Bunny Alert


MyFreeCopyright.com Registered & ProtectedDebbi over at Aunt Debbi’s Garden ask if we would post our critters. I guess you could say I’m a bunny collector and here’s my lot of them. They were good today and held real still so I could take their picture.


That’s a cat isn’t it?


There are two bunnies hiding in there.


This one is sniffing the others rear. You’ll see him better if you keep scrolling.


That’s my guardian bunny. He’s held that position for years now and never once complained. He cleans up after himself too cause I’ve never seen pellets anywhere around there.


You can call him arthritic bunny. He had an accident and hasn’t recovered.



Funny how things change over the months. They changed so fast that the bunnies didn’t have time to move.


This bunny planter came from The Last Straw in Blowing Rock, NC. They do have a website–http://www.thelaststrawinc.com/


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  1. chey says:

    What a wonderful bunny collection you have Anna! I’m especially impressed by your guardian bunny~ he’s oh so regal looking, and sounds like he cleans up well after himself:).Of course they are all wonderful, including your little arthritic bunny, and the grouping of bunnies surrounding that beautiful bouquet. Thanks for sharing! I think I may have to go in search of a few little critters of my own!
    ***Thank you. I’ve been collecting those bunnies for awhile now. They don’t multiply like most. I’ve been able to keep their numbers down.


  2. linda says:

    Anna, your bunnies are adorable! Arthritic Bunny is my favorite – I like to root for the underdog, er, underbunny. Considering all he’s been through, he looks pretty darned good. They’re all very cute, and I especially like the bunny planter.
    ****Thank you and that bunny has been through a lot but keeps on in spite of a hole in his head. Most bunnies would have given up.


  3. Nancy Bond says:

    It’s a bunny attack! How cute. πŸ™‚
    *** It IS a bunny attack and the only thing lacking is training. I need to train them to act on command. So far, they only do sit and stay.


  4. Cindy says:

    I love all the bunnies! I have a couple scattered in my garden as well. We have two rabbits so I like to find various bunny objects to include in and around the garden. I currently only have one right now though- the others didn’t survive our move. 😦
    *** Thank you. Aww…you need some of my glue. I’ll put a bunny back together if at all possible. I’m sure hoping you found out what kind of critter is destroying your garden. I’ll have to check out your blog to see the progress. It’s tough to lose plants that you worked so hard to grow. I felt really badly for you.


  5. jean says:

    Love all your bunnies! Come for a visit on Tuedsday and share a garden post for Bloomin’ Tuesday. Jean
    ** Thank you and welcome. I will check it out.


  6. joy~momw3dogs says:

    aawwww~too cute!! I’d like to have everyone at my house too! Not only are your
    flowers beautiful but are so enhanced by the critters! Very nice ones too! I still want those 3 bunnies see no-hear no-speak no! If you ever see them for sale, please let me know! The UPS man and I are friends-he doesn’t mind bringing me things and my husband doesn’t mind paying for them! haha
    ***Thank you! I did go back to ask the owners of the little shop but sorta remember that they were going to call me if they got one in…..and that was then. I’ll go look again cause I need to buy something else probably–most likey:) My UPS man is trained to wave at me working in the garden even though he has no deliveries to my house. That’s when you know—you order a lot of stuff. Well mostly it’s plants arriving and me jumping up and down that makes him take notice.


  7. Anna, the photo of the pots with the two bunnies was astounding! and outstanding! I want it for my house. How did you stack those pots to do that?~~Dee
    ** Thank you so much. I did a post about it on my old blog. Cindee at Cindees garden( see my blogroll) has some beautiful ones on her side bar. There is a rebar rod with a steel plate attached to the bottom. The steel plate is not needed if you are going to place the pots on solid ground. Run a rebar rod through the holes in the pots to stack them. First though—you need to insert the rod through the hole in the bottom pot and pound it into the ground a good bit for stability. If the pot is going to be on a deck or the likes—-you will need a rod with a bottom steel plate attached. Can you picture that? I don’t remember the name of the company these came from. A friend gave me a pair of them. I stack pumpkins on them in the fall. It is tons of fun. If you need a visual–let me know and I’ll repost the details. Go see Cindee’s pots too–she has some clever displays.


  8. Love all your cute little bunnies! How playful is your garden with all that whimsy!
    ** It’s very playful and serious too. My maters are coming in and that is something I’ve got to concentrate on for the now. I’ve probably got 200 on the vines ready to ripen all at once. Anyone for some salsa?


  9. cindee says:

    I love rabbits too.(-: Yours are all just beautiful(-: I love arthritic bunny and can relate to him at times….lol Poor thing…(-:
    ** I was just telling Cinj that he was hit in the head with a hammer. My son was hammering in a post for a sign. The post was going in right behind that bunny. Neither of us thought to move the fragile bunny. I busted a gut when my son hit that bunny square on the top of his head with the very first pound of the hammer. It was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. It was not pretty. Bunny parts went everywhere.


  10. How cute! My favorite is that kitty! then I saw the last one, hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil bunnies! Everything is looking so awesome Anna! How in the world do you find the time? πŸ™‚ Happy Saturday….I’ve been praying! πŸ™‚

    Kathi πŸ™‚
    *** Thank you for praying. I knew you would like the kitty. You need to quit coming here—-you will be out of money shopping with me!! Happy Sunday. I worked in the garden all day long. I’ll post about it sometime tonight. OH–and I have lots of time…I don’t work anymore. I only spend now. My work for PW is part-time.


  11. deb says:

    Thanks for playing anna. I love bunnies.
    ** I’ve got to come back by your digs and see what other critters are lurking. It was fun.


  12. Gail says:

    Very cute bunnies! Anna, you are having fun posting different photos of yourself…or are you testing us to see how observant we are;-> I like the new haircut. Gail
    *** Plain and simply—I’m bored. I’m up half the night so I play. I like to see how many combos I can come up with. Am I driving you nuts? If you lived with me, it might. My son says I re-roof the house every night at midnight. I do think you are clever for noticing.


  13. Cinj says:

    Cute bunnies! I guess they must like your plants. It looks like arthritic bunny has been through a hail storm, poor guy.
    *** Actually arthritic bunny got hit on the head with a hammer. Poor guy, he didn’t deserve it.


  14. I love the bunnies. I’ve got a few around my garden that will hold still for pictures, and others, unfortunately, who won’t.
    ** It’s good to see you! I hear you about the live bunnies. They haven’t eaten my petunias and I’m thankful but they have feasted on other stuff. I much prefer the concrete bunnies.


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