I’m a Martha Stewart Fan


Martha Stewart

I’m a Martha Stewart fan. I have been for as long as I can remember. Two of her cookbooks sit proudly with my collection. Everything I own with her name on it last forever and will probably be passed to my children. I subscribed to her magazine for years and now follow her online. She can inspire me when no one else can.

I wish I was wealthy enough to invest in her stocks before they take off and make many a small fortune. She is going to rock the merchandising world right off its feet. I love everything she carries at Macy’s Department store. She has a new cupcake carrier that is on my must have list. I also like her new line of dishes—Tossed Sprigs, nuts about her entertaining pieces–and well–Macy’s just send me everything. Here is Tossed Sprigs if you would like to see it:


The serving pieces in Kensington White are stunning:


Martha has a blog that I’ve been following and she is very real and down to earth. Bravo to you Martha and good luck. I have a link to her on my sidebar. Even though she is at the top of her game and setting the bar even higher, she still needs a good hug every now and then from we who love her stuff. So here is a hug Martha and my very best wishes to ya.

The cupcake carrier:


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  1. Kathleen says:

    Jumping up and down here, count me, count me!!
    I’m another Martha Fan as well. I love her blog too. I’ve read some not so nice stuff about her but I think you have to be tough to make it in business and she rocks with me. Love the cupcake carrier. Afraid if I get one, I’ll be making cupcakes (then eating them) all the time. Great blog Anna.
    ** Thank you and welcome! I like gadgets that hold stuff or display it nicely. Especially food holding stuff and Martha has a lot of good things made better. She does rock.


  2. Confession….I haven’t always been a Martha Stewart fan…I became one around the time she went to prison, no matter what anyone says, it was a humbling experience for her and for me :). I started reading more about her, her childhood, her career and how very hard she’s worked to attain what and where she is. I am a Martha Stewart fan! I have so much respect for her. Great post Anna!
    ***Agreed wholeheartedly. I was always a fan but just love her now. I feel so sorry that her mom recently died. Her mom was very talented and a pillar of strength for Martha.


  3. Anna, I’m a huge fan too. I was just thinking the other day that if it hadn’t been for Martha,I would never had some of the plants I still have in my garden. I remember buying some bulbs at Kmart and would you believe they are still blooming all these years later? I love the very classiness of her stuff. I haven’t been to Macy’s but I need to go get that cupcake carrier. You buy one too. O.K.? BTW, I really miss you on Plurk.~~Dee
    *** OH yes, I miss Plurk too–but do you remember it never worked right for me. I’ve had trouble with it for a long time. Could be my browser or firewall which I’m not messing with. I’ll explode the puter or something worse==not be able to blog. Yes, I’ll get the cupcake carrier for sure. I’ll post pics with cupcakes in it! I just love handy stuff like that!


  4. Cinj says:

    I like Martha too, although I can’t seem to watch her show in the summer, the kids lay claim to the tv with their video games. I have her baking book in my cookbook collection. I can’t afford to shop at Macy’s, but I got some of her stuff from KMart. **** I hit the sales!! or ask for it for holidays. My family will buy me anything for cooking cause they like to eat.


  5. Michaele says:

    Hello! I saw your post on Martha Stewart’s blog and clicked on your name only to find a beautiful blog with amazing pictures! I love finding new blogs by other gardening enthusiasts, not to mention MS fans! I will be back to meander a bit more and enjoy your photography talents!
    ***It’s so very nice to have you in my garden. I will visit your blog as well. Please take the time to look around and leave comments. I love it when you decide to become a regular.


  6. Nancy Bond says:

    I’m a Martha fan also. I try to catch her show when I can, and like you, any of her products that I’ve ever purchased never wore out. Thanks for the links…I hadn’t seen the dishes.*** She has lots more merchandise to give us more must need stuff. I like her motto—-anything can be done better so never give up. She just keeps growing by those few words she has stuck by. I mostly see her on her blog. I might not be up early enough to catch it on tv. I’m sometimes writing till 4am and then to bed till 10.Life as a retired person is great.


  7. cindee says:

    I like her stuff too. I use to get her magazine also(-:
    ** I still have some back issues but her website is so good that I usually pop over there everyday. It’s designed well and makes you want to keep going back.


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