Supertunia Vista Silverberry by Proven Winners

Isn’t she stunning. Her veining is most exquisite. She’s disease resistant, the deer haven’t touched her, and she keeps growing. I’ve never had a Petunia perform so well. We’ve had awful drought conditions and yet the blooms have never ceased. They cover the plant in a massive display of white and purplish pink with the smallest hint of gray. This is Supertunia Vista Silverberry by Proven Winners in your nurseries in the Spring of 2009. She proudly measures in at 5 feet in all directions.

This abundance of petals is a show stopper in my garden. People stop to ask me what it is. The above picture is just one plant. My beds are new as I’ve just moved in my home in April of this year. The beds were amended with lots of leaf mulch, mushroom compost, and fine bark chips. Slow release fertilizer was added to each hole when the plant went in the ground. I have applied a liquid fertilizer about every month. These Petunia cultivars are heavy feeders. There is no need to dead head or cut back. I haven’t done either and this plant has been in the ground since the end of April.

My sunflowers are blooming and I’ll show pictures of that tomorrow.

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  1. cindee says:

    Wow that is really pretty. (-: something deer don’t eat too that is a major plus!!!!
    **** I’ve had deer tracks all around it and not a nibble. That’s a big plus for me too. I bet you are inside again today with that awful smoke. I’m so sorry. I can’t get you and the others living there off my mind.


  2. Cinj says:

    That sure would be nice not to have to deadhead. MIL was wondering why her flowers were looking so sad, so I gave her a few tips. What beautiful flowers!
    **** Most Proven Winners don’t need deadheading and they don’t fizzle out or get leggy in the middle of the summer. They are a bit pricier but last twice as long. I won’t buy anything else. It’s also important you buy them from a reputable nursery. If they get stressed as a baby they’ll be stressed the rest of their life.


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