The Flowers of Blowing Rock, North Carolina

The Flowers of Blowing Rock, NC

The Entrance to Town Hall

There isn’t a spot in the little town of Blowing Rock, North Carolina that isn’t adorned with flowers. Each street post has two hanging baskets, merchants display potted arrangements, and the park is raised above the city and is home to thousands of flowering annuals and perennials. So much time and effort makes this town on my regular visit list. My husband and I go in the Spring and Fall. Today we went for Art In The Park to purchase a print by Teresa Pennington. We already have her print titled Camp Daniel Boone. We purchased another which is the second in a series on the Blue Ridge Parkway’s 75th anniversary. I will do a post honoring Teresa Pennington this week. We pick up our framed print at the next Art In The Park on August 16th.

The  Catawba and Cherokee Indians are native to this area and there is a legend that gives Blowing Rock its name. The Catawba and Cherokee Indians were enemies and fought fierce battles between themselves. Legend tells that two lovers met one night for a secret rendezvous. Each was from one of the two tribes. The man was distraught with grief over having to leave his lover and join his tribe in battle. In his grief, he  jumped over the side of the mountain to the rocks below. The lady cried out to the gods to return her beloved back from the angry grips of death. The winds are strong coming up the side of the mountain and with the next gust it lifted the warrior back to her arms. So the legend of Blowing Rock is still told to this day.

There are many side roads and parks to explore. The Mountain Laurels were in bloom and just stunning. I admired the statues and flower beds all more beautiful than the one before.

The gardening lady was donated by the Blowing Rock Gardening Club. This statue sits among a bank of flowers and is a very long raised bed. There is a set of stairs in the middle of the bed that leads to the city park.

Many annuals, perennials, and flowering shrubs are contained within this massive bank of beauty. You can see that Blowing Rock’s buildings and hardscapes are made of stone. This stone was quarried in the area and is very plentiful.

If you tire from looking at flowers, you can sit by this fountain on one of the many benches provided. You can clear your mind and then go back for more. I have yet to show you—The Azalea Garden Inn, The Bob Timberlake Gallery, The Library and Town Hall, and a few other areas of interest. Stay tuned over the next couple of days and I will bring to life in photo and essay—-The Flowers of Blowing Rock, North Carolina located in my South amongst the Great Smoky Mountains of the Blue Ridge Mountain Range. Welcome to my South.

Edited to add—-

Truebrit Critters by Britty told me some interesting facts about a gas station in Blowing Rock that warrents retelling here on my blog. Please read what she had to say about the BP station:

Blowing Rock is the most amazing place there is, they have a gas station in town (a BP), when you go into the gas station they not only have a wine market (as opposed to a gourmet cheetos section) but they also have a gourmet cheese section and international foods section, it is the most up-market BP station I have ever seen. There is the most wonderful “English Pub” there called the Six-penny Piece, which has an authentic English phone box outside. Absolutely wonderful place. The whole town is “walking friendly” so once you get your motel in town and park you are done with the car for the day. Only drawback? Said Motel room in town will cost you three figures for a room the size of most bathrooms in any other motel around. Having said that, I LOVE Blowing Rock.

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  1. Gail says:


    I love Blowing Rock and have a wonderful memory of being there when our son was a little guy…it was a crisp, cool fall day and we walked around the city kicking our feet in the leaves…A wonderful community and the million dollar view into the valley is incredible. Your photographs are perfect. We haven’t been able to get a room at the Azalea Inn because we always wait till the last minute!

    ** That little Inn is getting so popular. I can see why. The rooms are very clean and they are non-smoking. You have been there too!! If it was that long ago–you need to go back. Was the Bob Timberlake Gallery finished yet? It’s beautiful. The rooms of the Inn are decorated just as beautifully inside as the grounds are outside. And Jimmie the owner–is a real delightful person to talk with. I could spend all day with her. Seems like her sister and family might help her out too—cause I think I met her sister when I was up there once.


  2. Eric Bronson says:

    Those are amazing beds! thanks for sharing!!
    *** so glad you stopped by!! I can’t believe the whole town participates.


  3. chey says:

    What a beautiful place! I love all the stonework throughout the town, as well as the colorful flowers.
    ****It’s a gardener’s dream town and everyone cooperates doing their part. The store owners participate and continue the container arrangements almost right into the stores. I am excited about showing you the Bob Timberlake Gallery next.


  4. Wow, it’s so beautiful…do you have oak trees with hanging moss, magnolia trees and any plantations near by? You take amazing pictures Anna…I could look at them all day long :). My sister Kerri is really good at photo’s too.
    *** Thank you—and we do have a couple of plantations–one is even in my family! But no hanging moss. You have to go to our coastline for that. We also have beautiful oak trees! I had to cut down 5 massive ones just to get my new house built. I’m living on land that belonged to a cousin of mine 10 generations ago. It may have even been a closer relative but I haven’t been able to verify that yet.


  5. Victoria says:

    Isn’t Blowing Rock the town that inspired Jan Karon’s Mitford novels? It’s absolutely gorgeous. what a lovely post.
    **Yes, you are correct about the Mitford series. And..the little diner my husband and I had lunch at had a copy of her cook book with many important signatures of those important to that series. And thank you for your kind comment. I haven’t read those books but need to.
    Here is a link to Jan Karon and the story of Blowing Rock as the model for her series on Mitford.


  6. Wanita says:

    Anna, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment.

    I enjoy your blog very much. Your pictures are always beautiful, and I appreciate all the gardening information you share. I wish I had all the space you have to garden. Your home and gardens are lovely.

    Have a wonderful week.
    *** Thank you and I enjoyed being at your blog as well–in fact I was sharing the songs with my family. I’m going to upload pictures of my home today as it was built so I hope you’ll come to visit again soon. Your home is so beautiful. I need to back to your blog and see if you have included inside photos too. I would sure love to see it.


  7. What an amazing looking town – it just shows what people can do when they want and I bet the inhabitants are really proud of the town they live in.
    *** That is true and yes they are so proud—-someone is always out sweeping and cleaning.


  8. cindee says:

    What a lovely place to visit(-: Thanks for sharing(-:
    ***Cindee, you know part of my quest is to find hidden gardens that don’t get national attention. Well yesterday–I hit the jack pot—I’m working on the post now. Please come back later for a treat.


  9. What a lovely town and the gardens are gorgeous! The legend for how Blowing Rock got it’s name is so romantic. Thank you for sharing this lovely piece of folklore and the pretty gardens with us.
    *** I enjoyed doing it. I’m working on another post from there about a little Inn that is the prettiest garden I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait to get it posted.


  10. Looks like we have both been off shooting our local beautiful beloved small towns, Anna! You’ve done a really fine job of capturing Blowing Rock’s beauty. Takes me right back to Asheville, where I lived for two years! Purple cone flower always makes me think of North Carolina! Well done. I look forward to the next installment. Kathryn xox
    ***Thanks Kathryn and the hardest part for me is figuring which of my 300 pics to choose. What if I make the post several days long—I guess that would take too much download time. I loved your post on picket fences and especially the rose spilling over the top.


  11. linda says:

    Anna, thank you for sharing your visit to Blowing Rock. The gardens are lovely. I love the statuary and the colors and textures of the stone, of course the flowers 🙂 and enjoyed learning about the romantic Native American legend that led to it’s name.

    I LOVE your new haircut!
    ****My new haircut is fun and easy now if they will just it this way the next time I go!! I’m glad you liked the post. I love visiting these small towns and capturing their beauty. I have so many more to do. And Fall—oh my goodness–fall in NC is the best.


  12. naturegirl says:

    This is my kind of town flowers and gardens everywhere! We have a town close by and it is to tour all over which are great inspiration for home gardens!
    I see in your past post that you are a bunny collector..I have the fav. is the standing bunny with his long have him too I see.
    It is a pleasure to meet you Anna..I’m aNNa
    *** I love the old fashioned name AnnA 😉 and it’s a family name for me. It’s been passed down through every generation since the 1500’s. Yes–love bunnies and can’t get enough of them. I like to hide them in the flowers so passerbys will have to really look to notice. I’ve got some stone baby bunnies that are real hard to find. kids love it when they discover them.


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