Bunny Gossip

Did you hear the latest? We’re suppose to be able to jump 15 feet and run at 15 mph. We’re also nocturnal and very territorial. We’re not even suppose to like each other unless we’re dating. We like forest, swamps, thickets, bushes—who would have known? Are they talking like normal Eastern Cottontails or those of us made in factories? I just don’t see how we are going to jump some 15 feet? Who is making this stuff up?

Well, we won’t worry about too much right now….our picture is being taken and soon they’ll want our autographs. After all, we don’t reproduce out in the open like most in our family. What I really want to know is if turtles can spit that far and for that long. That one over there has been at it all day.

They were all in the water until that man showed up and started talking to them. He’s telling them about other ponds he’s seen and visited. That’s just rude to fill them with hope like that.

She’s a gardening bunny. She’s trying to explain to the little yellow bird that those blue eggs belong to another bird.

These two are best friends. One is dirty and the other clean. We’ve never seen them fight about it though. We have noticed they eat a lot. I bet there have been 100 or more different plants on that table just today.

If you want to see more bunnies and fun stuff—-take a look at The Last Straw in Blowing Rock, NC.

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  1. Cindy says:

    Oh Anna, you know I love the bunnies! I must say I think I am especially drawn to the gardening bunny. She looks quite wise.

    *** You know she was the most gracious of the gang. I’m going back up there in September—and she says she’ll probably still be there if I need her wisdom in my garden….and I just might!


  2. eve says:

    Well, that little journey through bunny land just made me grin from ear to ear. I love the water feature. One of these days….: )

    *** I’ve been wanting a water feature for centuries. My grandma had one in her backyard and it was the coolest place on earth. It had cute little gold fish swimming around in it. Those bunnies that day were very talkative!


  3. Nancy Bond says:

    The bunnies are adorable and they seem very wise. 🙂

    ***I did seem to think they were above average with their ability to communicate. I think they’ve lived the good life.


  4. This is my kind of place. So fun! I like your new look.


  5. Sylvia (England) says:

    Anna, you haven’t let on which bunny made its way home with you or did you resist!

    You asked me if our cold, grey and wet summer is benefiting the plants. I think the answer is yes but there is less time to get out and enjoy them. The weeds are growing well. I prefer the cooler wetter summers but this one has been wetter than most and quite cold, six nights ago it was 42.8 degrees Fahrenheit (6 C) in my sheltered back garden, which is very low for the time of the year. Winter temperatures! One plant that is doing very well and I have 3 or 4 plants flowering at the moment is hellebores (then usually flower January/February for me).

    I am hoping for a warmer, sunnier Autumn! Best wishes Sylvia (England)

    *** I didn’t bring home a bunny this time but did bring home my Grandfather Mountain Overlook Print. I guess that will be last big purchase till Christmas. I need to start thiking more inside and finish some quilts I’m working on. I can finish the tops now and then huddle under for the winter when I quilt them. It keeps me warm.


  6. cindee11461 says:

    I want everything(-: The rabbits are so cool. I wish I had them all sitting around my garden(-: Looks like they have so many nice things there too. I would love to go shopping there(-:
    *** Well come on and we’ll go get us some more bunnies. Oh My, that’s all we need! My husband says he is getting ready to put me on a bunny budget. What does that mean? Don’t bunnies multiply without asking? I’m safe right—I’m still going to be able to get more bunnies???


  7. Cinj says:

    Oh those bunnies. They sure are posing nicely for those pictures, aren’t they? I suppose you forgot your paper so they could give any autographs anyway. LOL. Too cute. Isn’t it true that opposites attract anyway? Maybe one of the bunnies has been busy painting it’s shed and can’t get the paint out of it’s fur….


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