I Told These Flowers It Was Autumn And They Laughed


Carol @ May Dreams Gardens has invited us to join her for her mid month bloom day. I so enjoy all the good blog reads that are posted. So please enjoy a walk in my garden today.

My flowers are laughing at me cause they say no way they are done blooming. They have been waiting on the cooler temps to look more lively. And look who is back–it’s


It’s Arthritic Bunny and under the skillful hands of a


patient husband…..the bunny lives to hop another day….


I like Vinca and rusty hinges. Look at these hinges—don’t you just love them…


It’s the only rust in the garden we can appreciate—


Those Vincas are so grand!


Vinca, Vinca, Vinca


Is that a Teddy Bear Sunflower standing tall that didn’t get knocked over in the last storm—-well it shore( spelled shore on purpose) is…….


It was late evening and this is the color the leaves turned in to. I love it.


He likes to get his picture taken!


This is my homeless bunny. He used to live in a pot but I moved the pot and now he’s deciding where he’s going next.


He used to live in here but the hens took over and he was fed up with them. He’s not an early riser and they are.


Well this is certainly happy. It’s the 2009 Citrus Blend Lantana by PW. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Love it. Get it next year!


OH Good Grief—it’s more of those dang maters. This is a daily event. They are lined up at the back door waiting to get in. Takes them a day to make it from the vine in to the house. Takes less than a day to make it through my system. It’s getting to be like—hey kids…look…Parliament—Big Bend. They cycle is never ending.


This Gaura is just a wild whirling momma.


This Supertunia Vista Silverberry for 09 is reaching enormous like measurements. It’s like—if you plant it—they will come by the car loads and will pay to see it grow. Really!  I’m losing daylight can you tell? But that white is so cool at night.


Shadows are forming with that pinkish evening glow.


It really is Autumn! And it really is night time….


The Citrus Blend Lantana and the pumpkin patch.

Now….drum roll…..The Moon!

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20 Comments Add yours

  1. Cheryl says:


    I just love the picture of the moon that you took. I love moon shots!!

    ** Hey there! my best friend just moved to Charlotte! I bet she isn’t far from you. I’m going to be down there next Wednesdayish to deliver her chair I just recovered. I’ll wave as I go by.

    So you like the moon huh?, well it’s shining bright tonight too. It was full on Saturday and all the nuts came out–including me. I hope you are doing well and all is going along smoothly.


  2. Your garden is really digging the cooler weather. Those Vinca look grand against the old windows. Your closeup photo of the Sunflower is stunning with only the blue & pale yellow. Those pumpkins are coming along nicely too. Mmmm – I can already smell the roasting pumpkin seeds.

    *** I’ve got to go rescue the pumpkins from the sucking insects. The insects are after the vine and not the pumpkins. I was going to leave the pumpkins on the vine till the first of october—but not now that this has happened. My vinca is grand this year. I’m going right back to the same place next year and get me some more. No bugs on them. They must taste awful.


  3. My plants and flowers are telling me the same thing! Can you believe it’s almost time for fall? Back to school, cutting back the garden and leaves turning color….oh my.

    I am happy to see Mr. Cotton Tail get his ears back :).

    Your pictures are all lovely! I always enjoy them so much. I may have to take some moon shots the next time I get a chance. I passed on some beautiful sky shots last week.

    How was your vacation? How was the seafood? Sigh……

    Have a Wonderful Sonday!
    Kathi 🙂
    *** I had a great vacation and haven’t posted the pics yet of our Pawley’s Island Hammock Shops tour. I’m allergic to shellfish—errrrrr…wasn’t always that way but one day it just happened. Now I can’t eat shrimp, my favorite. So I had to smell it but not enjoy. We did eat at our favorite Italian place and found a good greasy burger joint.

    We tried to put Arthritic bunny’s ears on backward like you suggested but he refused to be a part of it. Even though, I told him that all the bunnies in Minnesota wore theirs that way.


  4. What a fun stop this is as I am out and about “virtually” visiting gardens this evening. Your blooms don’t disappoint and the commentary is outstanding. You ought to take your show on the road!

    Thanks for joining in for bloom day…
    *** You are the best Carol—and so many hugs to you for the encouragement I’ve gained since I started blogging. I’ve learned a lot gazing at your gardens and other fun stuff on your blog. You are a pro!


  5. Cinj says:

    Boy, DH sure fixed arthritic bunny well! So glad to see, the poor fella. Now he’s as good as new. I bet homeless bunny thought those hens and chicks were too noisy. LOL.

    I wish I had a tomato plant! (or 4) Hope MIL gets a bunch of tomatoes from her friend again this year. Last year she got a ton of them and she made us some wonderful tomato sauce. We’re down to two jars of it now. You can tell those tomatoes to come line up at my door if you need a break! I gave her my recipe for her 3 tomato plants and she said they were doing well. I’ll have to see what they look like when we go over next weekend to help her with some of her stuff.

    *** Arthritic bunny is doing very well and behaving nicely. I don’t think he wants another fall. Maybe he’s learned his lesson.

    If I don’t cook tomatoes tomorrow–they are going to rot and that would be worse than squash bugs eating my squash. But girl–I’ve got at least 100 tomatoes sitting on my counter. i do wish some of them would head to your house. Next year, I’m only putting in one plant. My dh has drawn the line. He said he is tired of picking maters.


  6. jgh says:

    I really like the rusty hinges and bunnies, too. And those are some Vinca to be reckoned with! The pumpkins mixed in with the lanterna look so pretty.
    **Thank you! I went up to our mountains today which is about an hour from my house and really wanted to stop off at a place where I saw lots of rusty stuff but I was on a different mission. Now that rusty stuff really appeals to me and I could have spent a good penny on it today if I had the time.


  7. entangled says:

    About autumn, I think it’s always the different quality of light that I notice first – I’m glad to see I’m not the only one!

    The Citrus Blend Lantana does indeed look like a winner. I’ll definitely be looking for that one next year.
    *** Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate linking to you and finding your info when I was researching the August Autumn information. I love your blog too. Your blooms for May Dreams Gardens and GBBD are stunning.


  8. Wanita says:

    Anna, your pictures are all so lovely! Your bunny is the kind of bunny I like ~ cute, and he doesn’t eat the flowers and veggies!

    I love the picture of the moon. Thanks for your wonderful blog. I really enjoy it!

    **Thank you for such sweet comments. I was just thinking about going out and getting another pic of the moon but our weather forcaster just said it was too overcast to view. Well boo hiss! I haven’t caught that bunny eating anything yet but he seems a bit unpredictable. I didn’t think he could hop either but of course that was all wrong. 😉


  9. Anna, girl, that is some kind of beautiful. I’m loving those containers. Gotta get that citrus blend lantana next year. It feels like Autumn here, but I know the heat is waiting to come back and get us. I’m glad you had a lovely vacation. I want to feel surf on my toes too. Love ya.~~Dee
    *** Oh goodie–Dee came by and thank you! I dried a few things in the dryer today and fished out shark teeth from the vent. I forgot they were in my husband’s bathing suit pocket. The beach was picked over with so many folks on vacation but I know how to find the shark’s teeth when others don’t.

    Yes, unfortunately, we’ll see more hot days—but just maybe not in the 90’s. I’m sick of it.


  10. Kathleen says:

    I agree with Gail & Amy ~ not ready for Autumn yet ~ where did that come from anyway?!!! 😉 I love your rusty hinges too btw. Anything vintage added to the garden is great in my book. Thanks for the tour, everything looks fabulous and I hope your lonely bunny finds a new niche soon.

    *** I’m getting ready to post on my beliefs that it is Autumn. I was taught by someone who inherited the information from the very first NCers. So I have proof both natural and scientific. Stay tuned! I want some old watering cans so you’ll be seeing more rust in time. Seems like things cost more when they are old and beat up–but you are right–they sure look good.


  11. gintoino says:

    Is it Autumn there already? Summer is still around here and will stay for another months or two. I’ts my first visit to your blog and I’m lovong it. Nice containers, nice vincas, really nice fotos. Oh, and cute bunnies 😉

    *** Thanks for stopping by and I’m doing some research now on why I think it’s Autumn and how I learned the signs from my ancestors.


  12. ICQB says:

    Hi! I followed your link from the May Dream Gardens bloom day comments section. I love pumpkins in a garden! And your tomatoes look so delicious! Thank you for your picture of the moon too, and your lovely post. It’s been a very nice visit to your blog

    ***Thank you and good to have you in my garden. When those tomatoes first started blooming–well, I thought–yum tomatoes finally. Now I say—oh great…another tomato. I think I have over 100 in on the counter right now. I’m going to cook them up today and have some tomato sauce for the occasion I might need some.


  13. Amy says:

    I love Autumn too, but I’m not quite ready for it yet! Send some of that tomato ripening weather over my way!!

    ****Glad you stopped by and it was good to see your place last night too. I will do my best to send these southern breezes your way. It is very good mater making weather. They like the angle of the sun. It’s a hormone thing too–just like us women. We are at our best when the hormones are working correctly. 😉 I bet some folks don’t know that maters got hormones as most plants do–and they respond to the angle of the sun during the seasons. Makes me think that when I’m in a grumpy mood—-I’ll just say—I’m off plum.


  14. cindee says:

    Wow you have a great crop this year. The bunny looks as good as new.(-: The advil treatment worked well(-: And theres the pot again. I have one too remember? I have nothing in it. Its just sitting empty on the patio. I have to do something about that sometime in the near future. Maybe a nice fall potting. Well today I go back to work. )-: I am sad. Summer went to fast and I was housebound most of it. I feel deprived. I hope you have a nice day(-:

    **Oh Cindee–I knew you were going to feel this way. You were robbed of a good vacation and your love of gardening. The kids at school are probably going to be grumpy too cause they were robbed as well. Food always makes everyone feel better so you are doing your part to lift the spirits. Sorry you got to work. I’ve been called back to work but not sure I will. I’ve got to think hard on that. And….little arthritic bunny is a happy camper now. Yes, his Advil fix seems to be holding!


  15. Nancy Bond says:

    Your blooms are beautiful, Anna! Everything is so vibrant and lush.

    ***Thank you and I’m glad you visit my garden often. You always make me feel like something special happened while you were here. It’s kinda like a little angel passed through. In fact, several of my readers make me feel that way. We all like to feel appreciated. I guess gardens are such an emotional thing for me that when I see someone else who views them like I do–well then—they must be a guest sometime at my house too. I want them to see my garden through their eyes and feel that same love of gardening. Not many can share that. But many of us who blog can!


  16. Nan Ondra says:

    I can certainly see why those vinca make you happy, Anna – they would cheer anyone, as would your other beautiful flowers. That sunflower photo is fantastic! I’m so glad that Arthritic Bunny has made a full recovery. Homeless Bunny is more than welcome to a home here, though I suspect you’ll find a perfect new spot for him somewhere.

    ***Miss Nan, I would consider it an honor if homeless bunny were to hop over to your place. He’s got a brother he can’t stand so maybe the separation would be good for them. And that sunflower photo did turn out so grand. We have moments like that in the garden and it sure is a good motivator to do it all over again next year. Thank you!


  17. Gail says:


    You always make a visit here fun…now stop this autumn talk….after autumn comes that w word! I love yopur bloom and think the pumpkin and lantana are good partners! Gail

    ***I’m not sure who loves who more cause the lantana and pumpkins grew toward each other. It wasn’t hard to see the attraction. I was a little worried about cross breeding —-kidding kinda;) And thank you for having fun at my place. I’ve got lots to dish out so see ya back soon.


  18. Laurie says:

    Beautiful pictures. Thanks for the walk thru the garden. I love the little bunny!
    *** You are so welcome and thanks for coming by. I look forward to seeing you back. I’m a bunnyholic.


  19. I love your container plants in that first shot, they look lush & healthy. Vincas are such great summer annuals, mine are thriving too even in this heat. I’m glad to see that Arthritic Bunny lives to see another day in the garden, lol. Poor thing. Homeless Bunny has some interesting patina just like the rust on those hinges. Great container of Hens & Chicks!

    ****Thank you and as some say–they will always have roses….well, I’ll always have Vinca. Love, Love, Love your Limelight. Mine is about a foot tall right now—hey, it was 5″ last month. It was one sent to me by PW. I can’t wait to see yours turn the pretty fall burgandy.


  20. Cindy says:

    Well, this post certainly does not disappoint Anna! What can I say, I love your pictures and I love all your comments to boot. I was looking at my lonely little bunny statue (that I keep in the house mind you as I am afraid it might get some ideas like your arthritic bunny did) wondering what had become of poor arthritic bunny. I must tell you though that I also love homeless bunny. He has quite a lot of charm and he appears to be looking up waiting for a carrot. Your vinca has got to be some of the most lush I have ever seen! I am not a big lantana fan (it grows into a monster where I come from) but I keep seeing blog posts about it and now I am reconsidering it for next year. Your’s looks so nice up against the pumpkin! The colors compliment each other nicely.

    ***Oh your comments made my day. I do so love it when someone really enjoys my gardens and my efforts. I will make us pumpkin muffins tomorow—cause I’m sick of maters;) Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments.


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