August Will Start With Leftovers Registered & Protected
Can you remember how many days are in August? Do you know what number it is cause I bet you know that March is the 3rd month and December is 12th. It’s 31 days and the 8th month so you don’t go crazy or don’t know the rhyme. The Olympics start this month on day 8. In common years, no other month starts on the same day of the week as August but in leap year February does.This is the month that starts harvest. Before grocery stores and fresh markets, the store houses were emptying and people were starving by the end of July. They welcomed August as the month to replenish and were thankful.


From my garden—-Chicken Eggplant Medley

Directions—dump everything in a pan and cook till tender. I added salt, pepper, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil.


The Bouquet is from my flower garden.


This is National Elvis Tribute Week. What are you doing for him? Kids are going back to school and sports practices start. The school band will be training new members and by the end of August it will hopefully harmonize. The Pro Football Hall of Fame kicks off football season. It’s National Immunizations Month. Are you going to the Edinburg Arts Festival? I’m just going to sit down and ring in the month of harvest–well–with a fibrous diet.


Served with Mac N Cheese. Sweet tea too of course.

Napoleon Bonaparte was born in 1769. Hawaii became the 50th state in 1959. I will have tomatoes from my garden.


Martha Stewart was born on August 3rd. Martha has organized my house many times and she would be proud of my dinner table tonight.


Marilyn Monroe died and my father never got over it. Mom fixed him dinner. I had chocolate.

August 4, 1944 Anne Frank was found by the Germans. I read her book and have never gotten over it. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed in 1945 and it brought about the end of WW2.  WW1 started and August is the month that Iraq invaded Kuwait. So remember to be thankful and hug your loved ones.

Happy August to you all. I wish for you peace and a bountiful harvest from your vegetable gardens or your flower gardens. I wish for you love and contentment. I wish for you to take some of these tomatoes.

From Wikipedia:

  • In Swedish, the month is named augusti, literally plural of the Latin augustus – “the venerable”.
  • In Finnish, the month is called elokuu, meaning “month of reaping” or literally, “month of life”.
  • In Irish, August is known as Lúnasa, a modern rendition of Lughnasadh, from the god Lugh.The first Monday in August is a holiday in the Republic of Ireland.
  • In Polish, the month is called sierpień, meaning “month of sickle”.
  • In French, the month is called août.
  • In Portuguese, Spanish and Italian, the month is called agosto.
  • In Japanese, the month is called hachigatsu (八月), meaning, simply, “eighth month.”
  • In Russian, the month is called Avgust (Авгуcт)
  • In Greek, the month is called Augoustos (Αύγουστος’)
  • In Dutch, the month is called Augustus
  • In Latvian, the month is called Augusts
  • In Lithuanian, the month is called rugpjūtis
  • In Welsh, the month is called Awst
  • In Croatian, the month is called kolovoz

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  1. Okay, I know I’m weeks behind, but I had to mention how much I admire your cooking style: “dump everything in a pan and cook till tender.” If it tastes as good as it looks–wow! Your writing style is admirable too–if not as tasty!

    Thank you kate for my writing and cooking complement! Lots of times I just dump stuff in a pot and let is simmer till done. I like the mixed flavors. Most of the time it comes out sorta like a good stew. It’s chock full of vitamins and goodness. You would be welcome at any time.


  2. joey says:

    A most delicious post, Anna. It’s so wonderful having you back. I could spend the entire evening reading (indeed, Martha would be proud)!

    ****Thank you Joey. I have thought so much about you this weekend. i hope you had the right words for the situation you were in. I know it was tough. I have not felt well today. I’m sure it’s a stomach virus but it’s knocked me off my feet. Best wishes to you and your sister. Hugs, Anna


  3. Gail says:


    The food looks delicious! I want to taste it all! Some of my best memories are associated with mac n cheese! I live in TN and we have never been to Graceland.



  4. Joy says:

    Anna … this is AMAZING !
    I too am so glad you are posting/blogging again and I absolutely love your style girl !
    I am totally taken with the pottery in your header picture .. I love ‘country” rustic .. and had a thing for roosters for some time .. now I have pared down, and try to keep things a little more ‘ less is more” ? LOL especially in a small home .. but love having touches of old world all over the house .. I’m grateful for the years we spent in Holland and all the wonderful flea markets we found fantastic little treasures at. I know you know what it is like living a military life style .. I think that is a commonality we are connected with .. we appreciate our home life so much after the upheaval of such a stressful life.
    Thank you for taking the time to stop at my blog .. I have neglected my garden and blog with being so drained since the start of the raccoon adventure .. but will catch up soon hopefully.
    Gorgeous blog ! So glad to see you back in the swing of things ! : )
    ** Thank you! and I kept up with you even when I wasn’t blogging…I did everyone…but you and I grow PW’s so that is near and dear—and your kittie pics are so precious. Cleanest cats I ever saw. Not to mention you and I are nuts about Fall–woo hoo–it’s August.

    Yes, I do know what it’s like to collect wonderful stuff from the military travels. I’m glad to be back home though.. nothing like my hot and humid South. I’m so glad you are here—good to see you again at my place–on my swing—chit chatting.


  5. Here’s another August anniversary: Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead died on August 9. August is back-to-school month around here. Yippee! And that dinner looks absolutely mouthwatering.
    *** I’ll make us more vege medley if you’ll come to dinner and help me eat it. There was lots of trivia and I bet lots more not even recorded. Like–I was in labor in 1982 and it was hot–in North Dakota. There was a tornado going on outside the hospital which is quite common for ND in the summer. But do you think I cared?–no way–that baby needed to get out tornado or no tornado.


  6. Robin says:

    Wow, you’ve been busy. I had some catching up to do.
    Your dish looks delish!

    I’m so glad you decided to blog again, I always enjoy reading your post.
    ** Thank you and it’s good to see you drop by. Did you bring a cake? Remember–you were suppose to bake one last time we talked and we were going to sit and gossip on my swing for hours……my swing is still there and I’ve got the best gossip.


  7. joy~momw3dogs says:

    wow~the theme for today is August! Don’t know half of what you stated.

    For Elvis I will eat a bannana and peanut butter samich.
    Can’t wait for football season~GO BUCKS~Jim Tressell’s (our coach) new book came out and its #3 on NY best seller list~YEAH~love Jim Tressell!!
    Ok, no immunizations for me unless they’ve implemented a new one for over 50.
    I loved Anne Frank. You know, I still think about her.

    Ok, give me 4 tomatoes-but thats ALL!! I’m going to my neighbors now to pawn 4 of my tomatoes off on her! thanks

    ****He did like PB&B samiches! I had forgotten that. I have always like them with lots of PB. I gave you 6 tomatoes and you can throw two back at me. I may start a throwing contest soon.

    I’m not a football fan but everyone else in my family is. I guess I could go for watching the brawny part of it. I like the outfits—dh hates it when I say that. He says they are uniforms. I said that doesn’t sound as good. Uniform sounds like something you wouldn’t look good in. Big shoulder pads, skinny waist, bulging leg muscles—-what says uniform about that?


  8. Cinj says:

    Hmm, I was going through the rhyme in my head and then you told me the answer I came up with. I’m all set for rhymes.

    Wow, you sure know a whole lot of things that took place in August. I’m not great with dates, names, or history. What am I good for? Um, not so sure yet but I still have the rest of my life to figure it out.

    This month is going to be even busier than last if that’s possible. TBO has a physical and then we start football on Saturday already.

    That dinner looks yummy, do you have any leftovers????
    ** I’m sick of maters. Didn’t the summer seem short? You son looks like a football player. Little boys are adorable and I love them at any age. I still can’t figure out how mine grew up and left home. I sure miss them. I had three brothers and no sisters. My brothers all played football and ate like horses afterwards.

    I think you are smart about a lot of stuff. You are a terrific mom and that says so much about you.


  9. deb says:

    Great post Anna, We have so many birthdays in August it is scary. We are taking Mamala to Shakespeare in the Park for her birthday. Which is on the 3rd. On a quick count I can come up with 10 August birthdays in our clan. What were we all doing in January?
    *** I’m laughing hard here Deb!! I had a July and August baby. What were we thinking–it’s too hot to have babies.


  10. What an interesting history lesson about the month of August! And your dinner looks pretty scrumptious tonight.
    ** Did you take some tomatoes with you when you stopped by? I’ve got loads! What was I thinking when I kept feeding them–nurturing them–weeding and watering?


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