Beautiful Containers and Statues From One of My Favorite Garden Shop

LA Reynolds Showcase Nursery in Winston Salem, NC is a favorite on my nursery list. They have some of the best plants in town and their product is displayed nicely. They are a Proven Winners nursery and today I was there to purchase one of these gazing balls for my friend @ Lavender, Lace, and Thyme. I took some pictures to share with you.

They have some of the best containers!

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  1. I’m wondering how to show you my big smiley face on here :D…that’s the best I can do! **** I can see your smiley face and I was thinking about you when I posted this.


  2. Cinj says:

    Oh, if Kathi goes we’ll have to car pool. Wouldn’t that be fun? Oh wait, I don’t have any money left anyway.
    *****She needs to come on down while the sale is still on!! Maybe one day you can come to door is always open.


  3. joy~momw3dogs says:

    Anna~really loved your garden store! it has such a variety of accessories. Did you post the 50% off sections to torchure me? LOL
    *** Yes I did;) I want one of those face containers. I may go back next week and get one.


  4. Sigh….you just have everything down there….I may have to make a trip down some day, a shopping trip! Everything is so beautiful, I’m not sure what’s wrong with us darn yankees! I’m going back to stare at everything again….:)
    ***** I think it’s cause our growing season is so long. We’ve had a lot of great rain lately which is helping the nursery industry quite a bit. The best nurseries are down around Raleigh and Charlotte. You can pull my arm and make me take you.


  5. Cinj says:

    I’d go broke living near a store with such great stuff. I used to live near a bunch of great stores.
    *** This is just one of my favorites. I still work for a garden center part time seasonal and it supports my habit.


  6. cindee says:

    Everything is so pretty. What a great place to shop(-:
    *** Thanks Cindee and I have to stay away from there or I will break the bank.


  7. Those ARE wonderful containers. I’d be loaded down.~~Dee

    *****Dee, it was hard for me not to take a bunch home. I can think of several flowers for each container.


  8. Hi Anna,
    Another beautiful blog!

    Thanks Shirley…glad you came by!


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