Old Salem, NC

An Old Salem Slideshow

There was once a house that stood here. It belonged to my great aunt and uncle who helped raise me. It’s in the little settlement of Old Salem, NC. The pottery in my header is a type of pottery that you would and will find in this community. Old Salem was settled in the late 1600’s by the Moravians. Someone in my family has lived there since then.

There are more pictures of Old Salem on my sidebar including gardens, the town square, and the many shops along the square.

This is the home just down the hill from the above property and is the Sowers/Sauer House. She is a cousin but her roots connect with mine through a grandmother named Sara Sauer. The Sower lady who lived in this home was a gracious lady and served us watermelon on her back porch. Her daughter lives there today.

Salem Tavern is a period style restaurant serving dishes traditional to the Moravian table. Chicken Pie is their most famous. You can read a story about my grandmother and take home a copy of that recipe at

Passed Down Recipes

I use to run up to the back kitchen and the chef would let me sample what was cooking for the say. Pumpkin Pie was the best.

Many women in my family have graduated from Salem college. The great aunt I so lovingly stayed with as a child graduated from here in 1913 and worked there until her retirement in in 1959. She was proper and poised. She taught me to entertain, hold my hankie, cook, enjoy the garden, and be kind to one another. I inherited all her cook books. Please visit my sidebar if you would like to see the rests of this town. As you tour Old Salem, please enjoy how beautifully it is maintained. I played in these streets and around the college as a little girl. I knew the shop keepers and docents who helped the tourist understand the culture and lifestyle of the Moravians. It was an education in the making. Those are very rich and fond memories.

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  1. I am fascinated you were able to grow up in such history and heritage, H&H :). We are not as old here in Minnesota as you folks on the east coast. I am proud and happy to have grown up here but I do love to visit and learn of your wonderful world on the east coast, so much history has been preserved. I will be getting out this fall once it cools down.

    I look forward to making your chicken pie once it cools down here, we’re in the hottest month right now, soon it will be down hill and fall coolness and colors :). Then the cooking will start again! πŸ™‚

    I love the pottery header! Awesome! Your chicken dinner looked wonderful as well.

    Have a Fantastic Friday Anna!
    Kathi πŸ™‚

    I continue to pray for your son…I hope things have worked out by now. Please, please do not send the jars back. Use them or give them to someone, I have plenty and it would not be worth it for you to send them back. Thank you for thinking of it though.

    *** I love my heritage that’s for sure. The whole time my husband was in the Air Force, I longed for home. Hope you do fix and enjoy the chicken pie. We have it regularly. I like to cook the chicken all day and torment myself with the aroma. I use to make my own dough until the new freezer dough came out. So much easier.

    Thanks for letting me keep the jars and I will probably put buttons in them and display them on my sewing shelf. I love stuff like that. Thank you too for continuing to pray for my son. It does look like he’s going to go in a different direction and I can accept that as God’s will in his life. It’s best not to force open–shut doors.

    You are the best Kathi!! Hugs to ya and have a great weekend!


  2. Gail says:


    You have a rich heritage. I remember reading your earlier (for me) family stories and being impressed with your writing and that you knew so much about the family history. My family didn’t do a good job with passing stories along to my generation! Old Salem looks like a lovely town to visit. Gail
    *** Thank you, and I can thank my great aunt for all those stories. She was right there in the middle of it all. The Moravians keep excellent records.


  3. Nancy Bond says:

    Salem looks like a very quaint little town. And I LOVE your new header!
    ** Thank you Nancy and I think I finally found one that I’ll keep for awhile. It fits my personality since it’s NC Pottery.


  4. cindee says:

    What a great historic town!!! (-:
    ** I’ve walked every square inch and darted in and out through every door. It’s magical.


  5. What a lovely old town to grow up in and have cherished memories to pass down through the generations.
    ** Isn’t it though–I do love it. My son and dil had their engagement photos taken there. My son drank from the same well that I had pumped so many times as a youngster. So I got that pic and am staring at it right now. Making memories for another generation.


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