A Craftsman Front Door With An Autumn Wreath–and more!

This is a Craftsman Mission style door with a prarie 9 lite grid. The door is mahogany wood. The fall wreath is a collection of quality silks in all the fall colors.

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  1. Joy says:

    Anna .. it has taken me this long to get to your blog .. I just came in from 3 hours in the garden shifting plants about and I still have so much more to get done it is overwhelming.
    BUT a HUGE WOW ! to your wonderful decorations .. it has put me in the “Autumn Frame of Mind” and I’m loving it .. it all looks so pretty .. my favorite is that gorgeous plate with the pumpkin and house on the hill motif .. I have seen that style of art before and it grabs my attention .. I love rustic folk art in that season setting ..
    The candle light is enchanting .. I can almost smell cinnamon and pumkin pie .. and apple pie .. I guess my senses are spice and pie occupied ? LOL
    Beautiful decorations .. I have to start thinking soon !!
    Joy : )

    *** Thank you Joy! We like a lot of the same things and both of us have a combo of it in our houses. I have some antiques too that have been handed down over the generations.

    Sounds like you got some of your projects done. You wanted to move some things around. I bet you moved that Russian Sage. I bet you propped up the Little Lamb also. I’m so thrilled with my new hydrangeas–they are growing so well. I’m going to take a picture today of my Butterfly bush called Lo and Behold. It’s so pretty. Well have fun and I’ll be by your blog later to see what you accomplished. Post pics!


  2. cindee11461 says:

    You have been working hard!!! Everything is in the Fall Spirit(-: Unlike my house.(-: I am not ready yet.
    I love your wreath(-: That is a huge wreath and its so pretty!!!! Did you make it? The little logs and axes are really cute too(-:

    *** I’m glad you like that wreath cause it’s a story actually. I did make it and it’s a work in progress. I’ve had it about 10 years and boy did it look wimpy when I first started it. I was given some good advice by a very crafty lady. She had a beautiful arrangement in her house and I ask about it. She said the same as I’m telling you—she had forever and her secret to its beauty was in the quality. Every year she bought something to go in it. She didn’t worry about the cost cause she was only buying one thing. After 20 years, she had a very nice arrangement.

    So that wreath is always being added to. I’ll buy a pretty silk and stick it in there somewhere every year. I also buy sunflowers every year and I’ve got a pretty good collection to work with now.

    That reminds me that it’s almost time to go get my afghans. I go to an outlet every fall up in Bat Cave, NC. It’s a outlet from the weavers at Manual Woodworkers. If you are patient, and willing to sift through mounds and mounds of not so perfect merchandise—then you can find some treasures. I’ve got lots of afghans so everyone can have their own for porch sitting in the fall or lazy afternoons by the fire. They cost me anywhere from $10 to $5 and I can’t find the flaw. It might be one missing thread but who cares cause you can’t see it. I also get placemats, table runners, rugs, and other woven stuff from them too. They just recently expanded their line to some ceramic stuff. I need to go soon and see what they got.


  3. Cinj says:

    I’m with Deb. My decor is football cleats, stuffed animals, artist sets and notebooks, video games, and an assortment of sport balls. I don’t dare get some of my “good” stuff out because so many things have already been broken by rocous kids/animals.

    You home is lovely though. I don’t dare show closeups of my fake greenery, you’d probably see an inch thick layer of dust on them! One day I may have the time to clean them, but until then I’ll just show shots from a distance!
    ** Well I do remember those days fondly. Kids at home and running around making a mess and a lot of racket. I loved it. My kids will be in town this weekend. We have two birthdays this month and we’re going to do some celebrating. My dil, likes it when I decorate for stuff. It’s so nice to have girl around who notices things. I just love her to pieces. So I will have my whole family here and that make me feel wonderful.


  4. Your fall decorations look lovely Anna. I love your craftsman front door. You have a beautiful home. Thanks for sharing.
    ** Thanks for stopping by—next time I’ll some cider for us.


  5. deb says:

    Everything looks very pretty. My home is currently decorated in prepubescent clutter.
    ** I miss those days! Really, I do. My kids are grown and off on their own and I miss them. I miss the soccer shoes laying everywhere and a pile of laundry waiting to be done cause I’m out busy hauling kids around. I wouldn’t wish anything else for you right now!! Perfect!


  6. joey says:

    Thank you for inviting us into your ‘beautiful’ and warm home, Anna … a reflection of your ‘beautiful’ creative self.
    ** Thank you!! Everybody up North is going to be on me for posting pics of Autumn decorating already.


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