Fall, A Time of Gathering and Harvest

fall-sayingAutumn is my favorite time of year. Today is the day for gathering the fall decorations and beginning to celebrate the sweet taste and scent of apple cider, wearing sweaters, and displaying the pumpkins. We’ve had a very hot and dry summer so I am grateful to the cooler and spicier days of Autumn. I’m wishing you all a very happy harvest.

Graphics by Flowergardengirl

You may copy this and use it as you wish.  It is a gift from me to my cyber friends.

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  1. Sylvia says:

    Anna, we are still waiting for our summer! This year it has been wet and gray most of the so called summer months. Though I don’t like the heat of summer a bit of sunshine, like today, is nice. Sometimes September can be lovely though the nights are drawing in fast now. No I am not ready for autumn yet, lets have some summer first please!

    Best wishes Sylvia (England)

    * OKey dokey—-I’ll serve up some extra warm southern breezes your way. Warning–it comes with humidity and you’ll need to change clothes several times a day. Don’t your flowers do well in the weather you described? I’m thinking from all those lush gardens we see in your neck of the woods–that weather must work for them. I have to stand over mine with a watering hose.


  2. Cinj says:

    It sure feels like fall, doesn’t it? Wow. It was chilly last night towards the end of football. Actually it was tonight too. I like the cooler weather too. I hope it stays this way until I get the shed painted this weekend. Cheesehead is even going to help, so it should go faster than the priming did.

    ** It will be more fun to do the top coat of paint too. The finish touches are the best. I heard the local band practicing today as I passed the football field. It just added to the fall atmosphere. It’s almost 75 right now and we got temps in the low 60’s expected every night for about a week. I too saw the sun set differently this afternoon. I just love it.


  3. Gail says:

    Well, there is a little different feel to the light and the sun has shifted a bit in the sky but I ain’t ready for autumn. I do love that I can open the window at night but other then those few changes it is still summer!


    **** I like the colors of fall most and my house is decorated with those oranges, burgandy, and general feeling of Autumn tones. So I am in the mood for it all the time. But there is this other side of me that likes old farm houses and the love of lace, pastels, and white-washed furniture. I don’t know that my husband will always have his current job so I’m thinking that if I get another chance—I’m building a new farmhouse.


  4. linda says:

    Hi Anna, I’m so not ready for fall. I plan to enjoy each of these remaining summer days to the fullest. We’re having a beautiful August so far in Chicago with plenty of rain and daytime temps in the 70’s. This is summer at its best. I’ll think about fall another day! (I did clean up the basement “greenhouse” this week though, and started planning my strategy for bringing in more plants this year than last. :~)
    *** I sure understand and I use to be that way too when we lived where the winters were long and the summers way to short when we traveled with the military. I guess our fall and early winter in NC are like most of your normal summers in Chicago.

    But this year in NC, I’ve had more plants die from drought and then bad wind damaging storms. So I have not enjoyed much of the last three summers on record and that is pretty much the feeling you get from lots of old timers. I’m from here originally and these drought filled summers are more rare than norm. I’ve been in my new gardens since April of this year and I’ve re-done many of the plants 3 times. It gets expensive and tiring. I’m just ready to put it to rest. I am a true gardener though and am already planning for next year and more work in the garden.

    I hope for you that it continues to be summer-like. I do know how you feel.


  5. joy~momw3dogs says:

    NOOOOOOOOO!!!! I am refusing to even consider fall till the end of September!!!
    I am holding onto summer as tightly as I can! even though the weather here in Ohio feels like fall!
    Don’t you have some summertime software that you could whip up a nice summer day? Those of us that have 17 months of winter just around the corner will surely appreciate it!
    Now I’m going to put on my bathing suit and enjoy the thunderstorm heading our way.
    (alright………..I’ll stay in the house!haha lest I scare small children and big dogs!)

    **** OH man–it feels so good here this week and the beach was perfect too. I can’t stand our plus 90 temps–eeek. So these 80’s feel so fine. We even had some 60’s at night. Now that is porch weather. Nice little ring of fire with marshmallows roasting. Sweat dripping from the brow? Ok, maybe it needs to be a bit nippier for the fire thing.

    I can’t help you out living in the winter zone cause I think everyone is nuts for putting up with snow when you got other choices like NC. I knew when my hubby got out of the service that I was coming back to NC where there is no such thing as permafrost building codes. That is a laughing matter around here. Our ground never freezes. Last year we got one day of snow and that was a holiday with good shopping and everyone got out their trendy boots. We don’t even own gloves or parkas. If you see someone in the mall in a parka–they are a shop lifter. Ok—so our mountains get snow but that is just the 1/3 western part of the state and they are prepared. They got Jeeps and what not. Oh yea, the folks at the OBX got jeeps too—but that is for beach fishing. Here in the middle part where us boring middle NCers live….we live boring. We don’t need big jackets, mittens, boots, parkas, jeeps or other four wheelers—-we just hang out in mild temps on our porches;) Go Tarheels and Wolfpack. We rock at football and accept the lawyers from Wake Forest and Duke—and the doctors too. I guess we’re just a real well rounded group. So dad gum glad you ask!

    Girl—–I can not thank you enough for the Orzo pasta. I am hooked and it’s helping me get rid of tomatoes. I have eaten that rice every night and finished off what you gave me—plus…I’m half through the Orzo Whole Grain. I slice up my maters and pile the pasta on top. Then I use Italian dressing for my seasoning. It’s making me lose a ton of water weight—and hopefully some stubborn weight that I keep blaming my 30yr old for. How long does baby fat stick around.

    Don’t go out in a thunderstorm in your itty bitty kini. You might get struck by on-lookers===or lightening.


  6. Is this a case of wishful thinking? It’s still summer here in Chicagoland. We’ve got at least a month before I need to start pulling out the sweaters. I can’t wait.
    ***Nope–it’s not wishful…it’s real. Last night we were in the low 60’s which is cool to us who have been in the upper 90’s. I’ll take these cool nights any day. We aren’t going to be out of the mid 80’s to upper 70’s over the next two weeks. I’m thrilled. Our fall is usually short and we’ll see what we call winter temps starting the middle of October. Winter day time temps are 40’s and 50’s. Sometimes, Jan and Feb are very cold—you’ll laugh—the 30’s. I remember North Dakota during out AF years and it was in the negative numbers. I could not wait to get back down to the warm South. So…going from upper 90’s to mid 70’s is fall to me.


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