The Gardens of the Bob Timberlake Gallery Lexington, NC

Here is a slideshow of all the pics.Bob Timberlake Gallery Lexington NC

This fountain is made from grinding stones and is located in the Bob Timberlake gardens at his gallery in Lexington, North Carolina. It’s about a 40 minute drive from my house.  I’m going to spend the next couple of days taking you through the gallery and showcasing some of his beautiful displays. This is a repost from my old blog but worth the revisit and has quite few updates. I’ll store all the pictures on my sidebar when the show is complete. The pictures were taken March 1st, 2008.

The staff at the Timberlake galleries have done an outstanding job of planning and creating a place of visual, scent,  and audio stimulation. The sound of the running water is complemented by soft music playing in the background. The containers are always potted up nicely with seasonal blooming varieties. The cafe within the gallery has several gourmet coffees and dessert scents wafting through the air. The gardens have been furnished with Timberlake trademark Adirondack furniture and swings. It’s inviting and calming. A sense of real down to earth goodness surrounds you while taking in all the sights and sounds.

Mr. Timberlake just recently brought a law suit against Lexington Industries who are the manufacturers of his line of furniture. They are the main employer of this town and have been for many decades. They carry his line of furniture and he’s had a long standing relationship with them but he would like to be released from his contract. Recently, Lexington Industries decided to move their furniture production line overseas. This greatly distressed Mr. Timberlake and he no longer wishes to do business with them.I understand his deep seated relationship with the locals who labor in these factories because my father built a furniture business from the ground up in 1957. My father died in 1980 but recently that company fell to those around them who moved to overseas production. They couldn’t compete. My family no longer has an invested interest in that company but it was sad to see. I certainly know how Mr. Timberlake feels on this matter. I also understand the business end and the desire to make money. It’s just really sad to see NC lose so much of the furniture manufacturing side of the business. It’s as much a part of our heritage as tobacco.

I do not know his future plans to carry furniture. I will cherish the pieces I have just in case he decides to retire. He’s a quiet peaceful man and paints many of his pictures from the Lexington countryside. Many of the old homes and items of interest in his prints are right in his own backyard.

Here is the link to his galleries:

Above is his new release and I love the forsythia blooming. Forsythia is something you see growing all over NC and announces spring on a very happy note.

This is his beautiful gallery in Lexington, NC. The gardens are to the left of the building as you are looking at the picture.

Let’s go outside and please take one of the afghans provided on your way out. They are to the right of the photo and provided for your comfort. This little room is a connector room between the cafe and the art/furniture/home accessories part of the gallery.

We’re almost there!

Would you like to figure out something to put in your pots instead of pansies for the winter?

The gallery uses quite a few of these grinding stones for display platforms. We have several mills in the area and I’m sure these are authentic.

I bet this  bunny is hoping for spring and a garden to munch in.

Isn’t this stunning?

This weather vane sits on top of the gallery. It is a trademark of the Timberlake line. North Carolina heritage is rich in tobacco farming. There is a trend to turn these tobacco farms to vineyards and is seeing much success in that area. One of topics this summer for you will be the wineries of NC and their gardens. Mr Timberlake very much honors this rich heritage of tobacco in his many lines of merchandise. You will see this tobacco leaf embedded in much of what he offers.

Stay tuned this week—there is much more to come. We take an inside peak of his many talents and line of merchandise. And once again—thank you for visiting…

My North Carolina

Warmest Wishes—–AnnA


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  1. Cinj says:

    A garden can NEVER have too many water features or points of interest in my book. Too bad Cheesehead doesn’t want any more water features in our garden. A pond and a fountain or two would be very nice. I suppose we have a few too many pine needles around here though….
    *** I have to buy my pine needles at $3.75 a bail. It took 20 bails just to do the front beds. I haven’t even started on the back beds yet. I would like a water feature but I got to get plants first. Would you believe that everything we took out of the front after the storm damage—was only about $5 worth of seeds. I still got some sunflowers in the back to enjoy so all is not lost.


  2. Wow, I love the grinding stones, do you know if they’re from an old mill? How admirable of Mr. Timberlake to keep his work in the USA. In our country it is the opposite, a person can hardly find anything “made in the USA” I look forward to reading more this week :).
    *** I buy a lot of NC made stuff but then I’m from here and know where to go. It’s always better made and if I need it fixed, I go back to the maker. It does cost more but I’m not replacing stuff often. My recent gripe though is GE microwaves—We’ve only been in this house since Aprilish and we’re on our third microwave. What is the deal?


  3. Kathleen says:

    How lucky you are to live near such a beautiful place. Isn’t Bob Timberlakes work featured in Lang catalogs?? I have a throw of his that I just love. I have also always coveted those grind stones (ever since I saw a water feature not unlike these pictured in a garden magazine)but don’t have one. I really like the double stone fountain. I have to say I have a lot of respect for someone who doesn’t want to put Americans out of work just to save a few bucks. I’m trying more and more to avoid purchasing products made in China (or anywhere overseas for that matter).

    **** I’m not sure if he is featured in Lang–but I do love the art of Pat Richter. I know she is in Lang. Love her baskets of wispy flowers. Yes, I respect Bob too but I think he’s fighting an uphill battle. It’s the mighty dollar that is the driving force. To be competitive, companies and manufacturers have to go overseas. But on a good note—some companies are coming back to the US after taking that route. They say especially in the customer service area, they were losing customers.


  4. I love that grindstone fountain but the second one was neat too. (the ceramic pot in the large metal-looking basin) What a neat garden to visit and I bet you came away completely inspired.
    *** I come away with empty pockets too. The inside has all kinds of classy garden decor.


  5. Gail says:

    It is a beautiful garden in a charming town in a fabulous state! The area surrounding Blowing Rock is wonderful, too. We love the drive from there to Asheville. Wouldn’t a mill stone be nice in my garden! The photo of the bunny with carrots sculpture is my favorite! Thanks for the great tour!
    *** Gail, that’s two different galleries in two different towns. Timberlake has a gallery in Blowing Rock and one in Lexington. Both are stunning. I like the skinny bunny too. He needs to go home with me.


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