From A Tiny Seed To Food For Bees

It pleases me to tell you that the butterflies are enjoying my Envy Zinnias, Zinnia elegans down to the last drop.Their legs are stuffed full of pollen. These Zinnias grow 2′-3′ tall. Plant in full sun and they will bloom all summer. They have 4″ flowers.

I was deadheading yesterday because Dee at Red Dirt Ramblings pointed out the beauty of a garden when it’s trimmed properly. But when I saw the Butterflies feasting on my Zinnias, I left them to be deadheaded another day.

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  2. Anna, those are wonderful zinnia seeds. Love the title of this blog post. Insightful. Thanks for linking to me.~~Dee
    **** You inspired me that day and I wanted those who visit my blog to read that great post. I will be getting these next year. I cut a few and put them on table and counter. They lasted since the 4th of July and still look great.


  3. I guess I’m going to put zinnia’s back on my plant list for next spring now, yours are so powder mildew either, perhaps it’s just me or the type I get. hmmmm
    *** If I were you, I’d go with the Envy Zinnias. They seem to be the hardiest of all the varieties. They get all day sun but it’s dappled. It’s a good airy spot. The leaves aren’t fuzzy like some varieties. I think they( the fuzzy type) are more prone to mildew. Good air flow and soil that drains well is good.


  4. Joy says:

    Anna … remember when you asked me if I left a comment on your weight loss journey post ? .. YES ! it was me and I couldn’t find my way back to that post or this site .. I don’t know what the heck happened.
    I have been wondering about how you were doing and you have been so buys with your own gardens .. it all looks fantastic girl !
    I couldn’t find my pineapple sage this year .. pickings here were VERY lean .. but lemon verbena (ahhhh !) at least with a variety of lavenders .. my dill TREE .. I just harvested a load to dry out and jar up .. found some really cute small canning jars.
    In any case .. thanks for stopping by my blog .. my almost last plant for the season has been Proven Winners “Dreamcatcher” beautybush .. 1/2 price sale ! yipppeee !

    ***JOy, I’m thrilled you came by cause I have missed you. I’ve been lonely since leaving blotanical. At the time, I was working quite a bit, moving to the new house, and feeling overloaded. I’m only writing now and can devote more time to catching up. I’m going to add you to my blogroll asap.

    I responded to you and since then I can tell you that the cinnamon is working wonders. I’m down another 5lbs and it was effortless. I didn’t change my eating habits. I do have to take quite a bit of cinnamon but I get it from Wally World. Important that you take Cinnamon Cassia. If you have any other questions, I’ll be glad to answer. Hugs and I’m so glad to see you. We have to plan for the fall holidays.


  5. Cinj says:

    Oh, I LOVE those peppermint stick plants! My bugs would love some of those. The birds are fat and happy with all of the bugs swarming around my garden. I don’t do chemicals either. Some people try to get rid of bugs in their garden. I don’t mind sharing as long as they don’t sting me.
    *** I’m def going to get these next year. I’m cooking supper and working on two post right now. I worked in the garden all day and had a blast. It was nice and cool here today with not too much humidity. I was sick with a sinus migraine most of yesterday and went to bed early which is unusual for me. I slept a little over 12 hours. Now I’m cooking up a storm. I harvested some crook neck squash and egg plant. Going to make Egg Plant parmesan tomorrow. I’ll be by to see you after supper and cindee too!


  6. Kayce Neal says:

    These pictures were so clear. It is so interesting how it “all” works, huh? You’ve had such a good eye for capturing it…Kayce
    ****Thank you and it was nice to have you in my garden today.


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