A Homage To The Tenders Of The Gardens

Do you think the garden attendants had a vision?

This post is a homage to the names that built the gardens but go unobserved. To those men and women who toil in our great gardens and their names are never spoken.

Of course, the architects of the gardens had a vision. What about the workers and caretakers for those gardens? Did they have a vision? Did those hard working tenders of great gardens stop to think that their work would convey enjoyment to many?

Do you think when they cleared this land and left this tree that they had a visualization of what was to come? Did they know it would be a silent but stately presence?

Did they have a certain self-importance and aspiration to fashion a space where significant events would come to light? Did they know weddings, picnics, vacations, and stolen kisses would complement their canvas?

When their brow was covered in sweat and their backs were breaking under the arduous task to tame the soil, did they stop to contemplate the prominence of their work?

When the weeds were removed and the trimming was carefully accomplished, did they take a moment to get pleasure from the triumph of their efforts?

Will they ever recognize that someone gave them a score of respect for the unacknowledged job and paused to learn by heart the efforts of………… The Tenders Of The Garden!

These pictures were taken by me at the park close to my home. Tanglewood Park in Clemmons, North Carolina

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  2. Sylvia says:

    Anna, I am sorry to disappoint you but my garden is very much a work in progress! At the moment it is worse than usual. Full of fallen plants (Cardoons from the wind we had at the weekend are all over the lawn) Mud patches (My son has just taken out a hedge to put a new fence in!) But there are some nice bits and the dog walkers often say they enjoy it, luckily I don’t think any of them are gardeners!

    When I get time I will put some pictures together to send you.

    Best wishes Sylvia (England)
    *** That sounds great. I would love to see your garden. We all have a garden in progress. We have a lot of damage from the storm too. I’m waiting to see what the sun is going to heal and bring back to life. I’m hoping the Fountain Grass will stand back up.


  3. I’m sure the gardeners at the big estates took great pride in their efforts & in their secret methods & remedies too. I think it must have been a great way to make a living 150 years ago. Much better than being the cook, the footman, or the parlor maid. Lovely photos & lovely tribute.

    ***Thank you and so true, I wouldn’t want to be the cook and have all that prepared from scratch ordeal. I’d rather be in the garden. It’s amazing to me that some of these gardens are still around.


  4. You’re such a beautiful photographer Anna…my favorite picture in all of these shots is the girl statue, it reminds me of Savannah. That’s where I first saw her, someday I will buy a girl statue for my garden :).

    My all time favorite photo of yours is your gazing globes, you know the one, the blue gazing globes. Just about the time I was going to make the call was when you took down your blog and the information was gone. I had been searching in my neck of the woods first but there was nothing even close to those or their beauty. I’m wondering if it was a local artist by chance. Perhaps you can send me the name and website again so I can give them a call, it was Reynolds if I remember correctly. I remember they had a website. 🙂 Woohoo happy Wednesday!

    *** Your words are always so kind and thank you. Tell you what—I need to get out of this house—so brb—I’m on my way to LA Reynolds to see. I haven’t been back since I posted those photos—maybe it’s on sale. If it is—I’m getting it!!! I know you want it! I can always return it if you aren’t interested—-or use it in my garden. 😉 They have a site but it’s informational and not things for purchase.


  5. I believe they did, and I think it’s wonderful you’ve remembered them, those unnamed workers who toiled in the garden space.

    Beautiful photos.~~Dee

    ** Thank you Dee and I took your advice today. I deadheaded. I’m not done but it was really hot and humid out. Everything does look better. That was the best post you did on deadheading. I recommend everyone go by Dee’s place at Red Dirt Ramblings and read it. You can access it from my side bar.


  6. Sylvia says:

    Anna, it has been raining here since the early hours of this morning, heavy at times and persistent. Minor floods around but nothing too bad here, yet. I don’t like the sun this time of the year – too hot for me – but anything for a break from the grey skies and rain.

    Photo shoot, you must be joking! British magazines, books etc never-ever have pictures of open plan gardens like mine. This is why I started looking to America for ideas and found blogs!

    I look forward to your post on Silverberries (not sure what they are!) but they look good.

    Best wishes Sylvia (England)

    *****Sylvia–it’s a joy to have you roam through my garden and equally pleasing to get to know you. I remember when I quit blogging for awhile you were right there understanding and I appreciate that so much. Our husbands think alike. They are extra careful about us.

    I took a lot of pictures last night and sized them wrong. I’ve never made that mistake but somehow, I reduced them 20% twice and then saved the fool pics! So I had to take them again today. My Silverberries are in that bunch and I’ll post about it tonight. Silverberries are a petunia cultivar on steroids. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m testing it for the company Proven Winners. I’ll write about them and it will be at their site the first of next year when it becomes available the public in nurseries. I’m testing 4 different plants for them.

    I’m so glad you found us–me especially! I know you don’t posts pictures but I can just imagine that your gardens are beautiful. Tell me what you grow there. You know my gardens are new and I’m just getting started again. I have big plans for the backyard which hasn’t been touched yet.


  7. cindee says:

    geez I wish my yard looked so green and pretty. Its slowly dying in the heat.)-: Oh well it will be o.k. when it gets cooler. Hope that happens soon(-:
    Im glad your silverberries are doing good(-: the rain probably helped them!!!(-:****I’m going out to take pictures soon and brag on them. They look better and better as the day goes on. I’m going to wish for everyone to have this plant next year. It’s fool proof. lol


  8. Sylvia says:

    What lovely pictures and a lovely thought, Anna. We often forget all those people who put so much work into a garden over the years.

    Hope you are managing to clear up after the rain and it isn’t too muddy! We are having a sunny day but the forecast is more rain for the rest of the week. I am stuck at work so can’t clear up – now all those people that walk past my garden will know I haven’t been tending it!

    Best wishes Sylvia (England)
    *****You best get home and get your garden in order, you never know when a famous magazine will come by and do a photo shoot. I always think about the tenders of the garden. It’s amazing that all the weeding and trimming gets done. Hats off to them. We had more rain last night but it was the good kind. It looks like half the stuff that was damaged is recouperating. Those Vista Silverberries are doing very well. Now that is going to be a good post. First they are being hammered by the rain and next they are blooming like crazy. I don’t think that rain event knocked off a single bloom. Can’t wait to tell Proven Winners about it. Have a great day and I hope you don’t have to work too hard.


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