What to do with all these maters?


This is only two days worth of harvested tomatoes. I have another 100 or so ready to be picked in the next couple of days. The varieties are; Early Girl, Better Boy, and Giant. I can’t tell the difference in taste but the Better Boy is more meaty.


And this is my Martha Stewart cookbook. I am looking for ways to fix tomatoes. I can do tomato aspic, tomato pie, tomato sauce……OH brother—let me move on to one of my other projects like….


Start this quilt and finish it.


No–I like this set of prints better. This is for the back of my sofa in the family room.


I really should finish recovering this chair for a friend of mine. It’s sitting on my back deck. I got the fabric free for a container arrangement swap. If you grow up in NC and you don’t know how to pick tobacco or reupholster—then you are a wimp.


Uhhh–no, I’ll go make this shirt pattern and put that elastic in a skirt I’ve already got started. All it needs is the elastic.

what-cha-doing-008This is a disaster. It’s the sitting area in my master bedroom. I am actually going to paint that little love-seat and it will end up looking like leather—really! The phone doesn’t work anymore but dh can’t part with it. The afghan goes in the family room–I wondered where it was. I don’t look over here when I come in the room cause it’s off limits for my eyes.

Or I’ll blog!!!

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  1. cindee says:

    That was me at the begining of summer vacation. I had so many projects piled up to do. I have managed to get a lot done but I still have a lot more I want to do…I only have three weeks left actually less then that. Oh well…
    *** Oh Cindee..it’s just the pits that the smoke has kept you cooped up inside. I guess you would whittle a few things down to size with that much time on your hands. Have you posted all your projects? I signed up for Martha Stewarts fall crafts. I guess she’ll send me an email when they start. So I better get my projects done before the others start.


  2. Your tomatoes look awesome!!! I love fresh tomatoes :). Tomato samiches, salsa, canned tomatoes, spaghetti sauce….mmmmm. Your quilt will be beautiful but shouldn’t you work on that in the winter? 🙂 no, that’s when we’ll really blog…no, we’ll be doing….so much to do! I love the little sitting area, it says welcome, come in and sit down! I like that 🙂
    ** Yes, now if we could only sit! I was going to work on my friend’s chair today but it was so hot. I have to work on it on the covered back deck cause I glue down the batting as I go and that stringy glue get’s all over the place. I really do want to finish it for her. She is an awesome person. Well–all my friends are awesome!!

    Yes, we’ll be blogging and quilting and sitting by the fire and cooking up a storm. But mostly, we’ll be blogging.


  3. Philip says:

    I had to laugh about all the unfinished project. Blogging is much more fun! Tomatoes look great!
    ***More maters on the hour and every hour. Pretty soon, I’ll have to open the kitchen window for the overspill. Blogging is loads of fun and I’m glad to be getting back in to it.


  4. Cinj says:

    You could always “clean” up your bedroom the way my mom cleaned dad’s desk. Find a sheet or two and drape it over the clutter. Of course I suppose since yours is a couch something may get sat on if you’re not too careful….

    I guess we all have plenty of stuff to work on, don’t we? I still have a quilt I started about 3 years ago. No wonder I never have any money!
    *** Every year I promise myself that I will finish a Christmas Grandma’s Flower Garden Quilt that I’m working on–and then there is a holiday stack and wack too. You are right–there is a lot to accomplish. I’m not getting out a sheet cause I need to be reminded to finish it. No one thinks the little loveseat is going to turn out good–but I know better.

    Last year MIL made us some yummy stewed tomatoes and canned them up for us. I’m still enjoying them in my chili. I even got a book about canning and preserving from the library. Wait a minute, WHAT on earth am I doing??? Don’t I have enough to do already? Well, you’ve known I’m crazy for quite a while now, so it’s no new revelation is it?


  5. Nancy Bond says:

    You could send a few baskets of those beautiful tomatoes this way…my aunt used to make thee most delicious chili sauce…thick and sweet, and I’m sure I could find the recipe……….. 🙂 Your pile of WIPS looks just like mine.
    *** It doesn’t surprise me that you would have a list too. All us good gardening maniacs are usually interested in other home made stuff too. Yes–send the chili recipe. I just went out to the garden after my walk( in 94 degree heat) and there are 10 more tomatoes ripe. I’m sure more are hidden down in there.


  6. Cindy T. says:

    Anna, you’re too funny. When I find myself with multiple projects like this and can’t decide where to turn first, my mantra is “Get started. Keep going.” Sometimes it even works! Lately I just Plurk instead (we miss you over there … come back!).

    I wish I could help you with those tomatoes. What a beautiful bountiful harvest!
    *** I miss ya’ll too—darn puter! I’m making salsa, tomato basil, and tomato Parmesan mozzarella bread today. Can you says ZITS!


  7. Wow! You have alot of tomatoes right now. I hope you make something yummy and post the recipe. Looks like you have a lot of projects going at the same time.
    *** I didn’t even show all my projects cause it was late and my sweetie was sleeping. i didn’t want to start pulling the house down around him.


  8. joy~momw3dogs says:

    poor thing~not a thing in the world to do!! You need a crew girl!
    One in the kitchen-can those tomatoes!! you’ll thank yourself this winter when you make chilli and stew. Make spaghetti sauce!! YUM
    One or two sewing and reupholstering.
    Three or four picking up and redistributing~I could use five or six of these myself!
    You might as well give up and go work in the yard! All that work inside can wait until winter anyway.
    The chair for your friend is really going to look good!
    ****I’m waiting on my first million to come in so I can hire that crew. Oh MY WORD! If I had a crew–the things I could accomplish. Right now, I’m sitting with my walking shorts on and in my mind–I’ve done 2 miles already. But then Martha Stewart came on==and here I sit getting more ideas.


  9. Sylvia says:

    Oh Anna! You remind me of all the jobs I have lined up and not done. Prehaps now you aren’t working you will get some done but with a new garden!!

    I love your tomatoes though – here they don’t ripen until nearly Autumn unless grown in a greenhouse. But this year I do have 4 plants in a little lean-too greenhouse and I noticed some tiny tomatoes over the weekend, if they escape the blight I may get tomatoes this year. I have tried several times before outside and they have all got blight.

    Best wishes Sylvia (Engand)
    *** I wish I could send you some;) I’m putting together care packages for my neighbors who have been eyeing them for some time now. I hope your maters are healthy this year cause I get grumpy without my mater samich.


  10. Vee~A Haven for Vee says:

    Ah, yes, I recognize the dilemma well.

    Thanks for visiting my little corner of Blogdom and for leaving comments so that I can find you. I always love to meet new bloggers!
    ***Vee, I’m Flowergardengirl and we already know each other. I loved the window box on your header. You got plates in there and it looks so cool. Now come back here more often as an old friend instead of a new acquaintance!


  11. titania says:

    The tomatoes look yummy. Your home is beautiful, lovely, big kitchen. You can grow yummy tomatoes, do up furniture, sew, cook, your home is your castle. I don’t think you are ever bored! Great blog too!
    ******Thank you and welcome! Sometimes I’m bored at 3am when I can’t sleep. So I change my header and picture—I get teased about that. No, then I read blogs and see something on someone’s blog that I just have to do. There is always somewhere to go and get ideas.


  12. This did make me smile – I have a number of projects on the go as well plus the kitchen cupboards need a clean out but I am on annual leave so enjoying doing nothing much
    *** Yes, you should rest. And…eat your favorite foods too. I say there is always tomorrow and I enjoy life too much to worry. I stopped worrying when I realized the creative side of me would never let me catch up.


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