ceases to amaze me!
    ** That is a grand complement and thank you so much for it. Let’s rent On Golden Pond and you cook! We’ll sit on that screened porch we both love and gossip about life and flowers. Let’s invite everyone! I want a little of everything on your menu!! If ya’ll haven’t been over to joey’s —then please do! She has the most delicious recipes on the planet. You got to see her presentation of the recipes. It is a work of art.


  9. Anna, I know that statue. Girl, I read that book. So glad she’s moved and changed her name. She deserved the move. Garlic chives are beautiful, and their blossoms smell great. When you crush them, you can deter small and larger fuzzy animals from eating your garden. However, in my garden, they reseed rampantly. Rampantly! I’ll never get rid of them.~~Dee
    *** Dee that is great advice about crushing the blossoms to deter others from eating the good stuff. They smelled so great that I’m thinking of getting some for my back gardens. I don’t think the reseeding will bother me too much. Course, haven’t been down that road yet.

    I’ll report back on how Garlic Girl is doing in the near future. She should stay–it will be better for her reputation.


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