Flowers of The Bob Timberlake Gallery in Blowing Rock

Please enjoy these pictures recently taken from my trip to The Bob Timberlake Gallery in Blowing Rock, NC. The red petunias were stunning. The Timberlake Gallery is a retail showcase for Bob Timberlake furniture, prints, and accessories.

These are two of the signature Adirondack chairs designed by Timberlake. Isn’t that cast iron potted planter amazing. Every year without fail, this gallery landscapes with the most beautiful container arrangements. The gallery sits on one of the two main corners that lead in to town.

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  1. I love that Bob Timberlake! I just noticed you have a new header and new picture of yourself…they’re so beautiful :). The flowers are amazing, they really go all out don’t they? I bet it’s stunning at Christmas time, or do they close? Wow, it’s beautiful…you really take amazing photo’s Anna :)***Thank you and Oh yes, I’m going back at Christmas but first–their fall decorations are the best. Maybe it’s cause I like pumpkins and fall decor.


  2. deb says:

    **Lots of work these folks have invested too!


  3. Cinj says:

    I’ll have to stop by there if I ever go to NC, it looks like some of my favorite hangouts from MN.

    I hope to get down there someday to do some genealogy research and taking pictures of headstones in cemeteries. I need to figure out where they’re buried before I do that though. There is always so much I want to do and not enough time to get it all done in.
    *** We got a lot of cemeteries so you might want to find out which one before you come;) I’ve been to several and have taken some pictures–mainly Revolutionary War Soldiers. Many have beautiful plaques erected to commemorate their service and given by the Daughters of the American Revolution. One of my favorites is surrounded by ancient cedar trees. It creates a canopy over the graveyard.


  4. Donna says:

    I enjoy returning again and again to your blog. Bob Timberlake is the best.
    ***Thank you so much! That is a cherished complement.


  5. naturegirl says:

    A very relaxing place to wander about.
    I love the adirondack chairs..have two myself! To me they symbolize “summer time and the living is easy!” :)NG
    ***This is what they remind me of too and I like how you said it. I don’t have any but want some. I’ve got to get some shade to grow in the back first.


  6. Nancy Bond says:

    That petunia planter is really something! I’d love to carry that home…though I suspect it would be a bit of a lift. 🙂
    ***I guess you are right about it being a bit too much to carry—but I would give it a try! I’m going to put this arrangment together in several places next year. This year I just feel so out of sorts with having just moved in my home. I don’t have half done what i wanted to.


  7. joy~momw3dogs says:

    Absolutely beautiful!! Note to self: add Blowing Rock to a must see trip next time in NC! I would love to spend the day just looking!!
    ****I’m going back in a few weeks and can’t wait.


  8. Jan says:

    Oh, those photos bring back wonderful vacation memories. One thing that always impressed us about Blowing Rock was the colorful flowers all over town. I remember the hanging baskets of fushias that were so gorgeous. Blowing Rock was the first place I saw hugh hostas, and this spurred my desire for them. It is a great town. Thanks for these pics.

    Always Growing
    ***I love it. I want to go every weekend but there isn’t that much money to blow in this family. So we just treat ourselves to a couple times each summer. If you go during the week, it’s very relaxing and you almost have the place to yourself.


  9. cindee says:

    Oh my gosh that pot of red petunias and silver falls Dichondra….that is stunning!!!!!
    ***Isn’t it though. I am going to do it next year!!i I fully expect you to find one of these and fix it up too.


  10. Kylee says:

    Those red petunias really ARE stunning! I love red anyway. What are those woody viny things hanging inside? They look intriguing.
    ***That’s Dichondra Silver Falls and it grows in sun and shade. It gets long fast. I love it and have it two of my containers. I’m glad to see you here—missed ya.


  11. Love the gardens and especially love those chairs! The cast iron planter is really cool.
    ***I want some of those chairs but they cost a pretty penny.


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