What Grows Under The Flower Tables? Beyond first glance.

On my recent trip to LA Reynolds Showcase Nursery, I stopped to look under the tables full of flowers. There is always beautiful moss growing there and the light makes patterns that are magical. I could stand there all day and photograph life most people never stop to notice. Hovering over these little mini canvases are hundreds of beautiful annuals and perennials which would be beautiful photographed from any angle. I find it just as interesting and inviting under the tables.

This fern was growing nicely in the rich and mossy forgotten areas. Next time you go to your favorite nursery, don’t forget to look under the tables. There is so much activity just waiting to be discovered. I think it adds to the character of my shopping experience. Going to the nursery is just as much about the textures, smells, and obvious beauty as it is the hidden things you find tucked away that aren’t so visible.

This looks like a nice place to take a nap. It’s protected and never been disturbed. There is something fascinating about going where no one has gone before. To be the first to touch and fell the quiet.

I love the undisturbed areas of a nursery. When I see something like this and I have my camera along, I go into that zone that only trained athletes attain. It’s the zone where you block out all noise and distractions causing you to pull away from the moment. I don’t hear a sound around me and then it becomes emotional. I could cry or laugh and do so quietly. When I become aware of those passing and going about the process of buying and inspecting plants, I think to myself that I just witnessed something they did not. I’m privy to a world that most take for granted. I’m thankful to my great aunt who taught me to pause and look at what is beyond first glance.

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  1. I’m always too deep in the throes of plant lust to look beyond. Thanks for the reminder to step back and notice what is beyond.


  2. meems says:

    Hi Anna, I like your photos of the ferns. I don’t think we have those kinds of growth under the tables at our nurseries but I’m surely going to be looking next time I go…

    I really do appreciate the small things … all things growing and all the textures and forms of plants and plantlife. Thanks for sharing your zone experience… I know exactly what you mean.
    Meems @hoe&shovel
    ***Thank you and good to see you. How did your 30th anniversary go? We are going for another 10 I guess–lol. I do love to look for the unexpected in the garden and most any place I travel. I hope I catch it all on camera.


  3. Cinj says:

    I hadn’t taken the time in the last several years to notice stuff until I got my meds. Peanut helped me to see the wonder and the beauty in the world again. Beauty is all around us. *** I’m so glad for you. I can see you getting better every day. Kids are the best at noticing little stuff and it’s why you and I like to teach.


  4. cindee says:

    That is funny I do the same thing. I always look to see what is growing in the other areas. I found a nice sedum that way. I asked if I could purchase some of it and they said well we will be potting it up and selling it soon. It has done well in my yard and I have moved many starts around(-:
    ** I’ve gotten some free plants that way too. They are thriving in their new homes. You never know what you might see if you just look down. My hands smell like tomatoes right now. I was out picking the new crop. I got about 10 and one for lunch. It ripened on the vine and tasted so good.


  5. Cindy T. says:

    Anna, I love finding things growing in unexpected places. A fern spore rooted in one of my front gutters a while back and the fern is growing quite happily. It’s small enough that I’m going to leave it. It makes me smile!
    *** I have trouble thinning seeds to. It feels like murder. So I usually have a lot of stuff growing together that creates a messy mish mash of beauty. Have you posted a pic about the fern in the gutter? You should!


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